Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food for People, Humboldt County, California


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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food for People, Humboldt County, California

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food for People, Humboldt County, California

  1. 1. Notes! enjoy Food Page 11 Page 9 Page 8 Page 7 Page 6resources supporters. We hope you Foundationlocal needs and communicating with our Solid Recipes! plan development you can do to helplearning about Sustaining a New Delicious towards disaster Help Wanted!--Learn whatMeeting-- primary way of Supporting and New Cook, -FFP takes stepsPantry Network This newsletter is our 800 Club- New Space, Disaster Planning- Page 5 with the Gleaning Program page 3 Harvest, Help, and Learn Page 4 Awards--honoring local heros 2007 Hunger Fighter Hero to Eat Page 4 15th Annual NALC Food Drive Letter Carriers Food Drive-- has Enough Page 3 and help local residents in need Every Day Plant a Row for the Hungry!-- Page 2 Every Child, which to help recycling, there are many ways in Donation--From planned giving to Thoughtful Ways to make a Making Sure News Inside (707) 445-3166 Eureka, CA 95501 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 307 West 14th Street 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 for Humboldt County 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 307 W. 14th Street 8765432109876543210987654321 Eureka, CA 95501 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 The Food Bank 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 Food Notes 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 Food for People, Inc. 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 The Newsletter of 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 the Food Bank for Humboldt County 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 Notes 8765432109876543210987654321 Published by Food for People, 876543210987654321098765432 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 1 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 8765432109876543210987654321 PAID U.S. Postage Food Permit No. 159 2007 Non-Profit Org. Eureka CA 95501 Summer
  2. 2. Page 2 Food NotesMission Statement: Co-Op RegisterFood for People is working to eliminate hunger and improve the healthand well-being of our community though access to healthy and nutritiousfoods, community education, and advocacy. Thoughtful Ways DonationBoard of Staff: Anne Holcomb, Executive Director to Make a ProgramDirectors:Barbara O’Neal, Jyl Barnett, Community Education and Outreach Coordinator Donation Choose number President Rebecca Breksa, 80,003Felicia Oldfather, Treasurer Direct Distribution Coordinator Support Tell the scale operator when checking out at theSandi Paris Art Brown, Driver Caitlin Collings, Food for that you would like to credit account # Secretary Volunteer Coordinator PeopleBen Fairless Mary Darcy, Child While you 109 1% will be added to yourBob Holcomb Nutrition Coordinator bill and donated toAlma Lehtonen Katie Harbaugh, VISTA Teresa Hruschak, Admin Assistant Recycle! Food for PeopleDenise Vanden Bos Jamie Lamers, VISTA Jennifer Rishel, Fund Development Director Tyler Smith, Community Food Programs Coordinator Chris Wisner, Operations Manager Wish Vehicle Needs •Fuel for VansLife is a Gift. . . Barbara Zollener, Bookkeeper List Building Needs •New Linoleum Floor •Tune-Up Service for Vans •New Tires for Vans Leave more than Memories. . . in Women’s Room •Cell Phone plus Distribution Supplies and Distribution Areas Monthly Service Create a Legacy •Clean Brown Paper •Roof Insulation for •Pager North Coast Legacy is a public awareness effort to or Plastic Grocery Warehouse Dry promote charitable giving. Whether you use a will or an Bags *Urgent Need* Storage Area Garden Supplies •Cases of Ensure (may •Chain Link Fence for •Harvesting Knives estate planning vehicle, your generosity can change so not be past date) •Ladders (4) Parking Lot many lives. The time to prepare these documents is •Outdoor Changeable •Pitchfork now. North Coast Legacy was created to work with Services •Stakes Sign that can be our local nonprofit groups and professional advisors •Newsletter Sponsorship •Trowels Mounted on our in encouraging individuals to make charitable •Free/Low Cost ISP Building to Announce •Janitorial Service bequests. Food Drives and •Volunteer Drivers Kitchen Every day, thousands of North Coast residents other Special Events benefit from local charities. These nonprofit organizations give so Other •Sturdy Folding •New or like-new skillet, •Gifts to recognize the Chairs cookie sheets, set of mixingmuch to our community - from helping senior citizens to providing hard work of our •Carpet Shampooer bowls with covers, set ofmentors for children, to funding the arts, to supporting research in the kitchen knives, plastic food volunteers such as movie •Commercialfight against deadly diseases. But they cant operate if we dont give storage containers with lids. tickets, special discounts Dishwasherback. Their vital work needs money to support it. and gift certificates Chances are, you already donate a generous portion of yourincome to the public benefit organizations of your choice. But have you Wish List items increase our efficiency and ability to supply food and essentialconsidered including those organizations in your will so that you can services to our neighbors in need. If you would like to donate any of the following items, please contact Jennifer Rishel at 445-3166 x 306 orcontinue to make a difference for generations to come? North Coast can help you start this rewarding process. If you would like more information about how to support Foodfor People through the North CoastLegacy program, please contact Jennifer Credit Card DonationsRishel at 707-445-3166 x306 or via Food for People is now able to process secure Visa andemail at Local Mastercard donations, as well as set automatic monthly/coordinator Lisa McCombs can also quarterly donations through our pledge and donationsprovide information and assistance and forms. You may also make a secure credit card donationcan be reached at 707-442-2993 or via on our website:email at Just click on the icon!
