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Plano, Moeed Salam, Harry mayor

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Moeed Salam

  1. 1. Plano Mayoral Candidate’sControversial Muslim Support
  2. 2. Hasna Shaheen Salam, Community Activist Hasna Shaheen Salam is a prominent resident of Plano, where she is co- chairwoman of a city advisory group called the Plano Multicultural Outreach Roundtable, as well as a former president of the Texas Muslim Womens Foundation and an active and enthusiastic supporter for Harry LaRosiliere and his candidacy to become the next mayor of Plano. of Muslim Forum Held for Harry at Salam Home
  3. 3. The Death of a North Texan in Pakistan3:00am Friday Morning, November 18, 2011 Karachi, PakistanPakistani Sindh Rangers, acting on information from terrorsuspects, raid an apartment on the 3rd floor of a buildinglocated in the Gulistan-e-Jauhar neighborhood. Just beforereaching the door, there is an explosion and the officersfind the suspect dead. He is identified as 36 year old AbdulMoeedul Islam, “a commandeering chief of al-Qaeda inPakistan” who killed himself with a grenade. The suspecthad “computers” and the US cash equivalent of over $1.5million dollars.They stated that “Mooed was a Yemen national, but alsopossessed Pakistani citizenship. He had come to Pakistan13 to 15 years ago. He was trained in militant camps inAfghanistan and later appointed as al-Qaeda commanderin Pakistan” and a few months earlier “had a dispute withhis wife, who got a divorce from a court.”The next day officials reveal that the dead al-Qaeda chiefwas an American and had a US passport with the name ofMoeed Abdul Salam and son of Hasna Shaheen Salam.
  4. 4. From Plano to al-Qaida
  5. 5. Moeed Abdul Salam – al-Qaeda Operative?Immediately, there were questions and suspicions about Moeed’s death and his connections to terrorists. Andenials that Shaheen knew anything about her son’s activities with a-Qaeda.One report “did not find any link between the suspect and any local or international terrorist outfit and thesuspect had no criminal or terrorism record” and noted it was odd the “Rangers did not let any other lawenforcement agency have access to evidence or the blast site.”After claiming their son’s body from the morgue, Moeed’s parents were reported to have said “that their sondid not commit suicide” and asked that a “proper inquiry be conducted”.In January 2012, Moeed death and connection to North Texas becomes public knowledge in a Dallas morningnews article entitled “Family of man thought to be al-Qaeda operative is known for interfaith work in Dallas-Fort Worth”. Christopher Parr, who worked with Shaheen Salam at the Plano Multicultural OutreachRoundtable said that Shaheen Salam “doesn’t want to talk about it because it is too painful” and “they didn’tknow where he was or what he was doing.”Other family friends echoed the premise that Salam’s parents didn’t know about his involvement in al-Qaeda, including Mike Ghouse, president of the Foundation for Pluralism in Dallas, who said “The one thing Ican tell you is that his parents had nothing to do with it, his mother would not have put up with it.”Mohamed Elibiary, who is a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, recalls that the Salam’s“were pillars of the community as I was growing up” in North Texas.
  6. 6. Was Shaheen Really Completely Unaware of her son’s Activism? In spite of her friends’ adamant defense that Moeed’s mother “didn’t know where he was or what he was doing”, her Facebook activities hint otherwise. of-man-thought-to-be-al-qaeda-operative-is-known-for-interfaith-work-in-dallas-fort- worth.ece Shaheen Salam had been a Facebook “friend” of her son Moeed Salam since 2009. In August of 2011, she shared a link via Moeed Salam regarding the celebration of Laylat al-Qadr. A few weeks later, on October 14, “He had also recently linked to a document praising al-Awlaki martyrdom and to a message urging Muslims to rejoice "in this time when you see the mujahideen all over the world victorious“.
  7. 7. Mrs. Salam would have noticed that Moeed also posted this picture of the burning USA flag and American born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a drone strike, ordered by President Obama on September 30, 2011. If the Americans want me, then let them find me, and Allah is the Best of Protectors. IfAllah Almighty wills to save me from them. If the Americans were to spend all the wealth in the world, they will never reach me and if Allah wills that my death be at their hands, or the hands of their agents, then this is my dream.”
  8. 8. Moeed Salam aka Abu Umar, al-Qaeda Operative Any doubt of Moeed’s activism was erased when the Jihadi Media Outlet “Global Islamic Media Front” (GIMF) released a statement celebrated the death of “Yemeni citizen Abdel Moeed Bin Abd al-Salam aka “Abu Umar” noting.“He established diffuse Jihadi media groups and trained his brothers who followed the pathof the Jihadi media. He administrated many websites and Jihadi forums, and he guided andplanned and attacked the enemy masterfully. He led the Jihadi forums and websites ofsplendor, attacking the strongholds of arrogance and infidelity, weakening the determinationof its troops, and sabotaging their great media plans”.“And after a period of time, in 2001, when the knights of Qaedat al-Jihad executed theManhattan raid in the land of infidelity America where our hero lived with his family, ourbrother heard the news of the blessed operation from his father, and his yearning for Jihadand fighting in the path of Allah increased, as did his desire to live among the Mujahideenhappily. So when the Crusader attack was launched on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, hechanged his life completely and left all the comforts of the world and its concerns, dedicatinghis life to the support of Jihad and thwarting the oppression and aggression against theIslamic Ummah.” commanders-and-knight-of-knights-the-brother-abc5ab-umar-en.pdf
  9. 9. In the eleven months after Moeed’s death, Pakistani Taliban mounted at least ten revenge attacks on Rangers.The November 2012 attack “was the fifth deadlyattack on paramilitary soldiers in Karachi withina span of just 11 months. Another five potentialthreats targeting Rangers have been avertedwithin the same period, all of which seem tohave taken off soon after the killing of MoeedAbdul Salam”. If Moeed Salam was not a valuable asset of al-Qaeda, they put a lot effort into “faking” it.
  10. 10. Shaheen Salam continues to be a big supporter of HarryLaRosiliere, and still refuses topublically discuss the death ofher son and his connection tothe Global Terrorism Network.