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Roof Top Garden - New Orleans

  1. 1. Proposed Community Garden Work Sites New Orleans 2008 Prepared by: Neal Goldenberg Spring 2008
  2. 2. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameASI Rooftop Garden Bywater ASI Federal Credit Katie Triplett UnionGarden Description: This will be the first rooftop garden in the up-and-coming St. Claude businessdistrict. This old two-story is being renovated, with plans to house an ASI credit union branch in thebottom floor and nonprofit offices on the second floor. The Rooftop will be converted into a greenspace with several garden beds. Katie Triplett is working with a landscape architect on the final design.The ultimate plan is to get students from Douglass High School to tend the garden and sell the resultingproduce at the Ninth Ward Farmers Market. ASI building (left) pre-renovation. Next Future site of rooftop garden overlooking door is a cardiologists office and two St. Claude Ave doors down in St. Margarets nursing home Another view, overlooking the St. Margarets courtyard
  3. 3. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameCommon Ground Algiers Common Ground Lanette Williams Health ClinicGarden Description: This garden is managed by the Common Ground Health Clinic, a neighborhoodclinic in Algiers which originated as a disaster relief clinic after Hurricane Katrina and has sincetransitioned to a neighborhood health center. The garden is an attempt to bring the ideas ofhealthfulness and sustainability beyond the clinic walls and into the community. Besides growinghealthy herbs and vegetables, the clinic herbalist has plans to develop a healing herb garden here.Wishlist: 1. Raise existing beds to 24” 2. Fix compost area and barbecue pit 3. Build a composting toilet Lanette Williams, garden coordinator Existing shade structure and rainwater colllection cistern Garden beds, before being raised Old compost bins in need of repair
  4. 4. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameLafitte Corridor Mid City Friends of Lafitte Amy Lafont Corridor (FOLC)Garden description: The Lafitte Corridor is a proposed greenway that will stretch from the FrenchQuarter all the way to Lake Ponchartrain. The corridor follows an old train track, and is being fundedas a “Rails to Trails” project. It will contain a bike path as well as several landscaped areas,playgrounds. The proposed garden site is at the intersection of the proposed Greenway and JeffersonDavis Blvd. This is a critical hub of the future corridor, where it will intersect with the Jefferson Davisbike path. This triangular shaped plot, now owned by the city, was originally owned by the BaronessPontalba, often cited as the first apartment developer in the New World. The plan is to develop thisplot into a community garden and a zeroscaped area through which the future bike path will travel. Baroness Pontalba. Original landowner of proposed site Future site of community garden and bike path Old train track visible crossing Jefferson Davis Pkwy. Lafitte Corridor master plan
  5. 5. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSaturn Printing Central City Groundwork New Pam Broom Orleans Zach Silverman Lee StaffordGarden description: An empty lot behind the building that contains the old Saturn Printing building,which is in the process of being converted into the Zeitgeist Cultural Arts Center/fair trade coffee shop.It is on the Oretha Castle Haley boulevard, a street that has fallen on hard times, but that in the early20th century was home to hundreds of restaurants, shops, and theaters, along with working classGermans, Jews, and African Americans. O.C-Haley has recently been a focus of positive re-development in the heart of New Orleans. This downtrodden street has been repopulated by theoffices of several nonprofits, a cafe, a theater, and art gallery, and an African American cultural heritagecenter. The street is named after Oretha Castle-Haley, a leader in the direct action and civildisobedience in the 1960s New Orleans Civil Rights movement, and an important activist for equalhealth care and education.Wishlist: Homemade vermiculture bins, raised beds Proposed garden site The building is is an old wig factory Mural on the neighboring Ashe Cultural Center
  6. 6. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameLaurentine Ernst Holy Cross Parkway Partners Jenga Mwendo Patsy StoryGarden Description: This small neighborhood garden is named after Ms. Ernst, a life-time resident ofthe Holy Cross neighborhood. She is famous for planting gardens on the neutral ground (median) ofstreets all around the neighborhood. Holy Cross, a small neighborhood on the Mississippi River, isleading redevelopment and environmental sustainability efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward. The gardenhas a variety of annual and perennial flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It also has a small milkweedgarden for monarch butterflies. Recently, in a work day including the American Community GardeningAssociation and, a three-bin composter and a cold frame were constructed.Wishlist: 1. Lit paved walkways 2. Replace railroad ties around beds with stone edgers 3. Bamboo living privacy fence 4. Tool Shed 5. Build small bench seating area 6. Create raised beds outside of fence for community access 7. Potting bench for older folks Drawing 1: Imagine . . . lit stone paths, raised stone edges, benchesA cute little corner garden in the historic HolyCross neighborhood Powerful spirits reside in this garden
