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Ask HR-What made you to say no to a candidate


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Ask HR is an initiative started by Applicant Tracking System, where we reach out to Talent Acquisition professionals and discuss with them about the most burning issues of recruitment world.

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Ask HR-What made you to say no to a candidate

  1. 1. #AskHR What made you to say ‘NO’ to a candidate? ------------- Read what our top recruiters have to say -------------
  2. 2. #AskHR is an initiative started by Applicant Tracking System, where we reach out to Talent Acquisition professionals and discuss with them about the most burning issues of recruitment world. Here, the debate is about the most common issue an facing. Even when candidates match perfectly with the the job, what made recruiters to reject them at the We also asked if they would be interested (or not), to candidates where they lagged. This is what they have
  3. 3. Matching the skills that is applicable in technical areas of job is only half of the fulfillment. The other half which makes a candidate different or better than another are – Soft Skills, Personality, Language, Demonstrated adaptability etc. Definitely Yes to train: Because everyone stands and deserves to get equal and enough opportunity with level playing field to showcase one's actual potential. So every recruiter should take this step of training the candidates. Take for example in Sports also - in many Games the Best of 3 attempts or sets are taken for actual assessment. MATCHED TECHNICAL SKILL IS ONLY HALF ELIGIBILITY NandaKumar Ascend Consulting
  4. 4. Its an age old saying that "Hire for the right attitude, not the skills, because skills can be developed, but attitude cannot." I would rather hire a candidate without the skill who is willing to learn, but not a person who has the right skill, but thinks he knows it all. It is good to share the feedback: If the candidate is interested, then why not? After all, we as a nation are suffering from acute skill gap. Usually most of the recruiters, do not share a feedback with the candidate. However, we ensure that in case the candidate wants to know her/his areas of improvement, we give her/him a detailed feedback. HIRE FOR THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, SKILLS CAN BE DEVELOPED Shubhendu Bose Axius Technologies Inc
  5. 5. In our hiring process, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills are most important to assess. Personality, multi-tasking, team work, maturity, flexibility and general good work attitude are highly essential, and in most cases more important than relevant work experience. We prefer inviting the candidate for mock interview sessions: Should a candidate be a top candidate on soft skills but fail on job requirements, we will inform candidate of same and will look into other options we have which may be interesting to him/her. However, should a candidate fail based on poor work attitude or on a multitude of soft skills element, we will on the spot provide them a full debrief and invite the candidate back in for an interview practice session and do role play. JUST STICKING ON TECHNICAL SKILLS IS NOT THE WAY TO HIRE Zuzi Amat Redfire Consulting Asia
  6. 6. Rejecting a matching skills candidate is a very tough decision to make. But in most cases, if I have to reject a candidate I do it because they lacked the confidence and commitment towards the job, do not search about the company business and no convincing reason for the job change. Giving back feedback should be a default part of interview: I don’t see a reason to debate on this topic. Giving back feedback to candidate should be a part of recruitment process by default. We always tell candidates what they did correct and what should not be done in the next interview process. This not only helps the candidate, but gives an emotional touch to the candidates towards the company. COMMITMENT TO JOB, OVER MATCHING SKILLS FOR JOB Sudeepthi Kambhatla Preeminent Technology India
  7. 7. We look for trainable candidates instead of trained ones. Candidates earn negative points mainly due to - lack of presentation, dressing up too casually, improper greeting. A good business oriented communication is what we look for. A big no are the candidates who do not research about the company & job profile Seeking feedback is a positive sign in a candidate: If candidates wish to seek a feedback, it is a very positive sign. Moreover it can help them understand their short-comings. It is very unfortunate that sometimes extremely talented candidates do not get selected because they cannot showcase their talent in a proper way. LACK OF BUSINESS ORIENTED COMMUNICATION Shashank Singh Shubh Gems
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