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Creating NYT Now by The New York Times


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This outlines the process of creating NYT Now in the early stages as well as the learnings after one year of the app being in the wild. We talk about our experience as designers working with editors to create new experiences at a legacy media organization

Published in: Design
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Creating NYT Now by The New York Times

  1. Hello,we are Farah & Elena. @farahassir • @elaineygianni
  2. Making new things at old places.
  3. Why? INTRO
  4. 1851 The first issue of the New York Daily Times.
  5. First national edition. 1980
  6. 1996 Please open your window to the width of this line of text.
  7. 2006
  8. 2008-2014 iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  9. Research says Get the NYTimes top stories delivered as easy to skim headlines and article summaries with links to the full length versions of those articles. A quick and easy way to stay informed. “ ”
  10. How can we create a fundamentally new and different way for people to get the news on their phones?
  11. Experimenting PHASE 1
  12. To create new digital products at The New York Times. To create a new way to create new digital products at The New York Times. 1 2
  13. Newsroom Developers Design New Products
  14. Newsroom TechnologyDesign Product
  15. Design something so I can write. DesignerEditor TechnologyProduct ? Write something so I can design.
  16. Image via Maria Popova, Brain Pickings, part of video by AsapSCIENCE
  17. It sucked.
  18. Make something people want. — Paul Graham
  19. Definition PHASE 2
  20. 1 They have a fear of missing out. 2 They want to get up to speed quickly. 3 They want their friends to know they are smart.
  21. If the app was a person.. Smart Witty Charismatic Good looking Friendly Approachable
  22. Your guide to the news. App Definition Statement
  23. Tell me what I need to know. Fast. Tell me what’s changed. Make me feel prepared. Satisfy my curiosity. Be helpful, integrate with my life. Product Principles 1 2 3 4 5
  24. People ignore design that ignores people. — Frank Chimero
  25. News for humans PHASE 3
  26. How can we create a fundamentally new and different way for people to get the news on their phones?
  27. How do you talk about the news? What is the latest on the Ukraine Crisis? (not World) What do you think about Climate Change? (not Science) When is the New York City Marathon. (not U.S.)
  28. Good morning. Here’s what you need to know to start your day. How do you talk to friends?
  29. What do you need to know right now ?
  30. Where are you reading the news?
  31. How much do you need to know? Obama Vows to Work With, and Without, Congress Teenage Clerk Rises From Ta Republicans Eager to Deploy Their Plan By Lending a Hand, Christie Gains Some Clout for 2016 here Obama and the G.O.P. Might Agree Midterm Political Ads That Worked, and Why e Strange Case of States’ Penchant for Casinos Drop in Turnout Made the Difference in Maryland Race For One Democrat, Rout Hits Close to In Japan, Moves to Stimulate Economy R As Tension Simmers, Jordan Recalls Its Ambassador to Isra A Year of Unforeseen Hits State of the Art: The Fall of the Banner Ad A Dive Into Darkness State of the Art: Fall of the Banner ning: Augmenting Your Password-Protected World Gadgetwise: Wearable Gear and Apps to Make Running and a Lot More Fun Putting the Cart B astain in a Publicity Tug of War After Election, President VEmpowered, McConnell Promises An End to ‘Gridlock’ Outside Groups With Deep Pockets Lift G.O.P. ‘1989’ Intensify Streaming Debate oms With Alex Rodriguez Back Alex Rodriguez Told Federal port Says Healthier, and a Lot More Fun he Cart Before the Art Teenage Clerk Rises From Target to Star Jessica Chastain in a P
  32. version 1.0
  33. Best apps of 2014 by Apple
  34. 1 Year After
  35. Readers Learnings Integration Voice Process Strategy
  36. The Morning Briefing is the main reason for user retention. 1. READERS News served around our users’ habits.
  37. Did the World End? Catching Up While Drinking Coffee End of Day Chilling Indulgent Pauses Alarm Clock by Matt Brooks, Coffee by Matt Brooks, Ice cream, helado by Emilio Enigma, Lollipop by Cezary Lopacinski, Tea by Joe Harrison, Couch by Nathan Thomson, Moon by hunotika, all from The Noun Project.
  38. 2. INTEGRATION NYT Now works as it is, but it is an isolated entity. Bringing NYT Now curation to places readers are already: email, social media.
  39. 3. VOICE Readers like the voice of the app. And they want more. Finding a balance between building a strong, consistent voice and giving a space for editors to have their own. nytnow
  40. Editors are our users, too. Designing a communication channel between editors and readers.
  41. 4. PROCESS The stories and the curation are the app. Designers thinking as editors. Editors thinking as designers. DesignerEditorEditorEditorEditorEditorEditorEditorEditorDesignerDesignerDesignerDesignerDesignerDesigner
  42. 5. STRATEGY NYT Now challenges The Core. Understanding the relationship between the mothership and new products.
  43. Differentiate Products Keep the essence of each. Redundancy? Integrate the Two Bring learnings into the Core. Lost opportunity?
  44. A Family of Products Targeted to different audiences, with distinct user experiences and a strong connection.
  45. Thank you. @farahassir @elaineygianni (Download NYT Now in the App Store)