  3. 3. Summer 2007 Page 3 Making Sure News Briefs Every Child, Every Day Plant a Row has Enough to Eat for the Hungry! Food for People would like to invite Food for People’s No More Hungry Kids Campaign local gardeners to Plant a Row for the Hungry.encompasses three child nutrition programs: Backpacks for Kids, Plant a Row for the Hungry is a national foodAfterschool Snack, and the Children’s Summer Lunch program. recovery program founded in 1995. GardenersOur county’s future is closely tied to the health of our families and farmers are asked to plant an extra row andand meeting basic nutritional needs is the first step to raising healthy donate any excess produce to Food For People.children. Food for People is committed to helping children get These fruits and vegetables will be given to areathe good solid nutrition they need to prosper, learn and grow into residents in need.the future leaders of our community. Any residents living in outlying areas may The campaign is generously sponsored by: America’s directly drop off any excess produce at their localSecond Harvest, Green Diamond Resource Company, Humboldt food pantries. Gardeners with large donations,Area Foundation, Humboldt Sponsors, HSU Student Athletic an orchard of apples for example, may call KatieAdvisory Committee, Humboldt Trinity Real Estate, Mel and Harbaugh at 445-3166 ext:312 for help withGrace McLean Foundation, Northcoast Coop, Patricia and harvesting. Due to the price of fuel however,William Smullin Foundation, Suddenlink Communications, St. those with smaller donations are asked to dropJoseph Health System of Humboldt County, Union Labor Health off produce at Food for People, or at the closestFoundation and many individual caring community members. food pantry. Those with fruit trees can donateBackpacks for Kids Program blemished fruit that is otherwise edible. Once The Backpacks for Kids Program works to bridge the harvested, donations can be dropped off at 307 Food For People sees the biggest W. 14th St. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mondaynutritional gap for school children who rely on school meals as increase in requests for assistancetheir primary source of nutrition. Food for People staff works in through Friday. More information on the Plant during the summer months. Thepartnership with school personnel to identify children who are a Row program can be found at: http:// majority of these requests come fromgoing hungry, or who are at risk for going hungry, over the families who are struggling to provide More informationweekend and during school vacations. Each Friday during the extra meals for their children once on Food Bank programs and local area pantriesschool year, students are sent home with a backpack filled with school is out. can be found at: meals and snacks including milk, whole grain cereal,fresh fruit, peanut butter, tuna, canned soups, macaroni & cheese, granola bars and 100% fruit juice. Foodsincluded are determined by availability and USDA nutritional guidelines, as well as parents’ and children’sexpressed preferences. This year marked our first year as a sponsor of the Backpacks for Kids Program. Food for Peopleserved children at 3 different pilot sites in Willow Creek, Fortuna and Eureka. During the 2006-2007 school Thank You for Your Generosityyear, 2941 backpacks were distributed. and Support of the Plant a Row Judy Alvarez, an AmeriCorps member working at South Fortuna Elementary School, saw first hand Program and the Eurekathe positive impact this program. “I have witnessed Community Garden!how the food backpack program has served as abridge between needy families and the school *Sherwood Forestcommunity. The families I come in contact with arevery thankful for the program because the community *Shafers Ace Hardwareof Fortuna is very limited on its food resources. . .the *Humbodt Waste Managementprogram helps decrease the stress that parents *Mad River Gardensexperience when they live with the effects of poverty. *Miller FarmsWhen parents no longer have to endure the burden of *The Farm Storeworrying about feeding their children, they can begin *Fortuna Feed & Gardento take the necessary steps to get connected to vitalresources such as counseling, parenting classes and *Sylvandale Gardensjob readiness programs that will help their family move *Piersons Garden Shop & Nurserytoward self-sufficiency.” Students at Alice Birney Elementary School leaving for home Friday after receiving their food Backpacks continued on p. 8
  4. 4. Page 4 Food NotesThank You Letter 2007 Hunger Fighter Hero Awards Carriers! On Thursday June 7th Food for People honored some very special people for their efforts to help end hunger here in Humboldt County. They were recognized as part of the annual “Hunger Fighter Hero” awards, Food for People would like to extend its which are designed to honor those individuals and organizations that have made a commitment to help endwarmest thanks to some very special businesses and hunger in Humboldt County through their engagement in community education and hunger relief activities. Thisindividuals who helped make the 15th annual National year’s awards were presented to:Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive on May12th a success. First and foremost, a huge thank you The Willow Creek Kiwanisto all the Letter Carriers throughout the county who for their ongoing commitmentpicked up hundreds of extra pounds of groceries to the Willow Creek Foodalong their routes and dropped them off at local food Pantry and the Backpacks forpantries or the Food Bank to help feed local people Kids program. Club membersin need. Special thanks also go to John Raycraft and pick up the food for bothTony Roth from the Eureka Main Post Office for programs at Food for Peoplecoordinating the effort and to media sponsors KIEM in Eureka and transport it toNews Channel 3, KHUM/KSLG Radio and Willow Creek, a 100 mileRedwood Broadcasting for getting the word out. We round trip. No one canappreciate the willingness of the Country Club Market remember exactly when theon Humboldt Hill, Murphy’s Market in Cutten, John’s Kiwanis assumed coordinationCigars Shopping Center and the Safeways at Eureka of the Willow Creek foodMall and Harris and Harrison to serve as remote drop pantry, but it has been at leastpoints for the Letter Carriers. Volunteers Gail 7 years since they startedJohnson, Tahme Clark, Phyllis Coy, John Gahn and picking up the food in EurekaGlen and Nancy Pritchard helped them unload and and assembling and distributingkept in touch with us thanks to donated cell phones food boxes to local residentsfrom Sprint PCS. in need on a monthly basis. 