PCGB Haulier Forum (E-Response Presentation)


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PCGB Haulier Forum (E-Response Presentation)

  1. 1. 1 www.e.response.biz
  2. 2. 2 www.e.response.biz
  3. 3. ON-ROAD-SURVEILLANCE SERVICES• To conduct On-Road Safety Surveillance services - this includes Full Route and Segment Surveillance. Under this scope of this service the Rangers would be following and observing the safety of lorries, vis-à-vis: o Observing drivers defensive driving attributes (safe following distance, overtaking techniques, speeding and aggressive driving behaviors, etc.) o Compliance to traffic rules & regulation (traffic lights observance, speed limits, slowing down signage areas, etc.) o Lorry safe stopping and parking o Reversing techniques o Observing to PETRONAS ZeTo rule of use of seatbelts, use of mobile phones whilst driving, and in-cab smoking 3 www.e.response.biz
  4. 4. SPOT SURVEILLANCE SERVICES• To conduct Spot Surveillance services, usually conducted either at lorry parking or at haulier bases, where a thorough safety inspection of the lorry would be carried out. Under the scope of this requirement, checks to be conducted would include but not limited to the following: o Seatbelt operability o Signal and lights functionability o Tyres checks (for thread wear, damage, over/under inflation, nuts and bolting integrity, use of ‘snow’ tyres, etc.) o Fire extinguishers integrity o In-cab vision-ability and housekeeping, including of loose equipment tie- downs. o Overall cleanliness of trucks, to ensure integrity of signals lights and retro reflectiveness is not affected. 4 www.e.response.biz
  5. 5. JOURNEY MANAGEMENT SERVICES• Review of Drivers’ Journey Management. o Minimize and manage Driver Fatigue. We would be introducing a Driver Logbook system to all PCGB’s haulage operations (at a date to be advised later). This will be done through a face-to-face discussion with drivers and/or through GPS data information. o Ensuring that drivers use Pre-designated Approved Routes and Stop Areas. This will be done through a full route and/or through GPS data information. o Update and compilation of of Route Hazard Maps (RHM), nationally (for Peninsula Malaysia), which will then be provided to Hauliers for driver new training. 5 www.e.response.biz
  6. 6. DRUG SCREENING SERVICES• To Conduct Drug Screening Tests to ensure all drivers under the PCGB operations are not under the influence of illicit drugs whilst behind the wheels o To conduct Drug Urine Tests on all drivers, on a minimum of once every 3 (three) months (for all drivers engaged to haul PCGB’s product). o To conducted on Test-for-Cause, e.g. after an incident/accident. o The Drug Screen Cup Test will be used for the test. This will provide an immunochromatographic rapid qualitative detection of the following four drugs of abuse and their principal metabolites in urine. • Morphine/Opiates/Heroin; • Marijuana/Ganja/THC; • Amphetamines (increase wakefulness/decrease fatigue/performance enhancing drug - Estacy); • Methamphetamine (Designer Drugs - Shabu, Ice, Crystal) 6 www.e.response.biz
  7. 7. DRUG SCREENING SERVICES 7 www.e.response.biz
  8. 8. ALCOHOL BEEATHERLYSER SERVICES• To conduct Alcohol Breathalyzer Screening Tests in ensuring all drivers under the PCGB operations are not under the influence (zero tolerance) of alcohol whilst behind the wheels. o To conduct Drug Urine Tests on all drivers, on a minimum of once every 3 (three) months (for all drivers engaged to haul PCGB’s product). o To conducted on Test-for-Cause, e.g. after an incident/accident. 8 www.e.response.biz
  9. 9. DRIVER CHANGE AGENT• To take the role of Driver Change Agent, in bringing safety awareness through: o Direct Driver - Road Ranger engagement at either meetings, forums and/or driver surveillance meeting sessions o Participation at Haulier’s Drivers Meeting o Preparation of driver and driving safety material and CARE posters for drivers’ Notice Boards 9 www.e.response.biz
  10. 10. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT INTRODUCTIONFUNDAMENTALS• The biggest impact in Road Transport Safety is in Driver Management.• When you control and manage the driver You control and manage RT SafetyTHE ISSUE• We are unsure who drives for us• We do not have their database• We do not know the status of their key document• We do not know the status of their Medical, Mandatory Training, D&A Testing, 10 www.e.response.biz
