The Music Industry<br />The Music Industry is a very powerful media sector that focus on music as a media sector; it focus...
The Music Industry
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The Music Industry


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By Faraii Musamadya

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The Music Industry

  1. 1. The Music Industry<br />The Music Industry is a very powerful media sector that focus on music as a media sector; it focuses more on artists and music production whereas another major sector is the film industry which focus on actors/ actresses and film production. The music industry consists of differen record labels that manufacture, produce, promote and distribute new music products and the artists. <br />Structure Of Music Industry<br />The music industry is dominated by four major companies including Universal Records, Warner Music, EMI and Sony BMG. However there are so many record labels under them including Island Def Jam, Mercury Records, Geffen Records etc. Record Labels sign an independent artist on a contract and cover the cost of production and distribute their music . The record labels invest in the promotion of an artist in order for the artist and their music to gain a wide audience for the CD to guarantee that the audience will jhave as much access possible to the music. This is to make sure that its necessary to make money from their initial investment. <br />Record Labels<br />Island Def Jam is US record label and one of the major record labels under Universal. They are very successful as they have some talented and immense artist of this era such as Rihanna, Neyo, Kanye West , The Dream, LL Cool J which are really succesful artist that are world wide in different countries. However there are some other artist that may not be popular worldwide but successful in the U.S. Def Jam is owned by Jay Z who is a huge rap mogul. Record Labels dont focus on one particular genre they have many artists of different genres these maybe sectored in that genre section of the company e.g. Def Lam has rap and rnb artist as well as some soul classic artist (back catalogues e.g. Patti Label who is a phenomenon R&B soul artist from the 70’s and 80’s.<br />Synegy<br />Synergy assist in the promotion of music within other media formats this is great due to the expansion on digital media and new media technology. Instead of jus distribution of CD there can now be music videos which can be put on DVD’s . Previously music was distributed through records, then there were tapes leading to the invention of CD’s and now there are mp3’s which is a file on the computer on to your phone or ipod and mp3 player. Internet has you tube which is popular for watching music video and also artists official websites will have a lot of information on themselves and their music. iTunes is also a great invention of digital media.<br />Precarious Business<br />The music industry is a precarious business because it is not guaranteed that every artist and their music will be successful and appeal to a wide enough audience to make profit. This is bad for the record label and artist end up getting dropped. The falire maybe due to digital media where the audience dont buy music but download their music illegally and listen to it online instead which is bad for the artist. It also realise on audience trend.<br />How do record labels keep their business “afloat”? <br />In order to keep afloat the label realise on 10% that incur a considerable income. The labels then priotirise the well established artist on their label and invest heavily in their product e.g “Deluxe Editions” after an album release with a few new tracks also Best of “artist” (Greatest hits) and make more money from that e.g. Tupac is dead but they still make money from him with realises of his Greatest hits.<br />Adorno<br />Adorno identified the ways by which record labels find a way of making money from already existing songs though launching it in a way were the audience thinks the material is new. For example “Valentine special” for Luther Vandross or “Christmas Edition” of Madonna. This tricks the audience to think “WOW” something new this is called “Standardisation” .....<br />Trends<br />The idea of trends is of whats is popular ad what the audience is responding most to. Chris Brown was a popular artist when he came with his great voice and amzing dance moves he gained so many fans and now there are new artist that sing and dance coming out e.g. Jason Derulo is like Chris Brown as he dances in his video. Trends is very popular amongs bands e.g. girls bands such Sugarbabes, Girls Aloud, The Saturday’s. Boy bands such as JLS, The Wanted, Mcfly etc . They all become a trend. <br />