2007 Hunger Fighter Hero Award winners (left to right) John Smith, It takes a lot of volunteers to help unload, This year, Kiwanis Zoe Barnum TOP Students, FFP Executive Director Anne Holcomb,sort and box the thousands of pounds of donated members expanded their and Bob Lazelle (Willow Creek Kiwanis not pictured)food as it rolls in over the course of the day, and we commitment when theycould never have done it without all the great volunteered to deliver food for the Backpacks for People’s best advocates in the community and solicitsvolunteers who stepped forward to lend a hand. Kids Program. Kiwanis members deliver the food to gifts for outstanding volunteers as well as donationsVolunteers from Youth Exchange Services, Boy Scout the Willow Creek Community Resource Center where of food and services to support food bank programs.Troop #27, the members of the California volunteers assemble it into backpacks for distribution Bob’s big heart and his commitment to the communityConservation Corps, Eureka High School Naval to 25 children in need at Trinity Valley Elementary are an inspiration for all who meet him. School. The support provided by the Kiwanis makes continued on p. 10 it possible for Food for People to serve this rural Zoe Barnum Transitional Opportunity Program community cost-effectively, and helps to ensure that Teacher John Smith and Students have been the children will return to school on Mondays ready volunteering the first Thursday of every month for the to learn. Eureka Senior Brown Bag Day for over 4 years. The students partner with seniors and other volunteers to Bob Lazelle was honored for being a shining example assist with sorting produce, assembling bags, carrying of “compassion in action”. He is well-known bags to waiting cars, distributing boxes for the throughout the community for his volunteer work in a Commodity Supplemental Food Program and clean wide variety of local organizations, and puts his up. When they go back to the classroom, they have commitment into action at Food for People daily. Bob an opportunity to reflect on their experiences through assembles emergency food boxes, assists with Senior journal writing and discussion. Teacher John Smith Brown Bag distributions and USDA eligibility also incorporates lessons about hunger, living with certification, and weighs, sorts and boxes incoming limited means, and making healthy choices. He often donations of food. He knows what it’s like to work follows up with a mini cooking class, focusing on hard and live on limited means, and always takes time inexpensive, healthy foods the students could make Volunteers work quickly to organize the thousands for a few quiet words of encouragement for food bank on their own. The overarching goal of the program is of pounds of food brought in by incoming Letter clients and staff alike. Bob is also one of Food for to encourage students to become involved in their Carrier trucks community through community service.
  5. 5. Summer 2007 Page 5 Harvest, Help, and Learn with the News Briefs Gleaning Program Soup Bowl Sunday A n n e by Joel Singer Holcomb, By volunteering with Food for People’s ExecutiveGleaning Program, I have had the wonderful Directoropportunity to harvest produce from a local farm in Making Our Community receives asome beautiful Humboldt County sunshine, meet some check fromfun and caring volunteers, make a positive contribution Stronger and Healthier Emily Johnsonto my community and learn a thing or two about Thanks to Your Support! Pinces. Emilyfarming. and Zoe Ziegler (not pictured) hosted “Soup When I first learned about the program from Bowl Sunday” fundraiser at the First Arcata Educational I and I FarmsKatie – (coordinator of Food for People’s Gleaning Congregational Church in Eureka. The girls Farm Little River FarmProgram), I was encouraged and enthused to hear Camp Grant Ranch Mycality Mushrooms (along with their mothers) made White Beanthat there are local farmers donating to the Food Bank Chad Creek Produce Neukom Farm Rosemary and Potato Leek soups. Ingredientsand working to enhance the wealth and health of the College of the Nita Hulbert were donated by Wildberries, Murphy’scommunity. Redwoods Ocean Air Farm Market in Cutten and the Eureka Ray’s. The Food Bank collects donated food for Educational Farms Paul Lohsepeople in need in Humboldt County. Last year, withthe generosity of local growers and the aid of Double J & J Produce Earth N’ Hands Pierce Family Farm Potawot Farm 400 lbs of Salmonvolunteers an estimated 17,633 lbs of fresh fruits and Fieldbrook Orchard River Bar Farms Mid May, Food for People received a donation G Farms Small Fruits of approximately 400 pounds of salmon fromvegetables was either donated or gleaned. It is likely Gratefully Grown Welton Orchardthat with the aid of additional helping hands that even the California Department of Fish and Game Green Fire Farm Willow Creek Farmmore can be contributed to programs like Backpacks Eureka Marine Region. The fish was caughtfor Kids and Homebound Delivery—two great by boats trolling for hake. Per their exempted fishing permits, the boats are required to retain all the “bycatch” for collection of biological data. “I was interested in learning more Program because I was interested in learning more Food for People usually receives 5-7 salmon about farming, and I did not need about farming, and I did not need any prior experience any prior experience with