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Fardin Ayar Social media


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How i can start use of social media and for now which kind of social media platform i use for my self

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Fardin Ayar Social media

  2. 2. Way become interest to use face book  In 2008 I became interested use of social media and necessity, at that time I was a second year student at the School of Journalism and Communication.
  3. 3. How to create my first face book account At that time, I used Face book to entertain with my friends and colleagues and use email to send and receive information. Social media • For the first time, with the help of one of my close friends who was have Internet lab. G-mail • I was able to create this email address • ( face book • by this email I am create this face book account • (Fardin Ayar)
  4. 4. This is my face book face and links
  5. 5. Use of social media in journalism  In 2010, after graduating from the university when I was employment as a reporter in one of visual Afghan media, I tried to use social media for professional in journalism field.
  6. 6. Afghanistan news reporter page
  7. 7. Use of social media in academic field  In 2012, I am joined a member in Faculty of Journalism and Communications at Alberoni University, and I was close contact with my students by Face book. By face book I am provide study materials semester results scientific activities educational information
  8. 8. Social media and yang generation  Since 2013, the use of social media has become very popular in Afghanistan, and has been used largely by young people and students from social media.  I also tried to use Twitter, IMO and Whatsup with Face book, YouTube, Gmail and Google.
  9. 9. Now, with the advancement of social media, I use these apps NO Application NO Application 1 Face Book 8 What sup 2 Messenger 9 G - Mail 3 We chat 10 Yahoo - Mail 4 tweeter 11 LinkedIn 5 you tub 12 Weblog 6 Instagarm 13 Web site 7 IMO 14 Tao Bao
  10. 10. Face book I use Face book to share scientific, social and political information to others in many cases I also get the benefits of my friends idea and posts. sharing • Sharing scientific, social and political information • Criticism of Afghanistan government officials to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens Link • Sharing useful images and links • Share online litigation and civic activities search • Search for online business opportunities and discussions
  11. 11. Messenger One of the most popular social media that most citizens use, the messenger has brought people closer together and created a low cost of meeting for citizens.
  12. 12. We Chat In September 2017, I created for the first time we chat in China, and I am very happy to use this app; I can do a lot with We chat, including: NO Activity NO Activity 1 Make voice and video calls with family and friends 7 Send and receive educational files 2 Paying money for buying, selling and business 8 Purchase a credit card 3 Transferring and receiving money with easy going Shiites 9 Request a taxi 4 Send and receive educational files 10 Create educational, entertainment and vocational groups 5 Send and receive educational files 11 Send and receive people location as needed 6 Purchased online 12 And Etc
  13. 13. My we chat account pictures
  14. 14. YouTube YouTube has attracted so much attention since its creation as the most popular social site ever since. I have a person account on YouTube and I use it in many ways. I use YouTube like other social networks for these purposes: Upload educational, artistic and social videos Get visual video information Download educational, artistic and social videos Raise public awareness and scientific knowledge
  15. 15. Instagarm  I use an Instagarm for the sake of which attractive images and amazing videos are available. I like this app very much because the content is very attractive useful and update.  I have more than 4000 people follower in this application because all my face book friends follow me in instagrame.
  16. 16. Instagram home page some picture
  17. 17. Twitter  I will use Twitter from 2014 and I would love to receive more news, political, economic, and social information.  I used this app with leading websites such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazira, ABS. Famous and political figures in the he world, like Donald Tramp, Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton, Putin, Sergilarov, Tarazemi and many of the world most promising news quarters, I use.
  18. 18. Tweeter home page
  19. 19. IMO & What sup  I use these two apps to contact my family and friends also some time share event picture to my friends and family.
  20. 20. Gmail &Yahoo Mail  I use the two apps to make contact with college, faculty, and friends officially, and whenever I see a threat to my accounts on one of the social media, I use these two emails address to solve my problems at a specific time.
  21. 21. Tao Bao  When I came to China, I became familiar with this app. When I got information about the goodness of it with the help of my friends, I made it to myself, I love this site and buy 50% of my total purchases using this site. I do, this site has an active service, and in many cases our money is being maintained.
  22. 22. LinkedIn One of the most informative and useful applications in my academic life is the use of LinkedIn. I created LinkedIn account in 2017 to become familiar with the academic personages.
  23. 23. I specifically use the LinkedIn in these area A • Get academic PowerPoint presentations • Upload PowerPoint presentations and academic activities B • Study Job vacancy and job opportunity of Interest • Uploading resume C • Establish academic relationships with renowned personalities
  24. 24. Thanks