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Sell House Fast Florida, Some Foolproof Home-Selling Tactics


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Selling your house can easily become a stress filled experience — especially when you need to sell it fast. Whatever the reason, don’t panic and not dump your house, but if you follow these tactics,you will get the highest sticker price for your house.

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Sell House Fast Florida, Some Foolproof Home-Selling Tactics

  1. 1. Visit Us: Sell House Fast Florida Some Foolproof Home-Selling Tactics
  2. 2. Need to get rid of your house…. Quickly!! Don’t Panic…
  4. 4. These reasons may not support, but if you follow some foolproof home-selling tactics in slides ahead, then it's possible…
  5. 5. Some Foolproof Home-Selling Tactics…
  6. 6. In this era of Online services, buyers shop houses by photos, to fetch a highest sticker price for your house load some good photos clicked on a sunny day. This makes your home look larger and brighter. Rent a wide-angle
  7. 7. e-Commerce sites such as eBay draws a lot of traffic to your home and what makes it really great is that you can walk away at the end. The auction is noncommittal. Even if someone meets your price, you can always change your mind. “A foolproof way to get your home attention with really zero risk involved” Selling house via e-Commerce
  8. 8. “What’s special about your house…” tell your buyer. A You Tube tour is a major option. If you choose this method, you should be proactive in getting the video seen. Send links of the video to any interested parties and make sure your broker is doing the same. Insist that your broker get it on to their company’s Web site. Upload a house video on YouTube
  9. 9. Choose the high traffic sites and upload your house details there and make sure people visiting the sites are seeing your home or ask your broker to increase traffic for you. There are five major high traffic websites and these are: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Get your house details Online
  10. 10. Not every home is suitable for an open house due to location or other factors, and sometimes the only way to determine that is to try it. If nobody comes, that's probably a good indication. However, if your home is located near a high traffic area where buyers often swarm, then it's a good candidate. Lure more buyers in
  11. 11. Be creative and see what kind of incentives you think would entice a buyer. E.g. you could offer to prepay closing costs or taxes & also pay for a year of landscaping, pool cleaning or maid service.
  12. 12. It is not as expensive as you might think. You could also create magnets for your car to advertise your home (with house picture and contact information). Or dress your kids and their friends in “Buy My House” T-shirts and send them to town. Sometimes whacky tactics like these pay off. Local Billboard
  13. 13. Lastly you can promote your own home & also hire a professional home stager to attract for buyers …
  14. 14. Fast Home Solutions have been solving problems surrounding the circumstances of home ownership for over 25 years. During that time, we have been involved in more than 2000 real estate transactions. We pride ourselves in creating fast workable solutions that allow everyone to benefit in the transaction. Once solutions are decided upon, we create easy-to- understand paperwork so that you have your money when you need it. Visit Us: