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How to Use Your 401K-IRA Retirement Funds to Start a Business


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401(k)/IRA Business Funding: Use Your Retirement Funds for Business Financing

You can invest in your own business by using your 401(k) and other retirement funds without incurring taxes, penalties, interest or debt. Your retirement accounts can be the key to starting you business debt-free and cash-rich without any additional loans.

- Pay yourself a salary from the start.
- Secure funding FAST — typically 2 weeks or less.
- Your credit score has no bearing on the process.
- Gain cash flow and build equity right away.
- Accrue NO debt, NO loan payments, tax deferred and penalty free.

To learn more about this exciting program visit:

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How to Use Your 401K-IRA Retirement Funds to Start a Business

  1. 1. RAINMAKER.FASTBUSINESSLOAN.TODAY A guide on how to invest your retirement funds in your business or  Minimize debt  Enhance cash flow  Stimulate business growth  Build equity  Take full advantage of tax benefits
  4. 4. RAINMAKER.FASTBUSINESSLOAN.TODAY The benefits are powerful, yet easy to understand  You invest your retirement funds in your business—without taxes or penalties  You use a safe, proven plan based on long-standing provisions of the IRS  You use pre-tax dollars to fund your business  You gain business equity and an improved cash flow position from the start  You can use the funds to receive a salary during startup  You accelerate business profitability by eliminating or reducing interest and debt Ready to talk about using your retirement funds for your business? VISIT:
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