Script of English Musical Drama, Beauty and The Beast


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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris, written by Fantasia Imanda. XII IPA 1 menjadi pemerannya

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Script of English Musical Drama, Beauty and The Beast

  1. 1. English Musical Drama 20 November 2012BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Written By XII IPA 1
  3. 3. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT ONEFade In :In the city of spring night, each one full of people and full of twinkling lights. The palaceglimmering in the night. A wealthy merchant lived in a small house with his three daughters. Allof whom very beautiful, but only the youngest named Belle. She was the lovely girl and pure ofheart, then her sisters were wicked and selfish.Sister I : “Why we should stay in this little house? Why oh why?”Sister II : “How long we stay here, Dad? I can’t stand it!”Merchant : “Can you wait for some time? Don’t you aware, we have lost our wealth! We only wait for miracle to come!”Sister I : “I think it’s impossible to get back, Dad, and I want it back..”Sister II : “I hope there will be good notice of the harbor”Belle : “We should work hard for our daily needs. If not, we will not able to survive!”Merchant : “Hm, it would be very good, Belle. You’re clever..”Sister I : “Work hard? What do we bother?”Sister II : “As if you can work hard?”Belle : “I’m sure one hundred percent, I’ll help dad somehow..”Dad : “We can’t linger here. I have to go now..”Belle : “Where will you go, Dad?”Merchant : “I’ll go to harbor right now. Keep yourself well. I’ll be back..”The merchant went down to the harbor. They met some people were working hard. Afterwalking through the crowd, he heard something strange from the both of people.Merchant : “What happen? Did you heard the new news?”Man I : “The one of trade ships we had already arrived back, having escaped the destru- ction of its compatriots..”Man II : “This is a good opportunity. Likely treasure in the ship can be lifted back..”Merchant : “Are you sure? This is good news! I’ve been waiting it for so long, I’ll notice it to my daughters soon..”Man I : “So what are you looking for actually?”Merchant : “My daughters want something worthwhile..”Man II : “Don’t be so soon, we still think where the stuff will be placed!”Merchant : “Oh shit! I don’t care about any of that!”
  4. 4. The merchant came back to the house. There was his daughter waiting for her father. All of themfelt so curious to hear the news.Belle : “Dad, what’s the story? Simply tell!”Merchant : “I have a good news, the trade ships already arrived back to the harbor. Our trea- sure were saved in the ships..”Belle : “Was it happened? How can it be?”Merchant : “Our ships had escaped from the danger compatriots..”Sister I : “Dad, it means that you can buy us the jewelry and night gown, right?”Sister II : “Come on, Dad, we want it!”Merchant : “Well, I promise, I’ll comply all of your wishes. How about you, Belle?”Belle : “I…I just want a rose, Dad. I don’t expect to much from you..”Sister I : “Hey you crazy! This country is rare of roses!”Sister II : “Hear me, you can’t get it easily!”Merchant : “Belle, I think roses would be obtained near the castile and pretty far away”Belle : “No problem, Dad. I’ll look for it alone without any helps from whoever..”The next day, a merchant walking to the harbor to look for the treasure that has been gone. Hestopped his stride to comprehend the prople’s situation in a harbor. There were people feeling sosad.Merchant : “Oh my god, why are all of you feeling so sad?”Man I : “This is great dismay.. the cargo’s ship has been seized to pay our debts..”Merchant : “Are you kidding? I’m not sure at all!”Man II : “Forgive us, we can’t cancel the approval. Our debt is too much..”Merchant : “You’re crazy! How can I pay all of my daughter’s whises?”Man I : “I’m sorry..”Merchant : “You don’t know how complicated me to look for the needs! You feel it? You don’t feel it at all!”The both of man felt so guilty after heard the anger of merchant. They couldn’t give anycomments to continue the dialogue. Merchant directly go away with full of vexation. Themerchant didn’t go back to his house because his fear to face his daughters.