farming in with farming in order to start volunteering. Additionally, I was interested in donating my time and order to start volunteering.” energy to a program that I knew would respect and value the time that I had to offer. This is one of theservices that the Gleaning Program supports in addition busiest times of the year for the Gleaning Programto the Food for People’s monthly food boxes. and they are always grateful to have additional aid There are many ways that one can support throughout the season. If you are interested inFood for People, but I was drawn to the Gleaning volunteering or just want to learn more about the program you can contact Katie – by phone: (707) 445-3166 ext. 312 or email If you would like to Stewart and Starck filleting salmon at FFP make a donation to Humboldt County’s Food Bank they are located at 307 W. 14th St. in Eureka and you bycatch per week during this fishing season. The are welcome to drop by anytime Monday through larger donation allowed the food bank to share Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. the fresh salmon with the North Coast Stand Volunteering for the Food Bank has proven Down, St. Vincent de Paul, Arcata Endeavor to be an enriching and rewarding experience. I would and the Eureka Rescue Mission. encourage anyone interested in cultivating a healthier Assemblymember Patty Berg sent two of her and more affluent community to take advantage of local field representatives, Connie Stewart and the opportunity to participate in this fantastic program Nancy Starck to help fillet the salmon for the and make a difference with Food for People. North Coast Stand Down. “Patty is a supporter Volunteer Joel Singer and Gleaning Coordinator of the Stand Down, and this is one of the ways Katie Harbaugh glean strawberries at Susan we want to help out,” said Stewart. Bicknaw’s farm in Hydesville.
  6. 6. Page 6 Food Notes Help Wanted! Volunteer Opportunities!Food for People needs your help! The food bank is an extremely busy place, and we would not be able to keep up without the help of our loyal volunteers. If you havea bit of time and would like to help provide food for our low-income friends and neighbors, please contact us! You’d be providing a valued service while reapingtremendous personal rewards. Each month, over 200 volunteers donate their time and talents across our many programs. That is the equivalent of over 7 full-timepositions and conservatively, a savings of $114,600 annually to Food for People. Whether you’re an individual or representing a group, we have opportunitiesfor you to get involved! Food Bank Workers - An average Donation Pick up Drivers - People of 1100 households (2800 individuals) with small trucks, vans or station wagons come in to the food bank over the course are needed for a variety of local pickups of the month to pick up a food box. Food and deliveries. This can include picking distribution days are Wednesdays and up donated food from local supermarkets Fridays, 52 weeks a year. Tasks we need and bakeries in Eureka, or trips to local help with on a daily basis include sorting farms to pick up donations of produce. donated baked goods and produce, The schedule varies depending on the site conducting client interviews, assembling (daily, weekly, monthly, on call) but we’ll and distributing food boxes, assisting with do our best to find something that works receptionist duties, general maintenance with your schedule. duties, etc. Receptionist - The front desk is a busy place at the food bank, as clients call in Providing Food for Seniors and for appointments for food boxes, mail is People with Disabilities - delivered, etc. We can’t afford a paid Large bags of groceries are distributedreceptionist at present, and must rely on volunteers to answer the phone, take once a month to homebound disabledmessages, field basic questions from the public and schedule walk-in clients. persons under the age of 60 and lowRetirees and people on disability who are not working have found this a great way income seniors. These food distributionsto get out of the house and be part of a team that is making a difference in the take place in several communities (Arcata,community. Of course folks of all ages and abilities are welcomed. Eureka, McKinleyville, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Redway, Blue Lake, Orick, Trinidad, etc.)Driver Assistant - Ever wonder what it looks like “behind the scenes” at your countywide. Volunteers are needed tolocal grocery store? Ever wanted to get a look at how food is made by local assemble bags, help unload the van at themanufacturers? Then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! Help our Van community sites and assist with the deliveryDriver on his daily pick up route, collecting generous donations from local stores of prepared bags. Almost three hundredand food manufacturers. Must be able to commit to at least one morning per bags are delivered to folks who areweek, and able to lift 30-50 pounds. homebound or who have no transportation. They really appreciate the“Iron Chef” - If you like to cook and get excited about the challenge of home delivery service and the smiling faces that bring the bags to their door!preparing a healthy meal from an ever-changing array of ingredients, we have just Continued p. 7the job for you! Food for People provides a meal for our volunteers on Wednesdaysand Fridays. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for the time our volunteerscontribute, and it also helps keep volunteers “on site” as we prepare for a busy Thank youafternoon distributing food boxes. The meal is served from 11-11:30 for an averageof 12-20 volunteers and staff.Gleaners- Local farms are a wonderfulsource of donated produce for the FoodBank. Volunteers are needed to help pick Humboldt Trinity Real Estatethe produce, which can include apples, kale, Northern California Homes -- Lands -- Investmentssquash, tomatoes, beans etc. The greatestneed for help is in the late spring and summer No More Hungry Kids Campaign Sponsormonths.
