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"QR Codes and Beyond" was presented at the 2012 New Mexico Library Association conference.

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  • QR codes are popping up everywhere(Scan this QR code and launch Toy Story website)If you own a smart phone and have an app, feel free to scan the QR codes throughout my presentation.If you are new to QR codes, there are QR codes in your handout for practice.If you do not have a smart phone, the web links are included in your handout.
  • :57 video segment
  • This one is a “2D” barcode and uses a Microsoft tag reader; works the same way as QR code
  • Posters in airports and train terminals – QR codes let you shop while waiting for your travel connection
  • It seems like people are going bananas with QR codes!
  • Great for posters – people can scan the QR code and capture details about an event they are interested in attending; QR code can even contain a link to online registration or ticket sales
  • Ties into this library’s discovery layer, “Arts Guide to Library Resources” – web page includes articles, websites, images, etc.
  • “Staff Recommends” shelf tag
  • Scan the QR code from the online catalog to display mobile version of item record on smartphone – patron uses the entry on the smartphone out in the stacks
  • This QR code goes to a podcast of library’s radio program, which included discussion of this book
  • This QR Treasure Hunt Generator is free, and can make it easy to create a scavenger hunt, either inside or outside of the library – great for teaching library skills in the school setting!
  • Think “Langiappe” -- a little something extra -- “Added Value” - “Fun” - “Surprises”Scanning the QR code on my banana took me to a website where I can join the Dole Mobile Club, Download a free ring tone, and view a trailer for the new Chipmunks movie.
  • Help your community learn how to use QR codes by adding an explanatory message:Ready to try?Install a code reader on your smartphoneScan the codeReceive the infoNo camera? No worries. Go to www.infoway.orgAdding this kind of message explains what to do, and legitimizes where user will go in order to relieve any anxiety or suspicion
  • Jumping Gigawatts!
  • QR Codes – sends information to your device; one way communicationNFC – sends AND receives information
  • No more lost keys or forgotten codes
  • 57 second video clip
  • Why should you care?Our community is poor. Our patrons don’t have smart phones…Our library is small with little or no budget for technology…
  • http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Smartphones.aspx Some 87% of smart phone owners access the internet or email on their handheld, including two-thirds (68%) who do so on a typical day
  • High income households (green) are the heaviest Internet usersBUT - Low income households (blue) are not far behind
  • Sandvine, a Canadian network solutions company, released its study on October 28, 2011, showing that Netflix accounts for one-third of peak U.S. downstream traffic. The study sees changes in how Americans use Netflix as a sign of "a post-PC era": today, only 45 percent of traffic volume of entertainment services like Netflix is done though laptops or PCs, with the rest going to other devices, such as video-game consoles, smart TVs, tablets, and cell phones.
  • QR codes and beyond

    1. 1. QRCodes……andBeyond!
    2. 2. What is a QR code?• “Quick Response” code• Contains more info than a traditional barcode – An example of a “matrix code;” can hold up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters or 7,000 digits• Can perform variety of functions: – Display text or contact info – Launch a URL – Send an email or tweet
    3. 3. How does a QR code work? http://bit.ly/f5oOBM
    4. 4. How can QR Codes be used in my library?
    5. 5. End Range Signage
    6. 6. Scan this…… to see this:
    7. 7. Within Online Catalog
    8. 8. http://classtools.net/QR/
    9. 9. “QR Codes in Libraries: Some Examples” Public Libraries, May/June 2011 http://bit.ly/kQSmJF
    10. 10. How to Make a QR Code• Use a QR Code Generator – There are many, available for free – Google search: “QR code generator”• Shorten the URL for a cleaner QR Code – Bit.ly – Tiny URL – Google shortener (add .qr and it also generates a QR code)
    11. 11. www.qrstuff.com
    12. 12. When scanned
    13. 13. Tips When Using QR Codes• Print the code at least 1 inch square and leave a bit (1/8”) of white space around the QR code• Add a simple description of what is encoded – “Scan this QR code to hear a podcast about this book.”• If QR code contains a link, include the URL for those without a mobile device – Keep the link updated!• Include list of free QR code readers that can be downloaded to smart phones• Size the QR code and locate in a way that it may be scanned comfortably and it does not impede traffic flow
    14. 14. QR Code =TeachingMoment
    15. 15. Adding Style• Photo editing can be used to change the color• Some generators allow you to include your logo, change colors, etc. – www.qrstuff.com• Make sure you test – – Don’t mess with the corners of the code – Okay to disrupt 20% of the code, but not much more than that – Orientation does make a different – don’t put it upside down or sideways
    16. 16. What Comes After QR Codes?
    17. 17. NFC – Near Field Communication A way for devices to transmit and receive Information wirelessly at close range Initiator Target (read/write mode)
    18. 18. MobilePayment
    19. 19. Access Control
    20. 20. http://bit.ly/sApCza
    21. 21. When is NFC coming?• Already popular in Asia• Some phones are already NFC-enabled• By 2014, 1 in 5 cell phones will beNFC-enabled• By 2015, 1 in 2 cell phones will beNFC-enabled
    22. 22. Smartphone Adoption and Usage Pew Research Center • 35% of American adults own a smartphone • One quarter of smartphone owners use their phone for most of their online browsinghttp://bit.ly/rcPcb8
    23. 23. The New Understanding family dynamics, Digital media andAmerican purchasing Family behavior trends April 2011 The Nielsen Company http://bit.ly/er7OK7
    24. 24. The New Digital American FamilyOlder, smaller, growing more slowlyBecoming more ethnically diverse than atany point in historyDiversity in all its dimensions defines theemerging American FamilyNo single cultural, social, demographic,economic or political point of viewdominates the landscape
    25. 25. Income & Internet
    26. 26. Mobile Phone Trends
    27. 27. Sign of a Post-PC Era?Global Internet Phenomena Report: Fall 2011 http://goo.gl/txh2
    28. 28. Mary Lee Smithmlsmith@infoway.org