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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Cass City, Michigan


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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Cass City, Michigan

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Cass City, Michigan

  1. 1. r ’,. , - . . . PAGE TWO CASS CITY CHRONICLE - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29; 1995 CASS CJTY, MICHIGAN CASS‘CITY CHROhTJICLE - WEDNESDAy;M#RCH:29, ’1 g95 Natiout-wide propram W a y ’ s consumers are discovering Cuts circles around the competition - Plant extra row for the hungry Sowing a few extra seeds in your garden u w thejoys of designing with carpet For today’s homeowners, carpet is the floor covering of choice. The luxu- look, how pastels and tints can enlarge a space, and how contrasting colors With an informed, enlightened approach to selecting and buying car- during our Sure -ThingSale! the wd out to close to 100 million gadenen r There are a number of ways to go a b u t or si,milar organizations. If you can’t locate rious look and fee1 is the prime reason create energy and excitement. It also pet, you’ll have the satisfaction ofthis year may seem to not be the most who read magazines and newspapers, listen raising vegetables. Planting in wider m, up a f d progmm where you live, contact the for its popularity. reviews the three fundamental color making the right choice and enjoyingsignificant way to join the fight against to the radio and watch TV. Between the to 15 inches across, or 111 blocks, with seeds county offices, which will direct you to a But that’s not all carpet offers. schemes: monochromatic, analogous the beautiful results for years to come.hunger, but come harvest time it will make a garden writers and our nation’s gardeners, we scattered at random, yields four times as There’s the comfort it provides under- and complementary. For a free copy of Allied Fibers Program. foot, the ease of maintenance, and the Carpet style and texture also are “The Joy of Designing with Carpet,”wrld of difkrence to someone without food. can make a tremendous contribution tawards many vegetables than thoseplantd in narrow warmth it brings to a home. Plus, car- Lowenfels adds that the hungry are important considerations. Surface char- call 1-800-545-ANSO, or write tu A new program aimed at wiping out ending hunger.” rows. If your garden is small, planting in pet softens noise and adds a safety fac- acter varies from style to style, con- Allied Fibejs. Department DBM- sometimes forgotten about during the warm tor. And with new advances like built- tributing to the casual or elegant look PRIMET, P.O. Box 8116, Trenton, NJhunger through the help of home gardeners Easy Gardener, Inc., manufacturers of blocks will increase your yield. summer months, but the need for fresh fruit in crush and stain resistance, carpet is a of a room. Velvets are smooth, while gaining support throughout the country. gardening products such as WeedBlock and Another way to boost your harvest is to and vegetables remains high even at this time, better value than ever. friezes are “pebbled,” for instance.Dubbed “Plant a Row,” the idea is to enlist BioBlock, are supporters of the Garden especially for children. But with the ever-expanding range “The Joy of Designing with Carpet” grow vegetables on vertical supports. This of colors, styles and textures, choosing explains the characteristics of eachgardeners to go a step further during the Writers Association of America, and fully increases the yield per square foot. Planting a carpet can sometimes be confusing. style and what type of mood they’ll In the Winner’splanting season by laying down an extra row back the =Plant a Rmv” program. crops in raised beds, where the soil is in a Allied Fibers, manufacturers of Anso help you create. “Duringthe summer months fresh produceof seeds, resulting in vegetables and fruits raised mound several inches above ground CrushResister carpet fiber, has come to Choosing a quality carpet fiber is Ingersa’ll’s 5000 Series Zero-TurnFront Cut! “Providing fresh fruits and vegetables to and vegetables are crucial because the the rescue with an informative, beauti- also key to your long-term satisfac- FEATWRES:that can be donated to local food pantries level, allows the bed to warm up faster and the hungry is something Easy Gardener gardens can help feed children while free fully illustrated 16-page guide entitled tion. You should keep in mind the old I MOWS 16hp e ~ How 12,lB3.5 A a Tmn Cylvlder Engrnes &after they’ve been picked. stands behind strongly and we will help to provides for better drainage. school breakfast and lunch programs are not “The Joy of Designing with Carpet.” This booklet will help you select the axiom, “You get what you pay for.” Higher-quality fibers, like Allied - True Zero-turn Transmisslont ~ “Plant a Row” organizations have begun Chob of 52‘, BY mowers 42’. make this program grw,”saysBqd Thomas, Lastly, planter boxes mainly used for herbs available,”he said. The vitamins and minerals right carpet - so you can shop with Fibers’ Anso CrushResister fiber, Easy to Trim around OT Ltrees flowersspringing up around the country thanks to the rnarketing director for Easy Gardener. and spices may produce small yields, but contained in fresh vegetables, as opposed to confidence, even if you’re doing it for means better performance and Ionger -.Mows. Blows b Grass more! 1 Mulching kAs snow, and catchers availablegenerosity of gardeners and the “Donations of fruits and vegetables really they take up no garden space and can be canned products where some nutrients are the very first time. life. Anso CrushResister featuresencouragement of The