  7. 7. Summer 2007 Page 7Volunteer Opportunities (continued) Disaster PlanningGroup Activities- ConferenceThere are some tasks that occur on a less regular basis by Anne Holcombthat require larger groups of volunteers. It’s a great The images of New Orleans post-hurricanesopportunity for your church, civic group or youth group to were terrifying to those of us who watched from alend a hand and work as a team. These task include: distance. They demonstrated how powerless we asFood Drives - Donated food must be sorted and individuals can feel in the face of a disaster of suchboxed when it is returned to the Food Bank. This usually magnitude, and how flawed many of our assumptionstakes several hours on the day of the food drive. Food were about who would be available to help and howdrives occur in December around the holidays and in May, forthcoming that help would be. The giant lessonwhen the annual letter carriers’ food drive occurs. learned through this experience was just howBusinesses and other groups often stage their own food important disaster preparedness is at all levels, whetherdrives around events or other promotions. we are dealing with hurricanes, floods, flu pandemics, tornadoes, fire or earthquakes.Bulk Mailing - Food for People Staff prepare all of On May 24th and 25th I had the opportunityour own newsletters, program flyers and direct mail to attend a conference on disaster preparednessfundraising materials “in-house.” Volunteers are needed sponsored by America’s Second Harvest. There wasto help us collate, label and prepare everything for mailing. an enormous amount of information crammed into theIt’s repetitive but easy “sit down” work. two day conference and much of it was based onCleaning Days - The Food Bank distributes over 1.6 million pounds lessons learned from Katrina. Representatives fromof food per year, and keeping the facility and our equipment clean is an ongoing food banks in the Gulf Coast that were severelytask. Tasks include power washing milk crates used to transport food, painting tables and shelves, scrubbing damaged or destroyed and/or played a key role inkitchen cabinets, sweeping and scrubbing floors in the warehouse and walk-in cooler, sweeping the parking relief efforts were on hand to share their stories alonglot, washing vans, etc. with representatives from the national offices of America’s Second Harvest, the American Red Cross If you have a particular interest or talent, or just lots of energy and and the Salvation Army. enthusiasm to share, please call us! We can always find something for you As members of our local VOAD – Volunteer and your group to do. Contact Caitlin Collings at 445-3166 x310 and let Organizations Active in Disaster – Food for People will be expected to play a key role in the event of a her know which volunteer activities interest you the most! All volunteers disaster here in Humboldt County. That’s why we willcomplete an application and receive an orientation to Food for People and be working on the development of our own training specific to the volunteer activity. comprehensive disaster preparedness plan in the coming months. One of the key points emphasized repeatedly in the training was the importance of personal preparedness and cross training of staff. IfWe Couldn’t Do it Without YOU... we aren’t prepared at home, it will be difficult for us 15% 1% 3% 18% 12% to provide assistance for the community. Fortunately, For January through May of 2007, volunteer averages are 2% our local chapter of the American Red Cross has been as follows... 8% % gearing up to provide training for community 5% 47% organizations and has developed training that includes -An average of 170 volunteers/month an overview of the role of disaster service workers -Putting in an average of 1,355 hrs/month 18% during a major disaster; personal and family -In approximately 9 different program areas 3% 60% preparedness for employees; modes of disease Fundrasing transmission and preventative practices; and shelter Fundraising Brown Bag Brown Bag The total number of volunteer hours in the first five months Backpacks Direct Distribution Backpacks Direct Distribution in place guidelines. Our staff is looking forward to of 2007 equal 6777 hours. That time is equivalent to Gardening & Gleaning Gardening & Gleaning working with Linda Nellist, Director of Community Homebound $50,828 if volunteers were working at minimum wage. Homebound Warehouse Warehouse Education Programs for the Red Cross to make sure This comes to a monthly average of $10,166 worth of Nutrition & Food Stamp Outreach Nutrition & Food Stamp Outreach we are prepared if and when the time comes. We donated time. Of course, we think our volunteers have a Average number of Average number of encourage everyone in the community to do the same. much higher value than that of minimum wage and volunteers used by volunteer hours per For more information, contact the Red Cross at 443- therefore those numbers should be much higher. each program. program. 4521 or visit their website at
  8. 8. Page 8 Food Notes Every Child, Every Day continued from p. 3 In a letter of support, Dale Stockly, Principal with a $20,000 grant from America’s Second Harvestof South Fortuna Elementary School noted, “The that made it possible for us to set up the program anddemographics of our community have changed serve an average of 125 children/week. Unfortunately,dramatically in the past ten years. (The number of only a fraction of that amount is available for the 2007-district children qualifying for) Our free and reduced 2008 school year, with sponsors nationwidelunch program has risen from 8% to 78%. We serve competing for limited funds. The cost for backpacksbreakfast and lunch at South Fortuna Elementary food for an entire school year is about $200-$250School. These two nutritious meals for many of our per child.students is their only food for the day. You look at Looking to the community, we already haveyour students and wonder how they will fare over the a commitment from the Fortuna Sunrise Rotary Clubweekend. The Backpacks for Kids Program has been members who are eager to participate in the programa special gift to our community. Our students now officials, we also received great feedback from for the upcoming school year. Erin Dunn, President-have one less worry! They know there will be food program participants and their parents. “I struggle as elect wrote, “Fortuna Sunrise feels it is a vital servicein their home for the weekend. The students have a single mother with two children,” wrote Susan (name for our community as hunger is a silent menace in theresponded to the Backpack Program in a very positive changed for privacy). “I work seven days a week Eel River