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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Junior Girl Scout Troop 1196


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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Junior Girl Scout Troop 1196

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Junior Girl Scout Troop 1196

  1. 1. Locally Grown What happens to Food = Healthy the food Food donations? Why is local food important to eat? Local food is important to Your fresh food donations are eat because it is healthier than given to those who do not havefood that has been grown across access to fresh foods. There are several drop-off locations for the nation. Why? First of all, in your ‘Plant a Row, Give a Row’ order for the food to arrive herefresh, it must be picked before it How to plant/care produce:is fully ripe. The earlier a plant is for seedlings and Western Wake Farmers’ Market picked before it is ripe, the less nutrients it contains. Another seeds (www.westernwakefarme reason is the longer a plant has to be trucked across the nation, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle the more nutrients it loses and 1. Get fresh soil. ( 2. Spread the soil on the Dorcas Ministries more pollution results. Local ground. ( food is also environmentally 3. Dig a small hole.friendly. It helps reduce trucking. 4. Plant the seed or Locally grown food is likely seedling in the hole. grown by a smaller farm or 5. Cover with soil. Can you donate sustainably grown farm. These 6. Water the plant every things are good to support! day. money instead? 7. When grown, harvest produce and donate at one of the locations Yes, you can donate money to listed this brochure. the above organizations and 8. The seedlings and they will purchase food for seeds can also be distribution. If you donate at planted in pots if you the Western Wake Farmers’ don’t have room for a Market, they will purchase garden. locally grown produce from the market vendors to donate.
  2. 2. Pass it along!! Collecting the seeds from your‘Plant a Row, Give a Row’produce and replanting themcan save money and is recyclingthe seeds. When you collect the ‘Plant a Row,seeds, you can replant them inpots or your garden and start Who are we? Give a Row’growing the plants again. Youcan also pass the seeds and this ‘Plant a Row, Give a Row’ isbrochure along to friends and your opportunity to donatefamily. By sharing this freshly grown food to thoseinformation, we can help to We are Junior Girl Scout Troop who don’t have access tobring healthy, fresh food to 1196 and we are working on our fresh food. By continuing to Bronze Award Project to help take care of the seedlings andthose in need! seeds you have been given fight hunger with fresh, healthy today, and donating that food food. If you would like to learn to those who are less more about our project, you can fortunate in having access to contact our leader at locally grown, fresh food, you You can will be helping our community also learn about how to educate in making a great change. our community on health, local Who can participate? Anyone foods and physical activity who wants to help can plant www.advocatesforhealthinaction the seeds and seedlings, even kids. It is a fun project for the .org. whole family!