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Questionaire on new media magazine: results


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Questionaire on new media magazine: results

  1. 1. QUESTIONAIRE ON NEW MEDIA MAGAZINE: (Results)<br />Please circle only ONE of each answer:<br />Age:<br /><ul><li>16-18 (7/10)
  2. 2. 19-21 (1/10)
  3. 3. 22-25 (1/10)
  4. 4. Other (1/10)</li></ul>Gender:<br /><ul><li>Male (4/10)
  5. 5. Female (6/10)</li></ul>Do you listen to Hip Hop?<br /><ul><li>Yes (9/10)
  6. 6. No (1/10)</li></ul>Do you ever read magazines?<br /><ul><li>Yes (6/10)
  7. 7. No (4/10)</li></ul>How much are you willing to pay for a magazine?<br /><ul><li>£1.00 - £2.00 (9/10)
  8. 8. £3.00 - £4.00 (0/10)
  9. 9. £5.00 (1/10)</li></ul>What attracts you into purchasing a magazine?<br /><ul><li>Colour schemes on the front cover (0/10)
  10. 10. Celebrities on the front cover (4/10)
  11. 11. Stories that are available within the magazine (6/10)</li></ul>Within a magazine, do you prefer?<br /><ul><li>More pictures over text (7/10)
  12. 12. More text over pictures (3/10)</li></ul>Have you ever purchased a hip hop magazine?<br /><ul><li>Yes (2/10)
  13. 13. No (8/10)</li></ul>If so, please specify what magazine you purchased and also state your opinion of the product?<br />Not many stated much in this section, apart from two candidates. One mentioned that they purchased Vibe and left a review of it being a very good and detailed magazine. Also the second candidate mentioned Hip Hop connection and stated that they liked the magazine, especially the content and pictures.<br />Please circle three from the list below on your favourite colours:<br /><ul><li>Black (10/10)
  14. 14. Red (7/10)
  15. 15. Green (3/10)
  16. 16. Yellow (0/10)
  17. 17. Purple (4/10)
  18. 18. Blue (5/10)
  19. 19. Orange (1/10)</li></ul>Also please state your opinion below on the colour schemes you believe would be good for a Hip Hop magazine, and you may also include anything else that you feel could help with the magazine:<br />Those who commented in this section mainly mentioned that they believed the main colours of the magazine should consist of black. Funny enough everyone who commented in this section mentioned that the colours should be black. Other colours were also involved such as blue and grey etc... Also one very interesting point brought up was that hip hop magazines need to refer more toward the culture of the genre. <br />