Purposefully positive


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Purposefully positive

  1. 1. Dr. Boleman, Centra is DOWN!from Jill Hughson – 9:30 am, 11/6/12 YIKES
  2. 2. BeingPurposefully Positive Dr. Chris BolemanTexas 4-H and Youth Development Program Director cboleman@ag.tamu.edu 979/845-1211
  3. 3. Plan for Today• Some activities you can do back home• Some leadership stuff – Motivating Yourself – Positivity is Contagious – Staying focused with the naysayers – Return the favor – tell someone they are doing good.
  4. 4. The Power of Positive Thinking • A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action."Most folks are about as happy asthey make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln
  5. 5. Staying Focused • Tennis Ball Exercise • Place in groups • Ask to pass the ball around • While speaking names • Repeat, change it up • Add to group • Put somebody in the middle to districtWhen complete, remind them that the goal neverchanged. You may have been distracted, but the goalis still the same.
  6. 6. Anger is an acid thatdestroys the vessel in which it is stored! Mark Twain Mark Twain
  7. 7. Maxwell, John Maxwell, John(unpublished) (unpublished) 5. PINNACLE Respect People follow because of who you are and what you represent 4. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Reproduction People follow because of what you have done for them 3. PRODUCTION Results People follow bc of what you have done for the organization 2. PERMISSION Relationships People follow you because they want to1. POSITIONRightsPeople follow you because they have to
  8. 8. It Starts with YOU!!!• The Secret of Success is Determined by YOUR OWN AGENDA!!! – John Maxwell
  9. 9. #1 Law of Intentionality• Growth Doesn’t Just Happen –You have to grow on purpose –You make a choice to grow –The choice you make – MAKES YOU! We have the tendency to want to We have the tendency to want to change circumstances, NOT US change circumstances, NOT US
  10. 10. SATISFACTION!!!!• Autonomy =• Complexity• Connection between effort and reward Gladwell, M. (2008). Outliers. Hatchette Book Group: New York, NY
  11. 11. What makesteams successful?
  12. 12. Favorite Quotes from Miracle• You pull on that jersey, you represent yourself and your teammates; and the name on the front, is a heck of alot more important, than the one on the back.• You just focus on your own game! There’s enough there to keep you busy for awhile.• Win, lose, or tie, youre gonna play like a champion.
  13. 13. Components of Leadership• Inspiring the vision of the organization• Leaders must be a designer – of the organization• Leader must have a personal and universal purpose• Teach subordinates about purpose and structure• Leaders generate and manage creative tension P. Senge, 5th Discipline
  14. 14. • Leadership is about motivating a group of people’s behavior toachieve a common goalbigger than their own.
  15. 15. Components of New Leadership• Inspiring the vision of the organization• Leaders must be a designer – of the organization• Leader must have a personal and universal purpose• Teach subordinates about purpose and structure• Leaders generate and manage creative tension P. Senge, 5th Discipline
  16. 16. 99% of leaders communicate the same way!They communicate fromthe outside in. Why? How? What? Adapted from Simon Sinek
  17. 17. Inspired Leaders Communicate from the Inside Out• What – everyone knows what an organization does.• How – some know how• Why – few know why (organizational purpose, belief, etc)People don’t buy whatyou do, they buy WHY you do it!
  18. 18. Lets Try It Item Apple 4-HWhat We make great ??? computersHow They have a simple ??? design, user friendlyWhy Everything we do – ??? We believe in challenging the status quo, committed to thinking differently
  19. 19. CHANGE
  20. 20. Why?• Because often with change…… the heart (emotion) and the mind disagree (rational).
  21. 21. Vision Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan CHANGE Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan CONFUSIONVision Incentives Resources Action Plan ANXIETYVision Skills Resources Action Plan GRADUAL CHANGEVision Skills Incentives Action Plan FRUSTRATIONVision Skills Incentives Resources FALSE START
  22. 22. • LEADERSHIP isn’t about embracing change! IT IS MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT!•It is about: BEING THE CHA NGE !
  23. 23. • "There are leaders you HAVE to follow and leaders you WANT to follow." What type of leader will you be? #leadership @ctboleman @ctboleman
  24. 24. Have Yous?• ‘Have You’ thanked an adult for a small act of helpfulness?• ‘Have You’ called a friend… TODAY?• ‘Have You’ celebrated in the last week a “small” milestone reached?• ‘Have You’ met with someone that works with you to discuss what is going right?• ‘Have You’ discussed something interesting, beyond work that you ran across or read?• Followed someone on Twitter that his happy?• Sent a text message to say KEEP PUSHING!• Liked someone’s status on Facebook that is making a difference? Adapted from Peters, T. Adapted from Peters, T. (2010). The Little BIG Things (2010). The Little BIG Things
  26. 26. Control what you can CONTROL•Attitude•Effort•Focus
  27. 27. PASSION = ENERGY
  28. 28. The Power of Positive Thinking• Always use only positive words while thinking and while talking. Use words such as, I can, I am able, it is possible, it can be done, etc.• Allow into your awareness only feelings of happiness, strength and success.• Try to disregard and ignore negative thoughts. Refuse to think such thoughts, and substitute them with constructive happy thoughts.• In your conversation use words that evoke feelings and mental images of strength, happiness and success.• Before starting with any plan or action, visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome.• Read at least one page of inspiring book every day.• Watch movies that make you feel happy.• Minimize the time you listen to the news and read the papers.• Associate yourself with people who think positively.• Walk, swim or engage in some other physical activity. This helps to develop a more positive attitude.
  29. 29. Because itAND ONE LAST THING!begins andends with YOU!