What makes a better Fantasy Football Draft Strategy?


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There are several fantasy football draft strategies possible and though the draft strategies need to change with every season – certain fundamentals remain the same.

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What makes a better Fantasy Football Draft Strategy?

  1. 1. What makes a better Fantasy Football Draft Strategy?There are several fantasy football draft strategies possible and though the draftstrategies need to change with every season – certain fundamentals remain thesame.It has to be noted that there are no tried and tested foolproof methods fordrafting and winning in fantasy football. As the pro game changes and fantasyrosters and rules become more refined, draft strategies change. In fact, newcreative fantasy football draft strategies are emerging across fantasy circles and itis worthwhile to know some of them. • It is good to initially focus your pre-draft preparation on the talent in the middle and late rounds of your draft. The outstanding talents are easily identifiable and tend to attract maximum attention leading up to draft day, but then drafts are more won and lost in the later rounds. It is prudent to concentrate your preparations on finding these players. • For your late round picks try high upside young players. At the end of drafts it is easy to focus on the names of such players who will provide justifiable results that can be found on the waiver wire. • It may be a good idea to focus on players who are debutants or players expecting to progress in their second or third seasons. Of course, the fact remains that these players may or may not break out, but assuming they do not, you can still find the modest numbers guy on the waiver wire. Imagine if by sheer chance, you succeed on one of these picks, you can always boast that you unearthed a valuable gem. • Keeping track of the draft picks and the makeup of each teams roster is a highly useful technique but seldom used in fantasy football? Make it a point to tracking opposing rosters as it will help you decide which player or position will be available for your next pick. • The grave error an owner going into a draft can commit is to be tied down to a specific strategy. It is perfectly alright to have a plan, but when a run at a position blows it up, be flexible. • Remember there is ample talent in a draft for you to needlessly pick on a player you are not comfortable with – and that too in early stages. Please know that in the first four rounds of your draft you are building the foundation of your franchise. • As such, pick the best player available regardless of position in these rounds. There is enough scope for quarterback, running back and wide receiver for you to fill at a later round as long as you have made your early picks count. • Position yourself to draft one of the seven elite quarterbacks.Your leagues rules will let you know when you will have to draft a top seven quarterbacks. But be aware that you may need to act early and begin one two rounds earlier if you want to be sure of one of the top seven.
  2. 2. • Once you complete the top six or seven backs, the rest of the top 20 backs begin to appear alike. The top heavy nature of the quarterback along with wide receiver positions with the depth at running back makes possible grabbing an elite quarterback or wide receiver by the end of round two or at best round three. • Lastly, check what quarterbacks say about their receivers during pre- season time. Though head coaches may be circumspect, quarterbacks will often throw hints at their new favorite targets.Source: http://www.ftbl.com/Keywords: Fantasy Football, Football Games, Football News, FootballMatch, Football Updates