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Sotrender tracking applications and open graph

  1. 1. Data-driven fuel for social media marketing Tracking, applications & Open Graph Marcin Nagraba (Project Manager) Jan Zajac (CEO) @Social Media Week Open Graph workshop, London, 26.09.2012 1
  2. 2. Where do we come from? 2
  3. 3. Our solution - Sotrender 3
  4. 4. Sotrender: Analyse & optimise Detailed analytics & reporting on KPI, best content etc. One score of social media Management performance of content & workflow Data-drivenrecommendations & calls to action –90 proprietary data mining algorithms 4
  5. 5. Apps & Facebook Pages 5
  6. 6. Facebook Pages & apps go together! Facebook Page is constant communication that App is extended engages and reaches stable user experience number of Facebook users 6
  7. 7. Facebook Pages & apps go together! Contests, customer Constant two-way feedback, communication helpdesk Social ads and Community of Good quality, engaged brand’s fans sponsored everyday content stories 7
  8. 8. Facebook Page & apps go together! App is a story generation V8 engine Supplements Facebook Pages A new way of interaction with the brand A new quality of engagement and boost exposure 8
  9. 9. Importance of tracking Facebook Pages 9
  10. 10. Tracking Facebook Page See ups and downs in fans engagement Time of fans activities => adjust communication to their habits 10
  11. 11. Tracking Facebook Page Check most and least engaging content 11
  12. 12. Tracking Facebook Page Behavioural segmentation of active fans Active fans – ranking of activities and dates 12
  13. 13. Tracking Facebook Page Data-driven recommendations & calls to action – data mining algorithms & specific tips Better engagement = exposure of brand’s content to right people 13
  14. 14. Tracking apps 14
  15. 15. Data-driven apps development process If app doesn’t meet the goals Reqs & – redesign it! Design Analyse Build Launch is just the beginning! Measure Launch 15
  16. 16. Tracking and the Open Graph - Insights Tens of New and active users metrics Active Users, auth, demography, retention Stories: published, impressions, clicks, mobile data etc Actions, impressions, refferals Age, gender, language, country, App’s blocks, spam reports, App’s rates (stars), income (in $) API calls, HTTP errors, page load time 16
  17. 17. To make things simplier 17
  18. 18. Tracking and the Open Graph engage- ment active virality users retention Just essential KPIs for app’s growth and reporting 18
  19. 19. Tracking and the Open Graph – app’s growth virality = new users per existing active users Virality = 9,99% Tips  Focus on 2-3 stories only (e.g. shares & comments).  Landing page and permissions dialog are important as well  Let the users type in a message when taking action, enable explicit sharing actions  Actions in users news feeds are the key 19
  20. 20. Tracking and the Open Graph – app’s growth = returning active users retention (users that used the app more than once). Tips  Design your apps to provide repeat value  Keep the content fresh => e.g. by promoting UGC  Show friends activity feed to users  Encourage competition and collaboration between friends 20
  21. 21. Tracking and the Open Graph - evaluation = quality of traffic engagement Define it on your own to meet your goals (e.g. published actions per active user). monthly active users = quantity scope of apps, number of people Engagement not only exposed but also engaged 21
  22. 22. The future 22
  23. 23. The future is CMTO Source: cxo-chief-marketing-technology-officer-infographic/ 23
  24. 24. Try out Sotrender! Tottally free of charge for 14 days We would be grateful for feedback London, UK: 9 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4YF Warsaw, Poland: Nowogrodzka 50/413, 24