WDC2014 FOOD - DesignDialogues v2.0


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A short overview of the shortlisted WDC2014 project focused on food design.

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WDC2014 FOOD - DesignDialogues v2.0

  1. 1. FOODLas Madurasinghe fastandremarkable.com WDC 2014
  2. 2. Food insecurity = hunger
  3. 3. Food insecurity = obesity
  4. 4. Food insecurity = environmental impact
  5. 5. Objectives Food waste Street food Urban agriculture Urban regeneration Food markets Food Indaba Transform life with food design WDC2014 Food applies design thinking to transform lives #1 Objective: Transform food security #2 Objective: Transform food economy
  6. 6. Transform life with food design Dodo’s Turntable, an urban gardening scheme in an old railway depot
  7. 7. Vilhelm Relander, project manager at City of Helsinki Culinary Culture Strategy and responsible for the regeneration of Teurastamo (the former municipal abattoir) revealed that the project was inspired by the success of the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. The income and investment generated by the food economy can be the mechanism used to target an urban area in need of regeneration. The Helsinki experience – urban regeneration Transform life with food design
  8. 8. Urban regeneration Transform life with food design
  9. 9. Food markets Transform life with food design
  10. 10. Cape Town has a heritage of growing food. The city grew out of the need to replenish the ships of early European colonialists. Company’s Gardens was laid out in 1652. Urban agriculture Transform life with food design
  11. 11. Social enterprise “…to eliminate food and nutrition insecurity, create permanent grassroots jobs among the poor, while conserving and reviving nature within and around every home and community garden”. Transform life with food design Urban agriculture
  12. 12. Corporate and City of Cape Town City of Cape Town partnered with Touching the Earth Lightly to create a rooftop garden on the Environmental Resource Management Department rooftop. Further collaborations between corporate building owners and the City of Cape Town are encouraged. A project that creates sustainable jobs can access increased funding from the central government Jobs Fund initiative if supported by the City of Cape Town. Urban agriculture Transform life with food design
  13. 13. Schools and homes – ‘greenrush’ The interaction between school children and school staff preparing their meals is highly relevant. Children should be encouraged to appreciate the hard work that is put into their daily meals. Professor of Food Culture, Johanna Mäkelä, Helsinki EduPlant is a national school gardening and school greening project that has helped thousands of schools improve local nutrition and develop skills and more sustainable land use. Transform life with food design Urban agriculture
  14. 14. “Restaurant Day is a food carnival, where anyone can set up their own restaurant, cafe or bar for a day, anywhere they want.” Restaurant Day, Helsinki “We won't teach you to cook. We teach you the business of food. Open Kitchen is a program to learn from the city's experienced food business people who've been there and done that, and then working with your peers to build and run a prototype restaurant for a week.” Open Kitchen, Helsinki Helsinki food culture strategy also developed concepts for environmentally friendly packaging design. Transform life with food design The Helsinki experience – food entrepreneurship
  15. 15. Street food Cape Town Street Food Festival Cities need to become more community-focused and experience-focused. Street food vendors creates real cultural vibrancy in the city. Street food is morphing in to ever more creative and healthy forms. There is a lower cost of entry to entrepreneurs than bricks and mortar and the food is often more affordable and convenient. Transform life with food design
  16. 16. Increasingly, leading chefs and food activists are engaging in public forums to debate and explore food design. Food Indaba is intended to become an ongoing legacy host city project. A biennial global perspective on food design issues and an opportunity for both the professionals and the public to collaborate and experience new tastes and trends. Food Indaba Antto Melasniemi Luke Dale-Roberts Transform life with food design
  17. 17. One current theme to be considered at the Food Indaba is how to bring about a collective effort to address the global food waste scandal. “In general there seems to be now more talk about food waste, than food on the plate.” Vilhelm Relander at Bocuse d’Or 2013 Food waste Transform life with food design
  18. 18. Food waste Despite this, almost 1 in 4 South Africans are food insecure What South Africa produces per person per day Transform life with food design
  19. 19. food@fastandremarkable.com