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7 Simple Ways To #Think2Riches in Your Career in 2015

2015 is a year to #Think2Riches in your career. Have you ever felt so bad doing what you do, you hate your job and lack fulfillment? If your activities are not interesting, don't change the activities yet. Find Yourself first, begin the search and Start thinking to riches.

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7 Simple Ways To #Think2Riches in Your Career in 2015

  1. 1. #Think2Riches: You Need A Career ‘Selfie’ Fasoranti Damilola | @fashdam
  2. 2. Everyday I spend at work I have one eyes on the future. It is part of the lens I use to look at the world. – Doug Conant. #Think2Riches | @fashdami Quote:
  3. 3. Ever heard the Word ‘Selfie”? •A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. -Wikipedia • Named as 2013’s word of the year and suggested that the usage of the word ‘selfie’ increased by an incredible 17,000 per cent in the past year. -Oxford Dictionary #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  4. 4. Getting Started on Your Career? It is important to begin the end in mind, that is, have a clear and correct picture of your destination, that way you are more likely to get to your objective. #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  5. 5. Are You on The Journey Already, Can You Snap You in Your Career? YES! Ready? Let the spotlight be on you now… Set? Ask Yourself, • Where am I in the occupation or job that I am investing a significant period of my life? • Who am I becoming? #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  6. 6. Let’s take more shots…  How well am I doing at the moment in what I do?  Do I really love what am I doing and am I doing it best?  Am I the most valuable asset to my organization?  Do I communicate more effectively now?  What are my strengths and weaknesses?  Do I think better now and solve problems proactively?  Is my capacity enlarging consistently?  Are there feedback from my colleagues, clients or that I need to pay attention to?#Think2Riches | @fashdami
  7. 7. If you answered those questions sincerely… Then, I can help you to #Think2Riches as you journey through your career this year. >> Next Slide Please >> #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  8. 8. 7 Simple Ways To #Think2Riches in Your Career Constantly gather worthwhile INFORMATION. Get out and about to a wider audience—globally. Acting on the right information at the right time can change the entire course of history. 1 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  9. 9. GET TO THE EXPERTS in your field and outside of your field. Get a 360 degree view of your career progress. Read their books, blogs and publications Listen to their podcasts and interviews. Sometimes the best gurus are under your nose. 2 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  10. 10. Learn to USE SOCIAL MEDIA creatively and strategically. Social Media is all about building relation-ships. Join topical discussions in your niche on Twitter, facebook and linkedin groups. 3 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  11. 11. READ DIVERGENTLY. Know beyond your field. Read history, literature, finance, divinity, family, politics etc Cast aside the worthless, save only the gems in your mind. If you don’t read, you don’t differ from the person that can’t read. 4 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  12. 12. THINK BIG. Dare to set super ordinate goals. If you fear crashing, you’ll ride timid and likely crash anyway. Face your fear straight in its face and win! 5 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  13. 13. ASSESS THE FUTURE Unlock posterity through vision. See things that may escape other people. Use your power of deep reflection, local and global trends, research, brainstorming and imagination. 6 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  14. 14. Remember to SMILE often enough. You’ve got a lot to smile about. It releases juices of pluck into your spirit. Relieves you of stress and brings abundance of joy 7 #Think2Riches | @fashdami
  15. 15. I Want More… Are you confused of what career path you should tread? I can help you to straighten out yourself, for you to fly with border-less and unchained wings this year and beyond. I tweet @fashdami Connect with me on linkedin We can be friends on facebook #Think2Riches | @fashdami