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A brief introduction to fantasy football game


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A brief introduction to fantasy football game

  1. 1. A brief introduction to fantasy football game Do you like football game the most and have you ever dreamed of playing it. If you desire to play a football game, then play through fantasy football game and at the same time earn some money through it. What is fantasy football game? It is an online game that deals with football in which the participants are called as owners and the owners earn some fantasy points. In this online fantasy sports game, the owners use the statistics of the real football player and when you consider its history, it was started in 1962 and the father of this game is wikenbach a limited partner in Oakland riders. He was not new to fantasy sports, he had already developed a fantasy PGA golf tour. This time he thought up something different, instead of golf he wanted to try football. This is where the planning began. Wikenbach proposed his idea to writers of the Oakland Tribune, Scotty Stirling, and George Ross and they were surprised by his idea the whole way. Drafting the players are very important and while selecting the players, think about the player you want and it is better to select a player who is having good statistics. There are two effective ways in football fantasy strategy, the first is the traditional draft in that the owners take turns while selecting players in a pre-determined order until each owner has filled his roster. In the second type, you select the player from auction and the owner can try the player until his hands get empty. If you need a good player, follow some tradition and auction tips on internet and through fantasy football websites. Several websites permit the owners to practice draft and don’t get panic if you are not able to draft because Owners who overreach may miss out on great opportunities to draft a high quality player in another position. A fantasy football league can consist of any number of teams that either play head-to-head each week or score cumulative points throughout the season. The season usually begins before the football season with a draft where all the teams of a particular league can choose their players under various guidelines. The Fantasy Football Cup is a huge fantasy tournament including the 23 leading football leagues of the world, more than 2,000 teams, and approximately 25,000 players. Once the
  2. 2. season begins, teams are expected to start different combinations of running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, team defenses and other players each week. The best manager (owners) will be awarded money, prizes or simply bragging rights. Computer simulation games have increased a lot and fantasy football game increases the player mind power and the organizing capability. Source: Keywords: Fantasy Football, Football Games, Football News, Football Match, Football Updates