Garden Writers make a difference in the fight against hunger, lost, will help in child development. Taking an objective look at how Allied Fibers’ unique, 100 percent Any way you play it, trimmed throughout the summer for food. your family lives is the first step in nylon cross-bonding technology,Association of America (GWAA), a and that is a tribute to those gardeners that making the right carpet choice. Put which creates a clean surface appear- Rabideau Farm Store Remember, the smallest donations help in thegroup of 1,300 journalists interested in support this program.” yourself through an initial “lifestyle ance and helps the carpet bounce back 6080 E. Cass City Rd., Cass City, MI 48726 fight against hunger, so whatever planting So come August, when the tomatoes are interview” and ask yourself questionshorticulture. under foot traffic. lngersol’ 5 17-872-26 I6 m-Ulk,MdHl”I! Inn T , r h ~ m m r d o c . l , r b r t r r l d R r u r r u l C - Getting the Most out of Your Garden style you prefer to generate f d is the one red and the green beans are ready to eat, pick - much as a professional designer Another shopping tip for extending V “We want to send the message to each you should stick with. the row designated for the hungry, You’re would a s k - such a s “ I n which carpet-life: 3 u y good quality cushion. -- Planting one extra row will take up a very rooms do I spend most of my time?” It absorbs foot-traffic impact, insulates Igardener that their contributions can really likely to find that your garden once again has Imake a difference,” says Jeff Luwenfels, small area in the garden. The following are some helpful tips on getting the most out of After You’ve Planted provided an abundance of f even after the d and “Do I prefer a casual or formal home environment?” against cold and noise, and makes for a more comfortable walking surface Chronicle Liners iIpresident of the GWAA. “Garden writers Almost all cities and towns have a food donation. Plus, you’ll have that extra Once you’ve identified these - and it can add years to the life ofacross the country are already helping to get the space you have. program for the hungry. Many are sponsored satisfaction that you can only get f o rm lifestyle concerns, you can factor them into the ultimate objective of creating your carpet. STYLISH OPTIONS - “The Joy of rk Like Magic! I Once the carpeting has been by churches, synagogues, the Salvation Army sharing with others. the right mood for the room or area ordered, I t ’ s a good idea to plan for the Designing with Carpet” is a beau- j you’re carpeting. And that’s where delivery: do any painting or wallpaper- tifuly photographed, full color 16- Turn a few color plays a critical role. ing first, find out whose responsibility page guide which provides dozens I “The Joy of Designing with Carpet” it is to move the furniture and whether of proven design tips that will help Cass City Chronicle I recommends choosing a color scheme the installer will remove any old car- you select the right carpet and I that feels best to you and also cornple- peting; trim door bottoms if necessary decorate w i t h confidence. For 6550 Main St., Cass City ments the room’s function. I t also 10 allow them to swing freely over rhe your free copy, call Allied Fibers at i explains how dark colors create a cozy new carpet. 1- 800-545 - A M 0. Phone 872-2010 bucks intoa I SIMPSON EXCAVATING SPRING PLANTING TIME IS NEARaam We provide the “Thumb Area” with all your ‘,emin. Greater %um6” a Deere. the landscape, gardening and lawn needs. Start planning for years of enjoyment and contentment SPECIALIZING IN: Give us your ideas and we will furnish the rest!! t Complete Design and Planting Service Grounds Maintenance .Sand Brick Walkways and Patios *Top Soil Retaining Walls Shrub and Tree Pruning *Gravel Our Garden Center offers an array of: Waterlines d Deciduous and Evergreen Trees @Septic d Perennials d Flowering Shrubs d Shredded Bark Mulch HOME 8 GARDEN FEATURES *Basernents r/ Bulbs for Spring & Fall Planting SHARETHEHAR~-MakeadifferencethisyearbyjohiqtheGardenWritersAssociatioa / Stark Bros. Fruit Trees of Amerism and E s Gardeoer i supprthg Plant a Row for the Hungry. Simply plant an extra ay n d Fertilizers row o vegetables and bring the food to a nearby soup kitchen or hmeless shelter. f d Specializing in Hardy Roses Our newest addition to the business is our Lawn Care The STXS8 with 3ancutting deck and a 12.5-hp engine. Cast iron tubs stillpopular *Demolition Division. This service ufiers fertilization, weed and insect control for your lawn as well as for trees and shrubs. . - How many household products can Co., the nation’s major producer o cast f you think of that were made 30, 40 or iron plumbingware. 50 years ago, that are still in use today Because the enamel is a glass surface and looking good besides? Give up? Try a cast iron bathtub. which has been fused to the cast iron at extremely high temperatures, the finish FREE 4 DS RUNSLIKE DEE=.@ NOTHING A Millions have been installed since the tum of the century and are still used every has a high luster that retains its gloss through repeated scrubbings. In addi- ESTIMATES Open Sunday 1-5 p.m. 4-23-95 thm 6-18-95 day. These venerable baths owe their tion, independent tests have shown that longevity to their cast irm construction. the heavy enamel fmish on cast iron is Cast iron is one of the strongest less likely than enameled steel to chip, materials known, with a long-lasting when subjected to direct impact. beauty that comes from its thick enam- Its time-tested durability makes cast el coating, according to T m O’Comer, i iron an excellent choice for a big manager, Bathing Products, for Kohler investment like a whirlpool. FH920873