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The animals


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Published in: Education
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The animals

  1. 1. English – 5th gradeName: ____________ Surname: ____________ Number: ___ Class: ___Form: ___ Date: ___________________________________________ A – Write a riddle in your notebook for each animal below. Write some words to help you. Follow the examples. Example: I swim in the river. I swim in the sea. I have scales on my back, What can I be? Answer: a fish. Elephant Wolf Lion Zebra Grey ________________ ________________ ________________ Big ears ________________ ________________ ________________ Tusks ________________ ________________ ________________ Big trunk ________________ ________________ ________________ Tiger Dog Giraffe Squirrel ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________
  2. 2. ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________B – Write the correct word. 1. The _____________________ (pig, bear, tiger) has a long tail. 2. The _____________________ (cow, cat, pig) has a curly tail. 3. The _____________________ (rabbit, mouse, squirrel) has a bushy tail. 4. The _____________________ (horse, deer, hare) has a long tail. 5. The _____________________ (bull, sheep, kangaroo) has a short tail. 6. The _____________________ (lamb, goat, fox) has a bushy tail.C – Write the correct adjective. white fast big tame thin 1. The mouse is small but the elephant is _____________________. 2. The snail is slow but the hare is _____________________. 3. The lion is wild but the sheepdog is _____________________. 4. The pig is fat but the greyhound is _____________________. 5. The panther is black but the lamb is_____________________ .D – Write the correct word. Use your dictionary. team pride litter nest herd pack troop flock shoal pod 1. A nest of mice. 2. A ___________ of wolves. 3. A ___________ of cattle.
  3. 3. 4. A ___________ of kittens. 5. A ___________ of lions. 6. A ___________ of horses. 7. A ___________ of cod. 8. A ___________ of birds. 9. A ___________ of monkeys. 10. A ___________ of whales.E – Chose the correct sound for each animal. 1. The lamb ___________ (chirps, grunts, bleats) when it sees its mother. 2. The bull ___________ (quacks, shouts, bellows) when it sees a stranger. 3. The horse ___________ (hisses, neighs, howls) when it sees the farmer. 4. The pig ___________ (screams, grunts, hums) when it is hungry. 5. The dog ___________ (crows, purrs, barks) when it sees a stranger. 6. The cat ___________ (grunts, lows, purrs) when it is happy. 7. The wolf ___________ (sings, howls, whistles) when it wants food. 8. The bear ___________ (barks, croaks, growls) when it is angry. 9. The cow ___________ (grunts, lows, purrs) when it sees a stranger 10. The chick ___________ (grunts, chirps, bleats) when it sees its mother. 11. The duck ___________ (shouts, quacks, bellows) when it sees its dinner. 12. The snake ___________ (neighs, hisses, howls) when it sees a stranger.F – Write the correct word and learn about the animals’ houses. You can use your dictionary.
  4. 4. coop stable burrowweb den sty hive nest 1. A fox lives in a ______________________________. 2. A wild rabbit lives in a ______________________________. 3. A spider lives in a ______________________________. 4. A bee lives in a ______________________________. 5. A pig lives in a ______________________________. 6. A mouse lives in a ______________________________. 7. A hen lives in a ______________________________. 8. A horse lives in a ______________________________.G – Write the missing words. young hard gardener leaves slime food shell house shy backs legs snails build *The Snail* What funny things _________________ are! They have no _________________ and yet they can travel. Theyhave houses, and yet they did not _________________ them. They can carry their houses on their_________________ and yet not be tired. The snail is very _________________. If anyone comes near, it will hide in its _________________. If youtouch a snail, it will go into its _________________. It uses feelers instead of hands. The snail feels for its_________________ with them.
  5. 5. This is a _________________ snail. Its shell is not very _________________ yet. The _________________does not like snails. They eat the green _________________. A snail has tiny teeth. It uses them to grind its food. Haveyou seen the trail of silver _________________ which the snail leaves behind as it crawls along? animals cubs zebras hunting neck Beasts dangerous strong pride groups Africa *The Lion* Lions live in the great plains of _________________. They travel around in small _________________. Afamily of lions is called a _________________. The male lion is big and _________________. He is called the King of _________________. He has a brownmane round his _________________. The lioness has no mane. She is smaller than the lion, but more active. She doesmost of the _________________. She kills deer and _________________. She takes good care of her_________________. The lioness teaches them to hunt when they are young. Lions are shy _________________ and usually avoid people. Sometimes, an old lion will attack people and socan be very _________________.