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  1. 1. As a graduate of the Academy of Art University, I have acquired a unique set of skills, which I personally categorize as creative business organization. Studying merchandising at a school of art has given me the ability to see the clear connection between business and design; I am able to stay efficient and organized while being creative and thinking outside the box. In addition to my knowledge of business and design I can offer you many various skills. Along with my eye for aesthetics, I am extremely organized, versatile, and a very fast learner. I work great with others and am open to constructive criticisms and suggestions. I am also perfectly capable of taking on challenging tasks independently and managing multiple projects when needed. I will also be offering you my dedication. I make it a point to be reliable and punctual, and I constantly keep my workspace in order. Being a part of your company is ideal for me, I have great communication and visual design skills as well as knowledge of Windows, Mac OSX, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Suite. I am eager to join your team and help any business run more smoothly than it already is. Thank you, Farah Akbik AkbiD E S I G N E R f a a k b i k @ g m a i l . c o m 4 1 5 . 7 5 6 . 0 3 2 8 k
  2. 2. AkbiA P P A R E L k
  3. 3. AkbiA D V E R T I S I N G k
  4. 4. AkbiA D V E R T I S I N G k
  5. 5. AkbiA D V E R T I S I N G k
  6. 6. AkbiA D V E R T I S I N G k
  7. 7. AkbiT Y P O G R A P H Y k
  8. 8. AkbiT Y P O G R A P H Y k
  9. 9. AkbiT Y P O G R A P H Y k
  10. 10. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  11. 11. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  12. 12. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  13. 13. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  14. 14. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  15. 15. AkbiB R A N D I N G k
  16. 16. AkbiM E R C H A N D I S I N G k
  17. 17. AkbiM E R C H A N D I S I N G k
  18. 18. AkbiM E R C H A N D I S I N G k
  19. 19. AkbiS T Y L I N G k
  20. 20. AkbiS T Y L I N G k
  21. 21. AkbiS T Y L I N G k
  22. 22. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Visual Merchandiser H&M * Work in a creative and fast-paced environment at a flagship store * Train, motivate, and coach my colleagues to constantly think creatively * Learn all the trends and have a great eye for presenting collections in an inspiring and commercial way * Check sales reports to see how my merchandising affects the company sales Visual Merchandiser Forever 21 * Created window and merchandise displays within visual guidelines * Worked with management and sales associates * Worked within visual guidelines to generate sales and provide shopping ease for customers Graphic Designer Freelance * Completed three consecutive issues of Bazaar Deals Advertisement Magazine where we designed new coupons and advertisements for various businesses * Design original logos and corporate identities for an array of clientele * Work efficiently with a variety of people developing everything from typography to textiles Art Specialist/ Teacher Peregrine School * Worked collaborative with a team of teachers developing projects and themes, which support an innovative curriculum * Assisted with creating child portfolios, which consist of photographs, narrative descriptions, develop- mental assessments and observations of each child * Practiced positive discipline techniques and contribute to an emotionally safe environment Assistant Manager/ Design Assistant Porcelynne Boutique & Gallery * Interned with head designer of Porcelynne Lingerie August 2005 to January 2006, duties included cutting fabric, working with patterns and sewing samples * Assisted in the opening of boutique in February 2006 * Promoted the Porcelynne line as well as other clothing and jewelry lines in the store * Developed in-store displays and window displays * Managed inventory, assisted in bookkeeping and promotions * Styled photo shoots SKILLS Excellent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, & Microsoft Office Able to work with Adobe After Effects and Logic Pro Great organizational and presentation skills Able to multi-task and complete projects thoroughly and efficiently EDUCATION Academy of Art University, Studies in Fashion Design, Visual & Fashion Merchandising San Francisco, CA; Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2009 Otis College of Art and Design, Studied in Fashion Design Summer Enrichment Program Los Angeles, CA; 2001 AWARDS Featured in the Academy of Art University Spring Show, San Francisco, CA, 2009 Featured T-shirt design in 180 Magazine, San Francisco, CA, Spring 2009 D E S I G N E R f a a k b i k @ g m a i l . c o m 4 1 5 . 7 5 6 . 0 3 2 8 Akbik