Finding Deals On Student Travel


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Student travel can be incredibly rewarding for pupils of any age.

From educational trips to cities like New York, Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia to fun trips out to Orlando, FL, there is a destination for every travel need.

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Finding Deals On Student Travel

  1. 1. Finding  Deals  On   Student  Travel By  Fantastic  Tours  and  Travel
  2. 2. •Student  travel  can  be  incredibly  rewarding  for  pupils  of  any  age.     •From  educational  trips  to  cities  like  New  York,  Washington  D.C.,  Boston,  and   Philadelphia  to  fun  trips  out  to  Orlando,  FL,  there  is  a  destination  for  every   travel  need.
  3. 3. Know  Where  To   Look   •Although  travel  is  enriching,   many  students  never  get  to   experience  learning  so  far   outside  the  classroom.   •Many  organizers  don’t  know   that  group  trips  can  be   reasonably  priced,  provided   that  they  know  where  to  look   for  student  travel  deals.    
  4. 4. Connect  With  A  Student  Travel  Company   To  Find  Deals  On  Student  Travel   • The  best  way  to  get  student  travel  discounts  is  to  work   with  a  student  travel  company.   • A  travel  company  can  connect  groups  with  the  local   resources  they  need  to  have  an  amazing  experience,   suggest  ways  to  make  travel  more  cost  effective,  and  
  5. 5. Keep  Transportation  Costs  Low •One  of  the  top  ways  to  cut  down  on  the  cost  of  student   travel  is  to  use  slower  transport  methods  on  long  trips.   •Taking  a  bus  instead  of  a  plane  can  mean  substantial   savings  for  the  group,  even  though  it  might  also  mean  a  bit   of  a  longer  transit  time.  
  6. 6. Consider  Student  Travel  Destinations   With  Free  Attractions   • Washington  D.C.  is  an  excellent  choice  for  cheap  student  travel.   • Because  it  is  the  capital,  many  of  the  museums  and  other   attractions  nearby  are  federally  funded  or  federally  run.   • They  are  often  open  to  the  public,  and  almost  always  free  to  
  7. 7. • If  you’re  on  a  tight  budget,  look  at  travel  in  the  off  season.   • Travel  and  lodging  will  be  less  expensive,  and  your  students  won’t   be  fighting  with  a  crowd  just  to  see  the  sights.  Always  check  to  see   what  off-­‐season  deals  are  currently  available  for  your  city  of  choice!    
  8. 8. Customized  Itineraries • A  student  travel  agency  will  also  help  you  customize  and   refine  your  proposed  itinerary.   • Discuss  your  budget  constraints  and  get  a  unique  travel   schedule  that  fits  your  needs  and  your  finances.
  9. 9. Benefits  Of  Using  An  Agency  For  Student  Travel • Working  with  an  agency  also  streamlines  the  process  of   preparing  for  student  travel.   • You  can  book  your  trip  online,  contact  an  agent  easily,  and   purchase  other  trip  necessities  like  insurance,  all  from  one   convenient  spot. • A  travel  agent  can  also  be  a  great  source  of  information.  If  he  
  10. 10. Ask  For  Any  Special   Deals  Or  Student   Travel  Benefits • Student  travel  companies  will   often  provide  benefits  that   make  trip  planning  easier.   • For  instance,  some  will   compensate  whoever  was   doing  the  trip  planning  and/or   ensure  that  one  chaperone   travels  completely  free  for   every  10  traveling  students.
  11. 11. Sit  Back  And  Enjoy!   • Travel  planned  by  a  professional  company  is  the  best  way  to   get  student  travel  deals  while  giving  students  the  experience   of  a  lifetime.   • With  a  company,  every  detail  is  arranged  in  advance  so  there  
  12. 12. Presentation  provided  by:   Fantastic  Tours  and  Travel Since  1984,  Fantastic  Tours  &  Travel  has  been  providing  educational  groups   with  great  deals  on  student  travel.    The  company  has  proven  itself  to  be  a   leader  in  the  student  travel  industry  and  works  diligently  to  remain   knowledgeable  on  some  of  the  country's  most  popular  educational  tourist   attractions.