Valley. We would like to expand yourway. Student attendance has improved, on task and I don’t get to see my children that much. So current program, now in place at South Fortunabehavior has improved, and their social interactions when I do see my kids, it’s nice not to stress on food. Elementary, to the Fortuna Middle School.” The clubare much more positive.” Improved attendance rates With the backpacks they send home with my daughters, members have applied for grant funds in addition towere also noticed at the other two pilot sites. we have milk and cereal when I can’t afford it. It their monetary donation in order to increase the At Food for People, we feel gratified in really does help my family, so I know it helps others.” number of children served. They have also made ahearing about all the wonderful and tangible benefits Food for People is currently looking for commitment to pick up the food and assemble andseen after just nine months as a new sponsor of the funding to continue this program in the Fall of 2007, deliver the backpacks to the new site weekly, whichBackpacks for Kids program. Along with school when kids return to school. The program was started helps minimize operating costs. They will be following continued on p. 10 New Space, New Cook, New Delicious Recipes! by Jaime Lamers Imagine standing in front of a room of 20 to cook nutritiously on a tight budget. Karen has had mother’s tricks that have stood the test of baking time.attentive individuals, all waiting to see if you will tell other opportunities to teach for people using higher Each participant will receive a free bag of foodthem something that they haven’t already been doing end ingredients, but she says “who wants to teach for attending. To sign up for the class, please contactfor 30 years. You have a list of ingredients to utilize, about using truffle oil, when there are many other, much Jamie Lamers or Jyl Barnett at Food for People atbut most of the items don’t make any sense together. more practical ingredients and students out there.” 445-3166. Please do not contact the Co-Op withThe list includes frozen ground beef, grapefruit juice, Food for People has held monthly cooking questions, as the class is run through Food for People.canned corn, canned plums and white rice. Your goal classes for a few years now, but weis to put these items together in a few dishes that will have just made the move into thetaste great, cost little, and still be healthy. Luckily, Eureka Co-Op’s community kitchenyou’ve known for about a week that these ingredients and utilized the help of a professionalwould be designated for USDA commodities this chef. The kitchen space is large enoughmonth through the food bank and you’ve come to teach 20-25 students with all of theprepared. Even luckier, perhaps, is the fact that you proper kitchen items needed to makehave worked as a head chef for 32 years and this is 3 to 4 dishes each class using USDAjust like another day at the office. commodities and local donation items Every month Food for People holds cooking that the food bank receives. Theclasses for low income individuals in the community participants look forward to thekitchen space at the Eureka Co-op. Our dedicated monthly class as a way to learn newand highly skilled volunteer teacher, Karen Phillips, is cooking tricks and also to sharethe former head chef at the Downtown Express Café knowledge of their past kitchenin Eureka and excels in situations such as the one experiences. Young and old alikedescribed above. She has recently retired from the discuss their experiences dealing withformal business of cooking and catering and has moved diabetes diets, cutting down on fat Professional Chef, Karen Phillips artfully combines USDAon to other passions, such as helping others learn how content, vegetarian alternatives, or commodity foods.
  9. 9. Summer 2007 Page 9 The 800 Club Supporting and Sustaining a Solid Financial Foundation In 1981, Food for People staff figured that if 800 community members donated $5 per month, our financial needs would bemet--hence the birth of the 800 Club! 25 years later, Food for People continues to help many more of our friends and neighbors inneed throughout the county. With our present operating budget, 800 people donating $20 a month will provide us with the solidfinancial foundation that would enable us to focus more fully on the needs of our community. 1 June 200 6 Here is For m invo any yea Bank,” to you. What Some lv as I ed with s, I was r D ear “Foodwill be my last checkill direct c dem onducte Food for closely This n and w g to Orego tever corresponds 800 Club basi onst d ratio cookin People vin We are mo utions to wha unity. Members s. reas Upon h s on a m n g our contribrvice in our new commed to send i o e them ns why aring th onthly to your se 25 years we have tred. It’s a Have to s p cont elves at eople fo e For gross ri The bute on FFP, I w nd u w hatever we of buying a bit of you 1% of e discovered, r your Say 8 auto 00 club a re gula anted to way , we’v ouls. Thank you fo m my c atic con nd the a r ba sis. rs peace in ou peace. redit tribu -but easy c for m ard acc ion from t part i n our ontinue to do well- nized e to ou May you ct be great if we orga food do s nt make o. it ldn’t i eed a better, wou y so no one would n -Kat hy E our econom mbe rtson bank? our ly , and with Respectfulregards, warmest for privacy Being an 800 Club member is an easy, held effective way for you to address the needs in our Name with e, CA M cKinleyvill community year round. There is no minimum monthly donation, nor is there a maximum! Your Donation Is Important! Yes! I would like to join the 800 Club by making a Though I do not wish to join the 800 Club at this time, I do support monthly donation of $_____ your efforts. Here is my donation for: quarterly donation of $_____ $200 ____ $100 _____ $50 _____ $25 _____ $ ______ Please send me a packet of pre-addressed envelopes I’m enclosing a check payable to Food for People. Please charge my credit card monthly/quarterly Please charge my donation to the credit card below. Visa MasterCard Signature__________________ ___ I would like to volunteer. Card #: ________________________ Exp. Date______________ Please have someone contact me. Name________________________ Street____________________________ Town, ZIP______________________ Phone______________ ___ We feel it is important to occasionally acknowledge our donors publicly. If you do not want your name mentioned, please check here. Food for People, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3). Donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Food for People, the Food Bank for Humboldt County, 307 W. 14th St. Eureka, CA 95501. (707) 445-3166.