  7. 7. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameMorrison Playspot Ponchartrain Park Hilairie Schackai Norma HedrickGarden Description: Morrison Playspot is a large, city-owned plot located in Ponchartrain Park, aneighborhood developed in the 1950s and known as New Orleans first middle-class African Americanneighborhood. Before Hurricane Katrina, Ponchartrain Park was inhabited mostly by the originalowners of the houses, many of whom were advanced in age. Because of this, the area was hitespecially hard by the storm, and as of March 2008 only 30% of the homes there are reinhabited. Theplayspot sits adjacent to the Joseph Bartholemew Sr. Municipal Golf Course, which was designed bythe first African American golf course architect and the first in New Orleans to allow black golfers. The playspot will be a hub for neighborhood redevelopment, recreation, and sustainability. Theproject, in its final form, will contain a cyprus forest, community garden area, childrens play area,natural wetland, and amphitheater. It will contain a roadside produce stand and the land adjacent willbe developed with shops and small businesses. The large plot, seen from Congress Street Ponchartrain Park Neighborhood (playspot is in red) Norma Hedrick with Willie, longtime Community garden area in need of resident and resident gardener expansion
  8. 8. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSmall Axe Farms Marigny Parkway Partners Eric KuglerGarden Description: Small Axe is on a vacant lot that is collectively farmed by about 10neighborhood residents. The garden is intended to provide fresh fruit and vegetables, a safeneighborhood hang out spot, and a place where children can learn about gardening and foodproduction. There is a monthly garden potluck, where dishes are prepared using food from the garden.Wishlist: 1. Wooden Benches and a picnic table for the monthly potlucks 2. A brick barbecue pit 3. Stone paths 4. A pergola shade structure with grape vines An oasis of positivity Cardboard paths in need of rocksHerb spiral promises tasty food Compost, and source of worms for neighborhood fishermen
  9. 9. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSt. Claude Food Forest Bywater Helen KriegerGarden Description: This empty lot is adjacent to a city bus stop on a busy corner of St. Claude in theBywater. The garden is currently being tended by Helen and Michael, who own the neighboringTaekwondo studio and real-estate office. The food forest will create a source of fresh fruit for locals aswell as an aesthetically pleasing waiting area for the city bus. In the long term, the garden hopes to bea full fruit forest, surrounded by a living fence. There will also be a water catchment cistern, dripwatering system, and graywater filtering pond.Wishlist: 1. Living Fence 2. Public waiting space 3. Graywater harvesting pond 4. Water catchment cistern Site of the future food forest Michael tending the herb spiral Raised bed made out of bamboo
  10. 10. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameThe Porch 7th Ward The Porch 7th Ward Ed Buckner Cultural Center Dan EtheridgeGarden Description: This garden is the agricultural arm of The Porch, a cultural center which isdedicated to preserving the culture of New Orleans as well as rebuilding the 7th Ward. The Porch hostsafter-school art programs for kids, dance classes, and works closely with several housing organizations.The garden has raised beds, a shade structure, and a new tool shed. The gardeners hope to sell produceat farmers markets around town.Wish List: 1. New fence 2. Picnic table and benches in the shady corner Ed Buckner greets his peas Shade structure and drums for water Future site of picnic table and benches catchment
  11. 11. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSt. Roch Community 8th Ward Renaissance Project Reggie LawsonGardenGarden Description: The St. Roch garden is an ambitious and exciting project. The plan: take 1.3acres of overgrown city property in a struggling neighborhood and convert it into a working farm. Thecrops will be tended by high school students and sold at farmers markets. The challenge: the plan callsfor 34 raised garden beds and 2000 cubic yards of soil. The potential: urban gardens of this magnitudehave the potential to drastically change the food system as we know it, ushering in an era of foodsecurity, sustainability, less reliance on fossil fuel, and a closer connection with our food and those whoproduce it.Wishlist: 1. Raised beds 2. Fencing Reggie Lawson at the garden site The garden overlooks a residential neighborhoodThe master plan
