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Prophet Muhammad Reaches out to Arabia

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Prophet Muhammad Reaches out to Arabia

  1. 1. Prophet Muhammad Reaches Out to Arabia and beyond.
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: 1-To learn what the Prophet Muhammad focused on after the treaty of Al-hudaybiyah. 2-To identify the nations that the Prophet invited to Islam outside Arabia. Learning Outcomes: Understanding the value of sending the letters from the Prophet Muhammad to the kings outside Arabia.
  3. 3. 1- What was the main course of action the Prophet took after AlHudaybiyah? Spreading the wonderful message of Islam further afield. The prophet sent his messengers to almost all major tribes in Arabia calling them to Islam. 2- Name some of the tribes the Muslims invited to Islam in Arabia. The Muslims invited the tribes of Sulaym, Bani Kaib and Juhaynah. 3- Name five of the nations that Prophet Muhammad contacted outside Arabia. The Roman Empire, Persia, Egypt, Abysinia and Oman. 4- Why did the prophet send his letters to the kings of other nations? He wanted all nations to be aware of the good news of Islam.
  4. 4. 5- What was the response of the king of Persia? What happened to him? The king of Persia, Khusroe, tore the letter apart and spoke badly about the Prophet, he also sent to his ally, Bathan, the king of Yemen, to arrest Prophet Muhammad and bring him to his palace in Shackles. When the Prophet found out about what Khusroe did he sai, “ Oh Allah, destroy his kingdom.” And this is exactly what happened. Khusroe’s son revolted against his father, killed him and became the ne king of Persia.
  5. 5. 6- What did the king of Egypt say and do after he received the prophet’s letter? The king of Egypt told Hatib that he and his people follow their own religion. He promised to study the message of Islam and the Prophet hood of Muhammad further. Then he placed the letter in a fancy box made of ivory and wrote a nice letter to the prophet. He sent the Prophet two respected ladies from among the Egyptians, some clothes and a mule for him to ride. 7- King of Abyssinia gave the prophet the best response among other kings. Explain. King of Abyssinia and many of his bishops embraced Islam. And when Amr Ibn Ummayah Ad-Damri, the prophet’s messenger, informed Negus that Prophet Muhammad would like to have Ja’far and other Muslims to come Madina. The king a kind letter to the Prophet and provided the ships to transfer the Muslims from Abyssinia to Arabia.
  6. 6. 8- List some of the qualities of prophet Muhammad that Hercaulius outlined to Abu Sufyan? 1- He belonged to a noble family. 2- Nobody else amongst Arabia had claimed to be a Prophet before him. 3- He never lied. 4- None of his ancestors was a king. 5- It was the poor who followed him. 6- His followers were increasing. 7- He had ever broken his promise. 8- He put to trials and the final victory is for the prophet. 9- He ordered people to worship Allah alone and not to worship others along with Him.
  7. 7. 9- What changed the opinions of people in and outside Arabia about Islam? The correspondence between the Muslims and the various tribes and nations enabled Islam to be introduced to many people in and outside Arabia.
  8. 8. The end
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