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Customer Stories Redesign (Abridged Version)


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Redesigning Customer Stories from Sales and Prospect feedback.

Published in: Technology
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Customer Stories Redesign (Abridged Version)

  1. 1. Salesforce 2016 
 Customer Stories Redesign Fanya Young UX Researcher Digital Experience February 2016
  2. 2. Investigate the initial, early user experience (UX) of three Customer Stories webpage designs (Sean, Bruce, David) Evaluate several interactive features used to highlight additional information is available Encourage comments and high-quality feedback from panelists regarding the webpages Provide interpretation of results and recommendations to optimize UX and overall webpage performance Objectives
  3. 3. Research Scope Customer/Prospects Sales Team Study Participants Test Scope 12/29/2015 – 01/06/2016 10 Customers & 13 Prospects Eye Tracking Interpretations & Recommendations 12/04/2015 – 12/10/2015 23 AE’s & 2 BDR’s Survey Questions Interpretations & Recommendations Study Participants Test Scope
  4. 4. Landing Page
  5. 5. What They Saw
  6. 6. Prospects & Customers Eye Tracking Findings • Hero and circular graphics tested well • Filter Tool was resoundingly popular • Hover State (Room & Board card) received mixed reviews Landing_All_60s-
  7. 7. Recommendations • Implement the Hero Module and use the Circular Graphics Module • Increase content for Hover State to create nurture engagement in an organic fashion Hover&state&off& Hover&state&on&
  8. 8. Prospect/Customer Feedback “There’s a lot of white space on the hover state and it doesn’t seemed to be aligned. ” “Seems like you could add a few more details in the hover state. A lot of white space.” “. . . I like seeing that the name of the company . . . It made me want to hover over other articles” “I’d like the 3 dots to be consistent and have a hover or click for more information” “Very clean, I like how the text was short and to the point.” “ . . . I wish it was just right away see the story. I kind of thought that the text would be clickable . . . “ Landing_All_60s-
  9. 9. Details Page
  10. 10. What They Saw
  11. 11. Prospects & Customers Eye Tracking Findings • Hero and title resonated with naïve visitors • “Read More” confirms our placement of the blue banner Sean_All_110s+
  12. 12. Recommendations • Implement the Hero and title • The narrative is disrupted by “Keep Exploring,” an unrelated segment • Consider repositioning Room & Board’s most compelling artifact, its metrics and results, with the rest of the copy
  13. 13. Prospect/Customer Feedback “ Nothing really stands out. I see a little detail about the company. It might be good for a personal connection. I don’t like the big picture at the top.” “Yes, absolutely. It has the company’s background, a video with the client, and describes how they used Salesforce.” “. . . Gives me more details and explains what Salesforce has done for them. The 2900% sticks out. The 40% keeps drawing me in. I like the layout; it is easy to read . . .” “Simple enough, it gave me enough information. I would have clicked on Read More. So yeah, I think it is good.” Sean_All_110s+
  14. 14. Module 1
  15. 15. What They Saw
  16. 16. Prospects & Customers Findings • Module tested well with 7/9 panelists noticing the interaction • Interactive icon (e.g. a bouncing “+” sign) received mixed reviews
  17. 17. Recommendations • Implement the design • Bouncing icon design polarizes visitors, distracts them from the content • Consider using an interaction that provides a subtle visual cue (e.g. an animated color change) rather than a bouncing effect
  18. 18. Module 2
  19. 19. What They Saw
  20. 20. Prospects & Customers Findings • The image captured interest, but likely drew attention away from the interactive icon • 4/7 panelists didn’t notice the design • Copy is overwhelmed by images • Consider scaling images in proportion to copy, balancing visual appeal with substantive content
  21. 21. Recommendations • Implement the design with suggested modifications • Increase copy to provide customers with the ways in which Salesforce better positions customers to be successful • Encourage interaction of module, using icons with visual cues
  22. 22. Module 3
  23. 23. What They Saw
  24. 24. Prospects & Customers Findings • Visitors did not intuitively understand that the hotspots were a clickable, interactive object • Interaction was widely ignored • When they did interact, they liked the ability to “drill” down into the product
  25. 25. Recommendations • Implement the design with recommended changes • Provide obvious clues to interactive, clickable feature • Increase visibility of hotspots using contrasting color palette or other visual cues
  26. 26. Appendix
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  28. 28. Thank you 38