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2012 highlight speech for 4-H Agents

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  • These issues don’t change. What makes our organization unique (in terms of age appropriateness)? We offer the same package to youth no matter their age (con) We are available to youth ranging in age from 3 rd grade to 18. Most other organizations concentrate on a more specific age. This does present some challenges. Strategies to keep older youth engaged: Empower them. Split older/younger youth when it’s time for business.
  • Moving forward on our enrollment fee. No changes this year. $20 was a big deal, but people weren’t bothered by the late fee of $25. 238 youth requested the enrollment fee be waived….granted. The program is worth every bit of $20. We need to make our program worth it. Is it worth it in your county??? Last year, 10,000 people decided it wasn’t worth $20. Our obligation is to do our part to sell the program and make it worth the $20. $20 enrollment fee vs. $10 cost recovery every time county program gets together for program!!! Keep your eye on the prize….developing youth!
  • Customize slide for district. Celebration slide!
  • Membership trends. Don’t have 2012 total enrollment until end of September. Need CE numbers due by September 15 th .
  • From this point, we are moving forward. This is the new baseline. Previous slide is where we’ve been. We are moving forward from this number. We are not making numbers up to fluff reports. 2012 numbers in your county are YOUR baseline for your county enrollment.
  • Left: our piece of the pie – curriculum enrichment (600,000) of 7 million 3 rd – 12 th grade youth…about 10% have a 4-H experience Right: % of Texas youth that have a 4-H club experience (50,000 of 7 million) It’s our obligation! We are state funded. This program is open to all! Must move forward from the 50,000. 1 volunteer to every 2 youth (about 30,000 volunteers) Other organizations have about 1 volunteer for every 12 youth Could we handle 300,000 youth in our program? Not the way we currently do things.
  • Level 1: What are this year’s goals? Do your best to promote this program to get more youth involved than what we did last year. Level 2: Can look at percentage of youth in county involved in program and set goals from there.
  • These are the top projects the 50,000 youth were involved in. (club members) 9 of 10 projects would cost more than $20 to participate (swine, shooting, etc.). Ag Fair Days, curriculum enrichment, etc. not included in these numbers!!!
  • Not drawn to scale… All numbers included (clubs, special interest, curriculum enrichment, etc,) 600,000 We have 2 distinct areas of drop off in our program. Between 3 rd & 4 th grade (first year of membership) and when youth enter high school. Curriculum enrichment targets 3 rd & 4 th grade. Do very little (if any) curriculum enrichment at the high school level.
  • Club Membership – 50,000! Celebration slide! Looks a lot different than previous slide. Agents: what you’re doing is good stuff. 12% of membership is in 3 rd grade. 4 th grade – number actually goes up. Enrollment is pretty stable until we hit high school. Other youth organizations do not look like this…don’t have the consistency that we do. (YDI looked at other youth organizations…boy scouts, little league, etc.) High school – drop off: Puberty Start driving No “afterschool” programs for high school kids…but have tons of extra curricular activities What this tells us: We are doing something right! We can grow this program! **Who do we market the program to? As we move forward, how do we demonstrate the answer to this question. We are marketing to the 8 year old’s parents…not the 8 year old.
  • Whether or not you have kids….$20 to prevent THESE actions is worth it to me. Our program priority: We are going to provide a safe environment to our young people! Every one of us has to be committed to this!!!
  • Ordered and had teams of youth put together bikes. Then, gave them to foster families.
  • On way home from leadership lab
  • They join 4-H b/c they want to have fun with something they’re interested in (foods, shooting sports, etc.). If they don’t get what they are interested in, they are going to go somewhere else. It starts with inward development…I want to learn this, do something better. Too many 4-H’ers never get out of inward development. Outward – giving back – community service projects previously highlighted. If they’re only inward-focused, then they probably won’t stay in the program. What can they add to the program that they learned (use inward to move outward)? They start with a project (top ten, most likely) and use it to get to the outward experience (for those we keep in the program through high school). The youth with outward experiences are our best kids. They are still receiving something from our program…outward experience! You know the most about something when you teach it! Same for youth!
  • 1. intro and overview

    2. 2. Issues Facing Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program• Perception of the program (who we are and what we offer)• Age Appropriateness of content and delivery system• Youth Voice (truly youth driven)• Texas 4-H, Inc (and what it means to Texas 4-H).• $20
    4. 4. Participation TotalsYear Total Enrollment 4-H Club Membership2006 658,810 57,8242007 646,248 66,6572008 642,641 64,0132009 593,033 58,0552010 665,425 61,1552011 649,779 60,456
    5. 5. TODAY!!!!!~5 ,This is our new baseline.This is our new baseline.
    6. 6. Here is what that looks like
    7. 7. Is it Enough?• Level 1 – Increase from last year • Only a Starting Point• Level 2 – Percent of your county? • Where do we fit? • Is an increase enough? – Discussion with the 4-H Specialist, District Extension Administrator, and Regional Program Director
    8. 8. Popular ProjectsPROJECT 2010 2011 2012Foods and Nutrition 11,142 11,030 10,142Swine 9,961 9,962 9,701Shooting Sports 7,790 8,704 8,765Goats (Meat) 8,574 8,413 7,921Photography 6,682 6,800 6,655Rabbits 6,446 6,937 6,644Horse 5,800 5,570 5,312Beef 5,719 5,539 5,510Clothing and Textiles 4,325 4,103 3,913Sheep 3,548 3,628 3,649
    9. 9. The COMBINED stats?
    10. 10. FOR THE 50,000Grade
    11. 11. Are we stillviable?
    12. 12. Is there anything goodhappening?
    13. 13. Tom Green 4-H Program Cancer Fund Raiser• Served about 900 people;• They raised $50,000 on the auction.• Over 950 desserts were made and donated to the cause with at least twenty 4-H families donating desserts.• At least 80 volunteers volunteered their time of which at least 40 of those were 4-Hers.• A total of $4500.00 in food donations toward the meal were raised.
    14. 14. District 8 Bike Project
    15. 15. Teens Use Leadership Skills in Emergency Situation• Spotted smoke from a house. Sherriff said,• Called 911 “This is a wonderful• Saved an 89 year old woman example of teaching our young teens about responsibility , ethics and morals.”
    17. 17. Progression of Youth in Texas 4-H Objectiv Outcome e Reflection of worth ofOUTWARD Personal Value individual training and acct of teaching & Acct Reflection of applying Transfer of knowledge and applications Info. learned to others Knowledge of Reflection of career goals and opportunities CareersINWARD Reflection of educational goals Knowledge of and opportunities Higher Ed. Reflection, evaluation & Knowledge of building knowledge of scientific Project principles Youth Entering 4-H FOUNDATION: LEADERSHIP & LIFE SKILL DEVELOPMENT Reflection of leadership goals and learned life skills Zanolini, 2011 Zanolini, 2011