Landscape with Flowers, Grasses, Shrubs and Trees of Illinois


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Landscape with Flowers, Grasses, Shrubs and Trees of Illinois

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Landscape with Flowers, Grasses, Shrubs and Trees of Illinois

  1. 1. Why Natives 2012 Chapter Programs Native plants provide American heritage landscapes. Please check for updates and detailsThese plants evolved with our environment, which Italics = Field meeting All programs open to the publicmeans they do not require fertilizer, pesticides, or • 2011 in Review/Green Fire Moviewatering. Native plants provide food and habitat for Thu 1/23 7:00P CLLCwildlife. They also provide seasonal diversity, a • Conservation @ Home - Jim Kleinwachterpalette of colors, and a range of foliage. Native plants Thu 3/8 7:00P CLLCdo not require replanting like annual flowers. Natural • A Rose by Any Other Name – Jack Shouba Northern Kane County Chapterlandscaping can take the place of turf grass lawn; Thu 3/22 7:00P CLLCthus, reducing the task of mowing. •Tour of Karen Sherman’s Woodland & Wetland But, native plants do much more. They promote Gardens and Plant Exchangebiodiversity, which is critical to the web of life.Midwest topsoil was created by native prairie plants. Sat 4/28 10:00A 35W934 Highland Ave., Elgin •Garden Tour with Conservation @ Home Demo by LandscapeThese plants have an extensive root system thatallows Jim Kleinwachter Thu 5/24 6:00P 38W668 Ridgewood Lane, Elgin with flowers, shallow roots of Mary Alice Masonick common lawns • Plants of Concern Tour by Susanne Masi grasses, Sat 6/30 10:00A Dixie Briggs Conservation Area, Algonquin shrubs •Tour NENA Butterfly Garden with Medina Gross & Pat Hill and trees Sat 7/21 11:00A Corner of Douglas & Ann Streets, Elgin of Illinois • Butterflies with Jane Grillo-Butterfly Expert Thu 7/26 7:00P CLLC • Garden Tours Sat 8/18 10:00A Dave Poweleit – 5727 Breezeland Rd, C’Ville Jim Cudney – 35W503 Ridge Rd, Dundee June Keibler – 17N415 Ranch Rd, Dundee plus adjacent Snuffy’s Prairieallows them to reach down to depths over 8 feet to •ID Asters and Goldenrods with Barb Wilsonobtain water; thus, providing a means of survival Sat 9/22 10:00A Lake-in-the-Hills Fenthrough summer droughts. Their fibrous roots •Rain Garden Tour/Arrange Native Plantsnurture the soil and facilitate rainwater soaking into •Thu 10/25 6:30P Jean Muntz 38W580 Highland,the ground to recharge our supply of fresh water Elgin. At 7:45P meet at CLLC to arrange nativewhile preventing problems with run-off. plants in your own container. Make reservations Even natural landscaping on a small scale is with 847-794-8962beneficial. This helps reduce habitat fragmentation • Covered Dish Supper & Photo Contestand provides islands for birds and butterflies to visit. Thu 11/29 or 12/6 6:30P CLLC Wild Ones promotes environmentally sound Native plant myths: Natives are rarely a source of Make holiday ornament with Jean Muntz landscaping practices to preserve biodiversityallergens; most tend to be insect not wind pollinated. Reserve with 847-794-8962 through the preservation, restoration andEurasian plants and invasive ragweed tend to be the establishment of native plant communities. Wildprimary culprits for allergy sufferers. Rats and geese Christ the Lord Lutheran Church’s (CLLC) address is 12N462 Tina Trail, Elgin, IL 60124. Tina Trail is Ones is a national not-for-profit environmentalare not attracted to natives; actually, the opposite is education and advocacy organization.true. And, natives tend to foster natural mosquito located 3 blocks west of Randall Road off ofcontrol. Highland Avenue. Designed by D. Poweleit
  2. 2. Natural Landscaping Chapter Information Total: x (# of years ____ ) = $__________ $1200+ Wilder $100+ $150+ membership level Membership type (please check box): Circle annual Thank You!Please consider joining Wild Ones and our Northern Kane County Chapter The Northern Kane County Chapter of Wild Wilder Send me premiums(s) $120 $600 $60 Ones was sanctioned in 2009. Chapter meetings are typically held on the fourth $1500 $250 Wild $37 $90 $20 Thursday of the month. Most meetings are free and open to the public. See chapter Limited Income Membership Renewal Occasion: program or website for more details. Household Prof./Org. Giver’s New Business Name: Lifetime Gift student Contact us: Join on-line at, call 877-394-9453, or cut and mail form with check to: Wild Ones, P.O. Box 1274, Members receive the Wild Ones Handbook and Journal, the national bi-monthly publication, and are entitled to members-only meetings and events; all Whether you want to plant a few perennial 847-794-8962 flowers, develop a specialized garden, or go wild by changing your whole yard or property to natives, Be true green contributions are fully tax deductible Wild Ones can help. As with any landscaping, it is Helpful websites: important to consider soil type, sunlight, and • moisture to select the right plant community. • Selecting plants based upon bloom time, color, and Appleton, WI 54912-1274 • height can facilitate a dynamic landscape. • A couple of popular native gardens are a rain • State/Zip: garden and a 3B garden. A rain garden is built by Address: • Phone: E-mail: Name: digging a depression in the ground and directing the City: run-off of a downspout to this area. The plants Visit the WILD Center at: utilized are water tolerant and facilitate the water soaking into the ground versus creating problems 2285 Butte des Morts such as flooding and pollution. The 3B garden is Beach Road constructed with flowers to attract birds, bees butterflies – the three B’s. in Neenah, Generally, it is best to start small and sketch out a Wisconsin plan on paper. It is also important to communicate your plans for natural landscaping with your neighbors. Due to the energy devoted to Learn more at: developing a strong root system, native plants may not flower their first year as is the case with most perennials. Thus, patience to let the landscape take hold is necessary. Native plants offer low maintenance landscaping with the typical work Contact Wild Ones National Office being thinning, minor weeding and removal of Wild Ones invasive species. P.O. Box 1274 Build it and they will come – birds, butterflies, Appleton, WI 54912-1274 dragonflies, frogs, toads, bees and other wildlife! 877-394-9453 (FYI-WILD) Watch the changing panorama of the seasons. Natural landscaping allows one to spend more time 920-730-3986 enjoying it than taking care of it.