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FarnsUY is the most reliable source of objective market information for individual and institutional foreign investors considering agribusiness investment opportuninities in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

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FarmsUY Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. FarmsUYOur Mission & Partners
  2. 2. FarmsUY OurMission FarmsUY will be the most reliable source of objective market information for individual and institutional foreign investors considering agribusiness investment opportunities in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. ! We will educate and inform our clients of emerging opportunities and potential challenges in the Uruguay agribusiness landscape, so they can make an informed decision regarding agribuisness investing in Uruguay.
  3. 3. FarmsUY OurPartners Eduardo Blasina is Founder & Director of Blasina & Associates, the leading agribusiness consulting firm in Uruguay. The firm is responsible for publishing Uruguay’s most trusted farmer’s almanac each year, and thousands of subscribers read the firm’s weekly cattle and crop reports. ! Mr. Blasina also reaches a nationwide audience with his daily radio program,Times of Change, as well as with his weekly agriculture columns in the national newspaper, El Observador.
  4. 4. FarmsUY OurPartners Patrick Archer is Founder of InvestBA, the Internet’s leading source of information for private investors and foreign companies seeking real estate opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay. ! A licensed Florida real estate broker, Mr. Archer created FarmsUY in conjunction with Eduardo Blasina in order to serve the growing number of clients demanding current and objective information about farmland and other agribusiness investment opportunities in Uruguay.
  5. 5. FarmsUY OurPartners Named “2015 Law Firm of the Year” in Uruguay, Ferrere is one of the most prestigious law and CPA firms in South America.With over 200 attorneys in-house, Ferrere is now one of the three-largest law firms in Latin America with offices in Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. ! FarmsUY is pleased to work exclusively with Ferrere in advising our clients on all aspects of legal and financial matters involved with Uruguay agribusiness investments.
  6. 6. FarmsUY OurPartners ABC Agribusiness Consultants is an agribusiness consulting firm formed by AgroCentro and Blasina & Associates. ABC develops highly productive farmland systems for Uruguay cattle, crop and timberland investors. ! One of ABC’s areas of expertise is the management and integration of pastures in cropland and timberland. ABC is responsible for the land planning and soil management of over 500,000 acres of Uruguay farmland.
  7. 7. FarmsUY uruguay agribusiness investments US/Canada Patrick Archer 1.800.251.2720 Uruguay Eduardo Blasina 098.720.721 property selection & valuation for foreign investors in uruguay