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Multiracial Students: Equity, Inclusion & Advocacy

"Individuals of two or more races" is one of the fastest growing segments of our population today. How is this population being served - or overlooked? Learn about key challenges in education facing multiracial students, how policies and educational methods can exclude, and what educators and advocates can do to support. Data presented will highlight both the US and Canadian context. Recommendations for educational best practices to cultivate belonging for multiracial students will be shared.
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Multiracial Students: Equity, Inclusion & Advocacy

  1. 1. © Farzana Nayani / Pure & Applied Multiracial Students: Equity, Inclusion & Advocacy SXSW EDU 2020 Presented by: Farzana Nayani & Roxanne Desforges
  3. 3. © Farzana Nayani / Pure & Applied LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Gain greater awareness about the multiracial population in the US and Canada and key challenges faced by students. 2. Understand the impact of policies and practices on multiracial individuals. 3. Explore how to cultivate inclusion, equity, belonging for multiracial students through curriculum design, instruction, and educational best practices.
  4. 4. © Farzana Nayani / Pure & Applied ABOUT MULTIRACIAL CHILDREN & FAMILIES • In the most recent census data, about 9 million U.S. Americans (2010) identified themselves as more than one race and over 14 million people in Canada (2016) identified as having more than one ethnic origin. • Ten percent of children born in the U.S. had parents who were different races. • In the United States marriages between Blacks and Whites increased 400 percent in the last 30 years, with a1000 percent increase in marriages between Whites and Asians, and in Canada 5% of all married or common-law couples are mixed unions. Sources: |
  5. 5. © Farzana Nayani / Pure & Applied WHAT ARE THE MAJOR ISSUES SURROUNDING MULTIRACIAL CHILDREN IN EDUCATION? • How do we best support multiracial children? • How do educational policies and practices create exclusion of multiracial students? • How can our curriculum and classroom activities better suit a wider population, including multiracial students? • How can we be better advocates for equity and inclusion of the multiracial population in education?
  6. 6. © Farzana Nayani / Pure & Applied LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT SXSW EDU IN 2020!