Exciting job opportunity: Prodev Group Holdings


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ProDev Group Holdings is a Rwandan company engaged in activities along the maize value chain, through its two subsidiaries (Minimex SA and ProDev Rwanda Ltd). The company’s activities involve sourcing, handling, storage and milling of maize.
In the short to medium term, the company’s expansion plans will focus on engaging in activities further down the value chain, with one major engagement in animal feeds production. To ensure achievement of its plans in an efficient manner, the company requires the services of a Group Senior Financial.

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Exciting job opportunity: Prodev Group Holdings

  2. 2. JOB DESCRIPTIONPRODEV GROUP HOLDINGS COMPANYProDev Company Holdings is a Rwandan company engaged in activitiesalong the maize value chain, through its two subsidiaries (Minimex SA andProDev Rwanda Ltd). The company’s activities involve sourcing, handling,storage and milling of maize. In the short to medium term, the company’sexpansion plans will focus on engaging in activities further down the valuechain, with one major engagement in animal feeds production. To ensureachievement of its plans in an efficient manner, the company requires theservices of a Group Senior Financial.
  3. 3. SENIOR FINANCIAL MANAGERJOB TITLE: Group Senior Financial ManagerJOB PURPOSE: The GSFM will be responsible for implementing the financepolicies of the Group and its subsidiary companies, financial processing andmonitoring the budget on a day to day basis. The GSFM will be expected tocontribute to the development and execution of the Group’s growthstrategy, advising on the most prudent mechanisms for fiduciary managementof the Group’s subsidiary companies, ensuring that there are proper financialand accounting controls, and identifying investment considerations that willensure that the value of the Group’s assets is protected.REPORTS TO: The Group CEO and the Board of DirectorsSUPERVISES: All the employees in the accounting and finance functions of thesubsidiary companies
  4. 4. QUALIFICATIONSEducation: CPA/ACCA with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant discipline,preferably augmented with an MBA.Skills: The successful candidate must possess the following skills:• Strong stakeholder management and relationship skills• Strong financial management and profit maximization skills• Strong operational experience, with a sound grounding in the financialconsiderations of manufacturing entities.• Excellent people management and communication skills• Strong presentation skills• Strong knowledge of financial compliance and governance requirements• Impeccable integrity and diligence• Proven analytical skills• Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment• Demonstrated ability to work successfully under pressure
  5. 5. Experience: The successful candidate must demonstrate the followingexperience:• Have at least [ten(10)] years of financial management responsibility in a for-profit environment.• Experience in dealing with cost management and optimization.• An appreciation of cost control and commercial negotiations• Experience with initiating and leading improvement programmes, developingand implementing strategic plans and overseeing change• Experience with project management, procurement, overseeing advisors andcontractors• An understanding of private equity fund investor issues• Strong treasury and cash management background• Strong, positive leadership, able to influence service providers andmanagement Teams.
  6. 6. SPECIFIC JOB RESPONSIBILITIESLEADERSHIP:• Advising the Directors, CEO and Board of Directors on the financialimplications, of business/project activities.• Responsibility for understanding the strategic direction of theCompany, providing high level, proactive financial expertise and leadership tothe company as a whole and direction for both short term and long termfinancial planning.• Leading the design and implementation of the structure of financial resourcesand all financial operations of the company.• Developing a strategic proposal for Asset Management.• Providing internal leadership and direction to immediate reports of the FinanceDivision.• Providing input in business planning and product costing.• Assisting in recruiting new officers for the division and develop training modelsfor the departments staff.• Training the finance department and other staff on raising awareness andknowledge of financial management matters.• Responsibility for the Financial Accountability of the business
  7. 7. FINANCES:• Actively managing company cash flow and on a daily basis and generate relevantcash flow projections and forecasting.• Managing cash flow and forecasting; direct all financial, project-based, anddepartmental accounting.• Maintaining internal control and safeguards for receipt of revenue, costs, andproject budgets and actual expenditures.• Preparing of periodic management and statutory financials.• Being in charge of the budgeting, budgetary control and forecasting process.• Coordinating both interim and annual audits with Company auditors.• Overseeing the production of monthly reports including reconciliations as well asfinancial statements and cash flow projections for use by management, as well asthe Audit/Finance Committee and Board of Directors.
  8. 8. FINANCES:• Assisting in the design, implementation, and timely calculations of wageincentives, commissions, and salaries for the staff.• Investigating cost-effective benefit plans and other benefits, which thecompany may offer employees and potential employees with the goal ofattracting and retaining qualified individuals.• Consistently analyzing financial data and present financial reports in anaccurate and timely manner; clearly communicating monthly, quarterly, andannual financial statements; monitoring progress and changes and keepingsenior leadership abreast of the company’s financial status.• Managing and monitor all aspects of company accounts receivable andpayable.• Managing timely computation, payment and submission of all statutorydeductions while ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements.• Overseeing business insurance plans and coverage analysis.• Overseeing the maintenance of the inventory of all fixed assets.• Manage the capital needs and budgeting process for the company.
  9. 9. OPERATIONS:• Participating in the Operational Review meetings and represent the financedivision in those meetings.• Primary interface on all banking, treasury and board-level presentations.• Preparing terms of reference and overseeing the consultancy in the field ofthe financial advisory firms to be engaged by the Company.• Ensuring adherence to accounting standards and legal compliances.• Demonstrating IT capability in fully utilizing & integrating the company’s ERPsystem• Managing all aspects of manufacturing accounting and inventory control.
  10. 10. POLICIES:• Ensuring that existing finance guidelines and related administrativeprocedures are adhered to.• Overseeing all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems ensuringcompliance with appropriate IFRS standards and regulatory requirements.• Collaboratively developing operating policies and procedures,improvement programs and management systems for the attainment ofobjectives of specific projects and the company.• Back stopping the accounting team and the quality assurance of theaccountingsystem.• Applying and demonstrating high quality financial and other relatedmanagement controls.• Abiding by, observing and at all times complying with and give effect to theterms and conditions of the Investment Agreements and ensuring that theCompany does not in any way violate or fail to comply with its obligationsthereunder.
  11. 11. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS• Timely reporting• Compliance with all statutory requirements• Cash management• Driving efficiency in operations, including cost reduction strategies, andadvising on opportunities for greater revenue generation• Timely support to other senior management• Good investor relationsTERMS: Competitive compensation, established by the Board andcommensurate with qualifications and experience. Benefits include housing,full health insurance, company car, communication.EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated by the Group Board ofDirectors.
  12. 12. T H A N K Y O UProdev Group Holding