  5. 5. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT 2In a big palace, there was a handsome prince named Beast. He was the occupant of that palace.One day, there was a grand mother misguided. She didn’t know where she’ll meet the people.Then she saw the palace and stopped the step in front of it.GM : “Oh young man!”Beast : “Who are you? What do you want to do here?”GM : “I’m thirsty.. I’m misguided.. will you help me?”Beast : “I won’t allow anyone stops off in this palace!”GM : “I’m so sorry.. I don’t know where else to go..”Beast : “You’d better go out from here!”GM : “Don’t you see what a pity on me?”Beast : “I don’t care!”GM : “If so.. I ask for money..”Beast : “Damn! Go out soon!” (while pull grand mother)Grand mother changed to be fairy immediately. Beast was so surprised and afraid of her.Fairy : “Ha-ha-ha! You’re so stupid! Your manner was very bad!”Beast : “Oh please fairy! Forgive me!”Fairy : “No apology for you, you’re arrogant! I thought you’re able to fetch a grand mother well”Beast : “I don’t know in advance, you’re a fairy….”Fairy : “Now, I want bewitched you to be ugly beast!!”Beast : “Oh no!”Fairy : “Ha-ha! People will afraid with you!”Now, Beast felt so sad because of his face. He ran soon to the balcony.
  6. 6. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT THREENow a merchant has gone astray. He walked as long as the river in the forest. After an hour later,he saw a big palace in the environs of the garden with more beautiful flowers. He secretlyentered the palace.Merchant : “I feel tired, I’m hungry and thirsty.. who’s the occupant here?”After that, the merchant heard the scary voice. His body was tremulous then he ran out of thepalace.Merchant : “Oh my god, what kind of voice that? I’m scared..”He walked to the garden and saw the roses there. How a good view he beheld. He picked a rose.Merchant : “When I saw this rose, I remember of my Belle. She wished this rose. I’ll bring this to her, I assure she will be happy”Suddenly, the beast jumped down to the garden. His face was so scary and made the merchantscared of him.Beast : “What are you doing here? You have picked my roses!”Merchant : “Forgive me, lord, I don’t mean to collapse all your roses. These roses are very beautiful”Beast : “You broke the rule here! For so long I have took care of these roses, and you picked it!”Merchant : “Once again, forgive me. Don’t be angry easily. I’ll explain something to you”Beast : “What?”Merchant : “My daughter named Belle wished the roses as her gift. And I have just found all these”Beast : “I will forgive you, premising that you bring your daughter here!”Merchant : “For what?”Beast : “I want to know more about her, I will not hurt her”Merchant : “Are you sure?”Beast : “Believe me”
  7. 7. The merchant went to home and met the Belle. There was Belle reading the book in the livingroom.Merchant : “Belle, I came back!”Belle : “Oh Dad, finally you came back. Where have you been? I’m waiting your arrival..”Merchant : “I’m sorry, I made you anxious. I found roses near the palace..”Belle : “Really?”Merchant : “yes I have found it, do you want to go to palace?”Belle : “To the palace? For what?”Merchant : “Beast wanted you to come there. He wanted you to accompany him..”Belle : “Does he kind?”Merchant : “I don’t know exactly. Be calm please, he will not hurt you”Belle : “Okay dad, I will go there tomorrow”Belle walked in the forest then she found a big palace in the environs of garden. She feltsurprised, then got stride first to the garden. She picked a rose.Belle : “Finally, I found this rose. What a beautiful…”A Beast came and pulled Belle behind. Belle spun and surprised of Beast’s appearance.Beast : “Who are you? What do you want to do here?”Belle : “Beast? I’m Belle. I’m who asked a merchant to meet you soon..”Beast : “So.. you are the girl that he meant?”Belle : “I’m his youngest daughter, lord..”Beast : “Don’t call me lord, call me Beast. Deem me as your friend..”Belle : “It will be good.. so, are you original inhabitant here?”Beast : “Alright, I’m lonely one. I don’t have friends here..”Belle : “Why?”Beast : “My ugly face makes people afraid. No one approached me. I obliged to don’t go anywhere.. I’m afraid if you hate my physical disability..”Belle : “Don’t worry. I’m not wicked as you think. I make friends with anyone..”Beast : “Do you like books?”Belle : “I do!”Beast : “Come on follow me, let’s have some fun in my palace. I collected many books inside..”
