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Another example of a creative resume. This time a single page resume that summarises my history.

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  1. 1. Carl R W Pullein RESUME British citizen and holder of F2 Visa in Korea. English language instructor, Presentation coach, Writer & May / June 2010 Blogger and Designer Education Carl was educated at Woodhouse Grove School in the county of West Yorkshire, where he graduated with six ‘O’ Levels and two ‘A’ Levels in 1988. Carl then went on to Leeds Metropolitan University, where he read law and graduated with an Honours Bachelors degree in Law in 2001. 1981 - 1988 Woodhouse Grove School 1997 - 2001 Leeds Metropolitan University All education took place in the UK. Employment 2002 - present: BCM Language Institute, Songpa. Seoul. Native English Teacher Since arriving in Korea in July 2002, Carl has worked at the BCM Language Institute in Songpa, Seoul. Carl was originally employed as a native English language 1999 - 2002 Blacks Solicitors instructor, but was soon promoted to Native English Teachers’ Manager and then in United Kingdom 2006 he was promoted to Academic Director, where he was responsible for the Paralegal and Solicitor development of language programmes, as well as teacher training. 1988 - 1999 - Various roles in Before coming to Korea, Carl worked in the law offices of Blacks Solicitors in his the hotel motor industry hometown of Leeds in the county of West Yorkshire, and prior to that he worked in various industries including the hotel sector as well as in car sales for Chrysler, BMW and General Motors in the United Kingdom. Skills and interests COMPUTER PUBLIC SPEAKING DESIGN HOBBIES & INTERESTS Carl is proficient with Carl is a writer and presenter Carl has an interest in design, Carl is a keen runner and Microsoft Office as well as on speaking in public. He and in particular in poster when time permits enjoys with Apple’s iWorks software regularly coaches business design and photography. taking part in marathons. programmes. executives in speaking in public, as well as writing a Carl holds a proficiency Carl also enjoys photography Carl has a working knowledge popular blog. Carl in currently qualification in Adobe and travelling around the o f A d o b e ’s P h o t o s h o p , writing a book on Presenting Photoshop CS3 and has world. Illustrator and InDesign in English. designed many posters for BCM . ACHIEVEMENTS Carl has achieved many things in his working career, but one of his biggest achievements in Korea was the development of the BCM First Class Business programme. The course was developed in the summer of 2006, and has enjoyed remarkable results with over 500 students attending the course each year since its launch. Telephone: 010 2672 8274 / Email: /