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A school project by Barbara Lay. Notes are not included.

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  • Hello, everyone! I would like to welcome all of the representatives who are here from Northwestern Technologies! My name is Barbara Lay and I am the Account Manager for Fantacular Designs. We specialize in web design, digital graphics, and social media management.Today we will be focusing our attention on the opportunities that social media provides in business-to-business relationships, and more specifically, the benefits of social networking for Northwestern Technologies.
  • I would like to begin by providing some information regarding the emergence of social media. The survey group for this particular study was exclusive to 18-49 year olds, which is the perfect target market for Northwestern Technologies. As you can see on this graph, studies show that social media networks have increased in popularity with this group every year. For Northern Technologies, this chart indicates that 79% of yourtarget audience is spending time on Social Media sites being approached by many businesses, not unlike your own.
  • In light of this research, businesses that are keeping up with the times have reallocated their advertising budget to incorporate Social Media Management. This strategy applies not only to business-to-consumer organizations, but business-to-business as well. A report from Connecting With Consumers shows that over 93% of B2B marketers are using social media for marketing purposes. Out of that 93%, at least 87% of them are communicating with their clients and peers through Facebook and LinkedIn, 81% are utilizing Twitter, and 55% are connecting through YouTube.
  • So what exactly are they doing with those platforms, and why are they doing it? Let’s take a look at the strategies that are being implemented. 60% are using social media to express their expertise in the industry. This helps to establish the business as an authority in their field and gain the confidence of their clients. 49% use social media to attract new clientele, and 41% are using Facebook as one of the avenues to accomplish that goal. 46% of the companies utilizing the social media platforms say their company is benefiting from the consumer feedback they receive on those platforms. Consumers love to have a voice. They are following you, “Liking” your pages and comments, and interacting because they want to. These are the companies that you strive to please. Social media gives Northern Technologies the opportunity to listen to your clients, respond to their needs, and answer their questions.Speaking of asking questions, that can work both ways. 29% of business-to-business companies are using social media to conduct market research. Developing a following on a social media platform is equivalent to having a large group of clients and potential clients attending a meeting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keep in mind, they are all there because they want to be there. Most of the time, they are more than happy to provide feedback if you ask for it.Many businesses are also happy to share information. That’s where LinkedIn steps up to the plate. This platform provides business-to-business communication and support worldwide. That’s why 76% of online B2B companies are planning to increase their use of LinkedIn.All of this information has been rather generic, so far. Let’s take a look at just exactly what social media can do for a company in just a matter of days.
  • Upon the conception of Fantacular Designs in January of 2012, the business consisted of a student marketer and a graduate web designer. After only one client and three months had past, our social media manager joined the team and took the reigns, throwing us into the fast lane. Currently, Fantacular Designs can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as hosting a business blog which showcases our abilities. Although Fantacular Designs began joining these platforms in March, the real action took place in May. After each platform was well established with interesting content our social media manager began the promotion of these sites. In less than one hour of publicizing the content of Facebook, Fantacular Designs was offered a web design opportunity! This graph was pulled directly from our Facebook Insites and displays a dramatic growth between May 9th and May 18th. Within nine days we had increased our Facebook reach by 9900%!So, now that we have all of this attention, what do we do with these platforms, and, more importantly, how can Northwestern Technologies utilize social media to increase revenue?
  • There are numerous ways to use social media platforms to communicate with your target audience. We are going to take each of these platforms and break them down into a list of just a few of the benefits and opportunities they provide. Approaching these sites alphabetically, we will begin with Facebook. This is a site where the personality of your brand can really shine through. Posting photos and videos that adhere to company standards helps people get to know you better and makes your page visually appealing. Adding some professional humor and news about your company keeps them coming back to your site. Once the clientele feels comfortable with your business, the opportunity to cross sell other services or products available through Northwestern Technologies increases.LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect with companies worldwide, start or join discussion boards, and access the latest news pertaining to your industry. When you establish your Company Page, you can enter information about the origin of your business, showcase products and services, and drive traffic to your website and other media pages by adding hyperlinks for easy access. Since other organizations are also providing this type of information about their businesses, LinkedIn serves as a great source of knowledge that stems directly from the experience of others in your field. Another benefit available on LinkedIn is the opportunity to post jobs available within your company and access resumes for those who apply.Twitter allows you to instantaneously connect with the most influential companies in your field. You can follow experts, new companies, suppliers, restaurants, hotels, potential clients, and even follow your competition. These can be sorted into lists, hidden from public view, and accessed at your leisure. Status updates on Twitter are brief, easy-to-read messages that be used to promote sales, share news about the company, and direct traffic to your websites.YouTube is often overlooked as a benefit in business-to-business marketing, but since Google and YouTube are now one in the same, YouTube is getting a lot of attention as a tool for search engine optimization. Videos are convenient and generally more engaging than a printed document. This means they are shared more, which means that your site is accessed more frequently, which increases your rank with Google and makes your company easier to find on the internet. Videos that could be uploaded by Northwestern Technology to promote the business may include a short story about the origin of the business, how-to videos, upcoming events, and testimonials from existing clients.
  • Once you chose the social media platforms that you would like to utilize, it is very important that you include links on each site directing visitors to your other pages. There are two specific benefits to doing this. First, your clients and potential clients will easily be able to access your other sites. Second, creating backlinks increases your rank with Google because they will more readily acknowledge your sites.
  • In conclusion, Fantacular Designs would like to offer Northwestern Technologies a social media package that would include a complete evaluation of your online presence, basic set-up of three profiles of your choice and integration of all sites, a thorough review and update of Northwestern Technologies contact information on up to 50 web directories, and an all-inclusive maintenance plan.On behalf of Fantacular Designs, I must say that it has been a pleasure to meet with you today, and our team would consider it an honor to work side-by-side with Northwestern Technologies to optimize your web presence and increase your revenue!
  • Imkt120 unit1 lay_barbara

    1. 1. 93% of B2B companies are using social media marketing60% use social media to express their expertise in the industry49% use social media to attract new clientele41% are obtaining new customers through Facebook46% benefit from the consumer feedback through social media29% conduct market research through social media platforms76% plan to increase their use of LinkedIn
    2. 2. May 18th Reaching 1202 PeopleMay 9thReaching 12 People
    3. 3. Personality Connectivity Connect with Search Engine Influential People Optimization Visual Appeal Linking Build Lists Engage Audience Humor Resources Brief, Easy-to-Read Promote Your News Employment Messages Business Opportunities Direct Traffic toCross Promotion Websites
    4. 4. Working Together
    5. 5. Social Media Management Package Complete Evaluation Basic set-up of three profiles Integration of all sites Contact Information Review and Update Maintenance Plan
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