  8. 8. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT FOURBeast showed his book collections in the bookshelf. Belle took the one book and read it slowly.They sat in the library and invited the beast’s pets to accompany them. They gathered around andvery happy.Sheep : “Hey Beast, is she your friend?”Beast : “Yes, she’s my friend named Belle. She will accompany us here..”Rabbit : “Holla! Welcome to our library! I’m glad you want to stay here!”Belle : “I heard about Beast from my father. I don’t know about him previously and I’m so surprised now..”Sheep : “And now you can enjoy, don’t doubt about us. We never had guests cause this palace is too dark..”Rabbit : “Yeah, that’s right, we think no one wants to visit this palace.. we are very grate- ful..”Belle : “And I don’t understand why people are so hating Beast? They are not inhuman!”Sheep : “Well, something hard to say, it’s hard to say the reasons..”Rabbit : “I know exactly the real Beast.. he wouldn’t be bad..”Beast : “Oh why all of you talk about me? I’m fine, don’t to be worried to me..”Belle : “Did you know, my father taught me that the pure goodness is from goodness of someone’s heart. Because of his remarks, I’m motivated..”Sheep : “You’re kind girl, Belle..”Rabbit : “I’m sure God always protect and bless you..”Beast : “Hey all, do you want a cup of coffee?”They stopped the dialogue then drank the coffee. It was already 12 o’clock at night. Beastdelivered Belle to the room to sleep night.Beast : “Good night, Belle. Have a nice dream..”Belle : “Night, you too..”Beast closed the door slowly and went back to his room. In his room, he was dreamy abouthimself. Suddenly, a beautiful fairy came to him in the window.Beast : “My pretty fairy, please help me. Why did you make me so ugly? Don’t you feel what I’m feeling?”
  9. 9. Fairy : “I do all this so as you can learn from your behavior previously!”Beast : “I’m so sorry. I promise, I’ll keep my attitude for you..”Fairy : “Hmm, keep attitude to anyone, not just for me!”Beast : “Yeah.. yeah.. please, I don’t want ugly forever!Fairy : “You will find the love of your life and you will be changed back to normal”Beast : “What do you mean??”Fairy : “Night, Beast..”The fairy changed to be small blue light and went out of the window. Beast felt hopeless whilestaring the ceiling blue.In the dawn, Beast invited Belle to walk around the garden. He brought some roses and gave it toBelle.Beast : “Good morning, my beautiful princess..” (while gave the roses)Belle : “Morning, Beast. Thank you for the roses..”Beast : “Morning air was cool, right?”Belle : “Yes, it was very cool. Do you want to hear something?”Beast : “What’s that?”Belle : “Now I’m thinking of my father’s job..”Beast : “How is he?”Belle : “I don’t know. My father is now a self. I’m sure he’s craving my helps”Beast : “I’m sorry, all these is my fault. I have punished him just because the roses might not took of anyone..”Belle : “No problem..”Beast : “Go home, Belle! You have to go see him right now!”Belle returned home that were located quite far. Beast smiled to her from distance. He hopedBelle will be come to accompany him again.In the merchant’s house….Belle : “Dad! How are you??”Merchant : “Belle?? I’m glad you returned to home!”Belle : “I was asked by Beast to return home..”Merchant : “Did he hurt you? Are you okay?”Belle : “Well, he was very kind! I have talked to much with him!”Merchant : “Tell me clearly, how did you feel when you slept in the palace?”Belle : “I like it very much, I slept on the comfortable bed..”Merchant : “What else?”Belle : “Then I talked to his pets. They are very funny!”