  10. 10. Page 10 Food Notes Every Child, Every Day continued from p. 8 Letter Carriers continued from p. 4in the footsteps of the Willow Creek Kiwanis Club Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Humboldtand its members, who made it possible for us to serve Recovery Center, the Lee and Bonnie Brown House,children in that community by agreeing to transport and many other individuals contributed their time andthe food from the Food Bank to the Willow Creek talents on May 12th. Donated pizzas from PapaCommunity Resource Center, where it was packed Murphy’s, Domino’s, Round Table, Smug’s, Angelo’sinto backpacks by volunteers and delivered to the and Big Louie’s helped feed our fabulous It is just this sort of community spirit that makes Collectively, all these businesses and individuals madethe backpacks program work. it possible for us to collect a total of 26,882 pounds in Eureka and 47,466 pounds throughout the restAfterschool Snack Program of the county. The Afterschool Snack Program works with Food for People and its network of foodacademic, recreation and community after school pantries countywide rely on the food collected duringprograms in low-income neighborhoods or “pockets this annual drive to provide food boxes for those inof poverty” to serve a healthy snack to help bridge need in the coming months. The total number of Campers from Ross Park in Eureka enjoyingthe gap between lunch at school and dinner at home. pounds collected was down a bit this year compared free summer lunchesMany of the same sites serving snacks also participate to last, and some communities were more successfulin the Children’s Summer Lunch Program. “Victory Against Hunger” award, one of only 20 awarded nationwide. than others. The Letter Carriers reported that many In Rio Dell, the Community Resource Center of the households that typically donate said they justworked in partnership with school staff and volunteers The enormity of the day to day operations for the Children’s Summer Lunch Program, serving couldn’t afford to do so this which seems to be ato make sure that kids who needed snacks were able reflection of the health of our local economy. That’sto get them before going home. Consistently, they children at sites up to 120 miles apart, requires collaboration among many different organizations and why Food for People’s services are so important. Wewere serving snacks to over half of the kids at the would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyoneelementary and middle schools! During the 2006- individuals countywide. Each summer weekday, lunches are prepared at the Humboldt Senior throughout the county who donated nonperishable2007 school year, children in five cities ate food to help us sustain those efforts. We are proud to39,068 snacks. Resource Center by a team of intergenerational volunteers. Getting the lunches to the various sites be part of such a generous and caring community.Children’s Summer Lunch Program would not be possible Food for People has sponsored the Children’s without the help of UPS and Thank youSummer Lunch Program since 1997, and has helped Humboldt Transit Authority.the program grow from serving 3,500 lunches during They transport coolers full ofits first year to serving over 12,500 lunches in the lunches to remote sites thatsummer of 2006. This year, we are serving healthy we would not otherwiselunches to children at 18 sites, spread out from the have been able to serve.tiny community of Orick in the north to Redway in the Working together, UPS, thesouth, and Willow Creek and Bridgeville in the east. Humboldt Transit Authority,Food For People runs an excellent program that has several volunteers and onebeen recognized nationally for its efforts and Food for People staff personinnovation. In 2002, we received a Congressional drives an average of almost No More Hungry Kids Campaign Sponsor 600 miles per day, delivering lunches to the 18 distribution Children’s sites. Summer Lunch Kick-Off On Tuesday, June 26th, Food for People staff, board of directors, No More Hungry Kids Campaign sponsors and supporters kicked-off this year’s program at Ross Park in Eureka. At the celebration, Ross Park Campers received a free insulated lunch bag or jump rope (provided by USDA and Public Health’s “Eat more fruits and vegetables and be active” campaign) and enjoyed having balloon animals made by No More Hungry More Kids Campaign supporters local Balloon Artist Matthew Scott. Program sponsors, Food for People staff and and friends (left to Right) Melanie Williams, Anne Ross Park Campers participated in an outstanding juggling/comedy act by Ross Holcomb, Laura Olson (Humboldt Area Foundation), Caitlin Collings handing out Kathy Hayes (St. Joseph Humbodlt County), Tara jumpropes Mackinney. Sanders (HSRC) and Felicia Oldfather (BoD FFP)