  11. 11. THE DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT BOOKLET Concept of the Driver Safety Passport: To capture Drivers Personnel Data; Work History; Driver License & GDL status; Medical Examination Status; Training Records; D&A Test Conducted (& Results); and Meeting attended, etc The Driver Safety Passport is a controlled document issued to every Approved Driver who have been selected, undergone and passed all required criteria. Each Driver Safety Passport is serialised and it’s issuance to drivers is controlled. Key information and training endorsement within this passport is verifiable through electronic records. 11 www.e.response.biz
  12. 12. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT (DSP) BOOKLET• To assist PCGB in the development, issuance and management of a centralized Driver Safety Passport (DSP) Booklet, for all drivers in PCGB haulage operations, in recording : o Driver Personal Details (& Next-of-Kin) o Employment History o Drivers’ License & GDL Details o Driver Medical Test Record o Training Records (Mandatory & Non- Mandatory Training) o Plant/Facility Safety Briefing Records o Safety Activity Records (Driver Safety Meeting Attendance) o Driver Drug and Alcohol Test Record o Ranger Surveillance Log o Driver Accident Record 12 www.e.response.biz
  13. 13. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT (DSP) Drivers Personal Particulars Records 13 www.e.response.biz
  14. 14. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT (DSP)Drivers Medical Records 14 www.e.response.biz
  15. 15. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT (DSP) Drivers DCT , Other Trainings & In-Cab Assessment Records 15 www.e.response.biz
  16. 16. DRIVER SAFETY PASSPORT Drivers Alcohol & Drug Test Results & Records 16 www.e.response.biz
  17. 17. 17 www.e.response.biz
  18. 18. FOCUS OF PREVIOUS ASSESSMENT (IN 2011)• A Situational Audit was conducted by PCGB’s team Sep & Oct 2011, covering the following hauliers: o Soon Hin – Bukit Kayu Hitam o MISC Integrated Logistics (MILS) Northern – Prai o MISC Integrated Logistics (MILS) Eastern – Kuantan o Lee Thong Hong (LTH) - Gebeng o Petikemas - Gebeng o Kontena Nasional (KN) - Kuantan o Globonus - Bkt Kayu Hitam o Chemtrax – Pasir Gudang o Johore Port Logistic (JPL) – Pasir Gudang• The previous assessment was to o Gauge the haulier’s HSE-MS gap against PTS 60.2401 o Provide recommendation for improvement o Share PCGS HSE expectations (based on PTS 60.2401) o Identify exposure and mitigate risk through corrective action item. 18 www.e.response.biz
  19. 19. THE CONCERNIssue of Concerns• Despite assured haulier’s management commitment, ‘paper assurances’ (consisting of comprehensive policies, manuals, procedures, checklists, etc) and numerous PCGB’s intervention and enhanced communications on HSE; transport accidents continue to rise culminating in the worst safety performance in 2012.• Analysis of the recent spade of serious and fatal Road Transport accidents within PCGB haulage operations revealed many driver ‘on-the-road’ violations• To confirm status and issues of : o drivers’ knowledge; o drivers’ application of good practices; o communication effectiveness (top down); o visibility of hauliers’ management commitment; o monitoring of drivers performance (trending & analysis); 19 www.e.response.biz
  20. 20. FOCUS OF CURRENT SITUATIONAL ASSESSMENT In following up to the recent PCG Operational Implementation Meeting held on 19th September 2012 , in Kerteh, it was agreed that E-Response Alert is to conduct a Situational Assessment PCGB’s current hauliers, with a focus on the ‘application of practices’ This assessment is to extract : • An in-depth understanding into the issues of non-compliance at the sharp end of the work force, and the underlying issues that led to these non-compliances • A review of the visibility and effectiveness of Management Commitment and Involvement • To assess other hidden latent weaknesses within the haulage operations 20  www.e.response.bizThe RT-HSSE Audit is a SERVICE to the company and its workforce, not a BURDEN
  21. 21. USE OF SEATBELTHauliers are starting at differing starting line but have to complete the race at the same finishing point Lorries Poor seat Compliance Seat belt Drivers have with no belt in meeting to requirement been seat belts wearing Client’s is a terminated Installed culture requirement mandatory for NOT Not perceived No leadership Selective haulier wearing seat as an by example enforcement, requirement belt important as and when Contractors Terms-of- safety there are Requirement. Employment requirement demands… This is very apparent… A Show Stopper! 21 www.e.response.biz
  22. 22. SHARING… Using the RIGHT TOOL at the RIGHT PHASE of the job is essential in getting the result required. 22 www.e.response.biz
  23. 23.  www.e.response.biz
  24. 24.  www.e.response.biz
  25. 25.  D-2-12, Blok D, Ritze Perdana, 5 Jalan PJU 8/2, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA  +60 3 77257151  +60 3 77257148  www.e.response.biz www.e.response.biz