  10. 10. Merchant : “I’m glad to hear it..”Belle : “Right, Dad..”Merchant : “Are you sure, he will be your best friend?”Belle : “He deem me as friend. We enjoy together all the day..” BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT FIVEGaston was the rich man in that country. His name was always discussed in anywhere. He livedand raised by his Mom. Gaston was the only and the only. He was looking for life partner.One day in the balcony..Mom : “Gaston..”Gaston : “Yes, Mom?”Mom : “Don’t you want to make a date with the girl there?”Gaston : “I’m not interested of it, Mom. I prefer horseback riding and adventure to the forest..”Mom : “Now you’re an adult! It’s time you look for new lover!”Gaston : “I haven’t found someone who suits with me..”Mom : “Hmm, I know already.. but why don’t you try it? So many girls out there!”Gaston : “I will look for the girl, Mom, it’s also for the sake of your happiness..”Mom : “Whatever what you want to do, I just want you marry soon..”Gaston : “I will try, Mom..”In the midday, Gaston was wandering to the forest with his two guards. As the one of his favoritehabbit, he prepared the archeries to archery the birds fly free.Gaston : “There is!” (while looked for the right target)Guard I : “Wait, lord! Don’t be so soon! Get the right target, come on!!!”Gaston : “Oh shit! The bird got away somewhere!”Guard II : “I think now you’re not able to focus!”Gaston : “Whatever you say..”Guard I : “Hey, see what’s that! Have you ever seen it creature before?”Gaston : “I don’t know.. from which creature?”Guard II : “I think it’s the forest-dwelling creature…”Gaston : “Chase it?”
  11. 11. Gaston and his two guards chased the Beast. Beast awore there were people chasing him and heran quickly. Finally, they didn’t succeed catching it creature and let it got away.Gaston : “Chase it!!!”Guard I : “It already got away. What can we do?”Guard : “We can’t do anything..”Gaston : “Never mind, back to the palace!”They went back to the palace.In the evening, Gaston went to the merchant’s house.Gaston : “Good evening, Sir. Am I disturbing you?”Merchant : “No, please in.. what can I do for you?”Gaston : “I came here because I want to marry your youngest daughter..”Merchant : “Marry?”Gaston : “Yes, Sir. I’m thought to marry her because of her beauty and kindness heart..”Merchant : “Are you sure?”Gaston : “I’m sure of my remarks..”Merchant : “My youngest daughter have never had a relationship with you, so why did you very sure?”Gaston : “I’m looking for life partner, Sir..”Suddenly, Belle came and approached her father.Belle : “What happen? …Lord Gaston?”Gaston : “Belle, I need to talk to you seriously. Honestly, I want to marry you. Will you marry me?Merchant : “Stop!! You’d better go out!”Belle : “Dad, what happen is this? I don’t know! Tell me!Merchant : “He wants to marry you, besides you were not in relationship with him!”Belle : “Oh my god, damn…”Merchant : “Get out please! You’re crazy!”Gaston obliged to back to the palace. He felt disappointed and he were not able to tell his grief toanyone, especially her mother.
  12. 12. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ACT SIXThe autumn has arrived. People around the kingdom were travelling that accrosed the boundaryof it district. Some of gardeners cleaned the street cause of the leaves fell down. There wereBelle and her father appeared in front of house.Merchant : “The views are very beautiful here..”Belle : “Why don’t we travel to the pond?”Merchant : “Too far… how about going to Beast’s palace?”Belle : “That’s good idea, Dad!”Suddenly, Belle saw the letter fell down from the unknown person. She took and read it.Belle : “Where’s the letter from?” (while opened the letter)Merchant : “What’s the content?”Belle : “Oh God, Beast… he was sick, I don’t know in advance..”Merchant : “You have to go see him!”Belle went to the palace quickly. After she entered the room, she saw Beast lying down on thebed. She held his hand at his chestBelle : “Beast, now I’m here.. I came here for you. Do you hear me?”Merchant : “I hear you.. I’m grateful you are here..”Belle : “Tell me why you became sick like this?”Merchant : “I don’t know, how heavy I am.. how ugly I am..”Belle : “I want you to get well..”Merchant : “Maybe my life will not be long before..”Belle : “What? Oh God…”Belle wept while held his hand. The thing unexpected when Beast changed become handsomeprince. Belle was very surprised and wiped the tears directly.Beast : “I have changed..”Belle : “Beast??”Beast : “It’s real me. You have canged my life, allow me to have you, more than just a friend. You’re the girl that I’m looking for..”Belle : “Since I knew you, I started liking you and longer, I feel more deeply to you..”
  13. 13. They were in love and exchanged their feelings. Seemingly the autumn became the ending of thestory. It was nice and beautiful scenery.. THE END