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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Master Gardeners, Cobb County, Georgia


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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Master Gardeners, Cobb County, Georgia

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Master Gardeners, Cobb County, Georgia

  1. 1. Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County Plant-A-Row ProjectProject Location: Kennesaw Gardens, 3007 Cherokee St. Kennesaw, GAProject Workday: Every Wednesday 9:00-11:00 A.M. (times may vary during the summer months)Project Chair: Ken Johnson ( 770-977-3277)Co-chairs: Amy Whitney (770-590-0813) ; Kim Baumert (770-794-5854)During the 1990’s MGVOCC maintained a founding stake holders in development andDemonstration Vegetable Garden located on County construction of Fountain Gate’s ambitious and wellServices Road. In 1999 this group changed their conceived project--- Fountain Gate focus and name to a Plant A Row for theHungry project under the banner and guidance of The objective of this four acre community garden isThe Garden Writers Association program of to use gardening and the garden’s planned facilitiesgardeners growing and donating produce to help for their therapeutic benefits, to provide a location forfeed America’s hungry. In 2006 the PAR garden was the PAR garden, and to offer Cobb County Masterrelocated to Kennesaw’s Smith-Gilbert Botanical Gardener gardening centered educational programsGarden. With Smith- Gilbert’s 13 acres, ready water for community gardeners and for the general, resources, and encouragement the garden These programs are conducted in the garden centerflourished, supplying 3,000 lbs of produce for the piece, a renovated 1880’s homestead.hungry in the 2011 growing season alone. With a new 5,000sqft garden, well laid out gardenHowever, for the 2012 season MGVOCC was forced beds fortified with many tons of mushroom compost,to relocate again because Smith-Gilbert needed the well mulched pathways with a purpose, brand newgarden space for a new project of its own. The tools and tool shed, MGVOCC gardeners began thetiming was perfect as MGVOCC was able to partner 2012 season with new enthusiasm and high hopeswith Fountain Gate Life and Wellness as one of the for the future of donating fruits of their efforts to Cobb County Center for Family Resources. The PAR garden leaders and other volunteers all enjoy the fun of gardening, the learning experiences and fellowship it provides and the overall satisfaction of providing food for those who really need and appreciate it. As Fountain Gate Gardens develops, Master Gardeners will also have the opportunity to participate in the planning of the complete community gardening area, children’s garden, walking trails, and other garden features, and facilities. The past was great, but the future is indeed brighter yet for MGVOCC and their Plant A Row for the Hungry project. The mission of the MGVOCC is to advance the horticultural education and practices of its members and to promote the knowledge of and interest in gardening to the members and to the public.For more information contact Carolyn Gentry, Master Gardener Coordinator at the Cobb Extension. Phone: 770-528-4070