  12. 12. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSecond Harvest Harahan Second Harvest Food David CoffmanCommunity Garden BankGarden description: Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana (GNOA) istransitioning to community food security programming. Community gardening is a major aspect of theplanned transition. Community gardens will enable agencies to receive more fresh fruits and vegetableswhich will assist GNOA in meeting the nutritional needs of the community.Many emergency food relief organizations are concerned about meeting the dietary needs of thecommunity; however, a nationwide shortage of food has limited the availability of fresh healthy foods.With a community garden at the 1201 Sams Avenue facility GNOA can begin to address nutritionalconcerns while teaching interested community members about the benefits of gardening, and eatinglocal fresh foods. The garden will contain a series of raised beds which agencies can rent and use togrow fruits and vegetables. The remainder of the space will be used by Second Harvest as ademonstration/education garden.Wishlist: 1. Raised beds 2. Soil 3. Path Proposed garden site
  13. 13. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameSt. Margarets Courtyard Bywater St. Margarets Manda MountainGarden Description: This garden is designed for use by residents of St. Margarets Nursing home.The garden has two functions. First, it is meant to provide a green sanctuary, a place where residentscan connect with nature and the outdoors. Second, it is designed to provide a space for residents togarden. Many of the people living here have had experience gardening throughout their lives, andwould like to have a chance to do it at the nursing home. Manda Mountain, a St. Margarets employeeis developing a wishlist based on what types of flowers, trees, and vegetables the community wouldlike to see. Also, she is keeping in mind the idea that raised areas have to be designed so that people inwheelchairs will be able to tend to plants. One idea would be special potting tables at which people inwheelchairs would work. Raised pots for resident gardening projects Proposed corner for fruit trees
  14. 14. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameHoly Angels Courtyard Bywater Holy Angels Sister JoyceGarden Description: The Holy Angels Courtyard is the site of the Ninth Ward Farmers Market. Thespace has a series of beautiful stone grottos which have landscaping as well as small soil compartmentswhere flowers and/or herbs can be placed. The project here would involve the installation of low-maintenance landscaping, hopefully edible, and addition of features such as benches to make the spacemore conducive to community events. Additionally there is an garden behind the convent (Bro AndresGarden), which needs serious weeding, mulching and addition of new stone paths and perennials.Wishlist: 1. re-planting the soil compartments and landscaping surrounding the grottos 2. Weeding, mulching, and maintenance of several gardens in the compound 3. Benches in the shade of courtyard trees 4. Plant dogwood and maple trees 5. Weed, mulch, and re-plant Bro. Andres Garden One of several grottos Soil compartment in need of planting Crab fishermen boiling crabs at the weekly Wise master gardeners doling out advice at farmers market the farmers market
  15. 15. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameOliver Bush Playground Lower 9th Ward Groundwork New Pam Broom Orleans Urban Farm InitiativeGarden Description: This initiative hopes to turn an old abandoned park in the flood-ravaged ninthward into a grove of fruiting and flowering trees, community garden, and sanctuary. It would add apositive space to the struggling neighborhood, and an inspiration to those rebuilding and repopulatingthe area.Wishlist: 1. Fruit/Flowering trees, including Pawpaw, River Birch, Eastern Redbud, Southern Catalpa, Roughleaf Dogwood, Parlsey Hawthorn, Southern Crabapple, and Snowbell 2. recycled concrete paths Wide open spaces - full of potential Nature taking over Children will play here again
  16. 16. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameDunson Memorial Lower 9th Ward Renaissance Project Greta GladneyGardenGarden Description: This garden, located on the site of a house which was destroyed during Katrina,will be a memorial for those who died during the storm. Visitors will walk through an archway whichwill open up on a community garden where locals will have plots, and in which local schools will teachchildren about gardening. The site currently contains a Clean Hub, a completely self contained, self-sustaining growing apparatus developed by the University of Minnesota. The hub, made from an oldshipping container, collects rainwater, solar energy, and human compost. It is completely off the grid . Dunson Memorial garden will ultimately be paired with the Lower Ninth Ward farmers marketto provide fresh local produce for community consumption. The "Clean Hub," built from an old shipping container Whole blocks . . . wiped out when the federal flood walls failed
  17. 17. Name of Garden Neighborhood Host Organization Contact NameDunson Lower 9th Ward Renaissance Project Greta GladneyGreenhouse/CitrusGroveGarden Description: This site, also in the Lower 9th Ward, will contain a greenhouse designed by theUniversity of Minnesota architecture department. This greenhouse will be integrated with the DunsonMemorial Garden and the Lower Ninth Ward Farmers Market. Special thanks to Kyle Skar, ChristineWarnert, Jake Lewis, Jodi Wilson, Michael Sobol, and faculty advisor Tom Westbrook.