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Audience research

  1. 1. AudienceResearch
  2. 2. Audience Profile• Gender: Male and Female (There are equal amount of male and female rioters in our film)• Age: 15-21 (The Rioters in our film are young, around that specific age range)• Ethnicity: All (There are 3 different types of ethnicity in our film)• Beliefs: Sacredness of human life, equality• Education: Comprehensive school education/ not much education (The rioters attended local public schools with frequent problems of truancy resulting in hardly getting much education)• Occupation: students / unemployed / casual labour (As the Rioters are young, some are still in school whilst others may have dropped out, become unemployed, receiving money illegally or having casual jobs such as working as waiters, or in stores such as ‘Tesco’s’ etc.)• Income: low income (The parents of the rioters will be receiving very low incomes as they too may have casual jobs or even be unemployed. Many live in Single parent families where the family live on benefits. Due to the low income they cannot afford luxuries such as Xboxes, Nintendo DS’s, Or going on outings such as expensive restaurants or cinema/theatre etc. )
  3. 3. • Class: Working class (Live in council estates, crowed houses/ apartments)• Culture: Multicultural British• Media Interests: drama films, Social sites, news• Hobbies: going to raves, dates, spending time with peers, technology (Blackberry Messenger BBM) (as that is what a lot of the teenage rioters interests are in our film reflecting the reality)• Genres: Action, Poignant drama, tension grabbing films (Our film is an emotional drama film with a hint of action therefore it will appeal to and is made for audience with interest in these genres)• Demographic: E, working class, unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers• Psychographics: Strugglers: Seeks escape, disorganised, not stable (The protagonist is struggling against the rioters, and his life becomes a frenzy of emotions and events, which will appeal to audiences who are struggling against life’s calamities and problems) Aspirers: Seeks status, materialistic, care much about appearance. Typically the younger generation (The rioters are seeking material wealth and fighting for a higher status)
  4. 4. • Due to the previous elements, our audience may be youths without many goals in life, people who are struggling or spend time hanging around in streets, clubbing etc or finding illegal methods to earn money as they cannot get a job due to the lack of education and the recession
  5. 5. Halls theory:• Preferred readings: (Audience can relate and empathise directly.) People who have taken part of the riots or seen it happen directly, or has been a victim of the riots can relate directly. These who have lost loved ones in perhaps a house fire or a struggle can also relate directly.• Negotiated readings – (audience cannot relate directly but can put themselves in the position.) The audience of this reading could be perhaps youth in similar positions such as a fifteen year old teenager, hardly attending school and living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. They may be able to relate to the reasons behind the riots. Also people of middle class people may be able to relate to the protagonist Brad who is also middle class.• Oppositional readings (People who oppose the ideas put forward in the film) The audience may consist of youths or people who believe the rioters were in the ‘right’, and be against the film as it portrays them in a negative light.
  6. 6. Audience BBFC Rating
  7. 7. 1) What kind of ending is most dramatic?Most of our audience want a twist in our film, unfortunatelyonly 27.30% wanted a tragic ending. However we will try toimplement a twist as well as having the tragic ending to satisfyour audience
  8. 8. Our Film will contain a lot of action and especially a lot of emotionsuch as fear, intense grief, sadness, anger etc. In fact it will possess allof the elements shown above, as there will be arguments betweenBrad and the rioters and there will be the death of his daughter Emily.
  9. 9. Most of our main actors will be around the 18-25 age group with a smallpercentage being older such as the policemen and neighbours.
  10. 10. • Our film will contain major dramatic moments, consisting of lots of various types of emotions, and as it is a five minute film it will not drag on but move in a fast pace perhaps to indicate how everything happened so quick, e.g. Brad loosing his daughter in a matter of hours. The storyline is not typical but unique as we have not heard a film or documentary be made based on the summer riots yet. What’s more, the main character will not cry much, or we will not show tears to depict distress but rather demonstrate his internal pain.
  11. 11. • We will try to include a good twist in the film, however comical lines cannot be included as the film is based upon a true serious and harsh event. Romance would ruin the story line, and our story does consist of a lot of emotion!