  11. 11. Summer 2007 Page 11 Food for People Pantry Network Meeting News Briefs On Wednesday March 28th and MondayApril 1 Food for People hosted meetings with the st Bulk purchasing, developing relationships with local farmers and businesses and grant funding to support Senior Brown Bagfood pantries that comprise our countywide Food purchases were all discussed, with Food for People Program Turns 20!Pantry Network. The making a commitmentmeetings were held on to take the lead on Food for People is celebrating 20 yearstwo separate days to seeking grant funds to of sponsorship of the Senior Brown Bagaccommodate the diverse support bulk food Program, which provides a monthly bag ofschedules and locations of purchases. We will also groceries for 650 low income seniors at 15 sitesour pantries, which continue our efforts to countywide. Approximately half of the bags arestretch from Redway in provide more fresh delivered to the seniors by volunteers, who alsothe south to Orick in the fruits and vegetables enjoy checking in on them and hearing somenorth and Willow Creek through the Farm to pretty amazing life stories. The program isin the east. The majority Family and Donate funded by the California Department of Agingof the pantries are run by Don’t Dump and administered locally by the Area 1 Agencyvolunteers who give programs. on Aging. An average of 90 volunteers supportgenerously of their time to March 28th meeting included representatives from the The sessions the program at each of the sites by contributingprovide assistance to Mattole Valley Grange, Bridgeville, Willow Creek wrapped up with a over 160 hours/month of their time and talentslocal people in need. Kiwanis, Ferndale, Trinidad, Scotia - Bread for Life, presentation by Jyl to make sure the seniors don’t go without. TheSome are open for only Arcata and Eureka Seniors pantries Barnett, Community program was threatened with completea few hours once a month and distribute only the USDA Education and Outreach Coordinator, and Jamie elimination due to proposed budget cuts incommodity foods while others may be open several Lamers, our VISTA volunteer. Jyl provided an 2002 and 2003. The letter writing efforts ofdays a week and supplement the food boxes with overview of the nutrition education and food stamp many of the seniors served and their families,locally donated and/or purchased items. outreach activities she and Jamie have been working combined with excellent advocacy support from We don’t have an opportunity to get together on and Jamie passed around a sample of the resource the community, and especially Assemblyvery often, so there were several things we wanted to binder she has been developing for use at each site. Member Patty Berg, helped save the program.accomplish within our three hour time frame. Food The binder includes information on WIC, food stamps, Every dollar invested in the program generatesfor People wanted to learn more about the resource nutrition tips, recipes, essential resources for low $35 in donated goods and services.needs at each site, including the need for additional income households, etc. All sites have since receivedfood, volunteers and/or funding; we wanted to take their own binder and we look forward to theirthe preliminary steps to set up delivery service to the feedback on its usefulness.pantries utilizing our new truck; and we wanted to We can’t thank our Pantry Coordinators Thrill of the Grillreview the USDA guidelines to prepare each pantry enough for all that they do on behalf of their respectivefor upcoming site monitoring by a California communities! And we look forward to strengthening The Northcoast Coop supports Food forrepresentative of the USDA/Emergency Food the partnerships countywide that help keep those People in many ways including the RegisterAssistance Program. It was also a great opportunity communities healthy and strong. If you have ideas to Donation Program and the Cooperativefor our ever-creative and innovative pantry share or would like to help in some way, please don’t Community Fund. For the past three years,coordinators to share some of the ideas and strategies hesitate to contact us. the Northcoast Coop has hosted the “Thrill ofthey have come up with. The most desired foods are clearly main-dish the Grill” BBQ Benefit. The menu this year Food resources were a hot topic, as we’ve protein items and dairy products. The top seven items inlcuded grassfed beef hamburgers (donatedexperienced a 40% decline in the amount of USDA identified include: by Rancher Lee Moira), chicken hot dogs,commodities provided to our Food Bank, a decline portabella mushroom burgers, or the superthat is being experienced by food banks nationwide. Peanut Butter, Canned Meats/Fish, Beans, combo grassfed beef burger with a portabellaThis is obviously a significant concern for pantries that Bread/Tortillas, Soups/Stews/Chili, Milk (fresh or on top. The meal included chips and a naturalprovide only the USDA commodities. Participants at powdered), Cereal drink. This year the “Thrill of the Grill” raisedboth sessions helped brainstorm and prioritize a list Thanks to grant funds provided by the Union $950 to directly support Food for People’s Noof the most desired foods (see the list below) and Labor Health Foundation, we have been able to More Hungry Kids Campaign. Thediscussed the availability of local donations through provide extra produce for the pantries and at least Northcoast Coop is an important communityfood drives as well as donations from the community. one additional item per month from the list above. In partner to many organizations doing good workFood for People’s long term goal is to make the May we provided cereal and in June we provided in the community. Thank you Coop!availability of emergency and supplemental food more loaves of bread for all sites. We hope to expand theseequitable throughout the county. The challenge is to offerings in the future as funds permit.accomplish this without a significant increase in cost.