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Here's the latest incarnation of my resume. The idea here is to try and recreate a newspaper feel and to make it as interesting as possible to read.

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Resume 5.0

  1. 1. RESUME Carl R W Pullein British citizen and holder of F2 Visa in Korea. English language instructor, Presentation coach, Writer, Blogger and Designer July / August 2011 carl@fandcorp.comIntroduction Carl has had a lot of experience inCarl Pullein has been teaching teaching and presenting. He English and presentations direct tobusiness and presentation English in understands the difficulties of businesses in Asia, designingKorea since 2002. He created the presenting in a foreign language and specific courses for each client’sFirst Class Business™ programme taught many international business industry.for BCM Language institutes, Seoul. people how to overcome their fear ofand has been involved in many presenting. Carl is the author of the Present InEnglish language teaching projects English blog and the author of thethroughout Korea. Carl also runs his own company; book “Presentation Story” which is Fandcorp English Solutions which due to be published in August 2011Born in Leeds in the county of specialises in teaching businessYorkshire in the United Kingdom,Education EmploymentCarl was educated at Woodhouse After arriving in Korea, Carl spent his first eightGrove School in the county of West years working at the BCM Language institute inYorkshire, where he graduated with Songpa-Gu, where he was promoted tosix ‘O’ Levels and two ‘A’ Levels in Academic Director in 2006. In that role Carl1988. was responsible for the management of teachers, development of courses andCarl then went on to Leeds student welfare. Since leaving BCM, Carl hasMetropolitan University, where worked freelance at various companieshe read law and graduated with including LSIS, HS Ad, Roche and Honours Bachelors degreein Law in 2001. Before coming to Korea, Carl worked in the law offices of Blacks Solicitors in his1981 - 1988 Woodhouse Grove hometown of Leeds in the county of WestSchool Yorkshire, and prior to that he worked in various industries including the hotel sector1997 - 2001 Leeds Metropolitan as well as in car sales for Chrysler, BMW andUniversity General Motors in the United Kingdom.All education took place in the UK.2010 - Present 2002 - 2010: 1999 - 2002 1988 - 1999Running his own company BCM Language Institute, Blacks Solicitors - Various roles in theFandcorp English Solutions - Songpa. Seoul. United Kingdom hotel and motor industryFreelance English Paralegal and Solicitor Native English Teachercommunication consultingand teaching
  2. 2. 현재까지 강의해 온 회사들 Carl R W Pullein 국적: 영국 보유 비자: F2 직업: 영어 강사, 프레젠테이션 코치, 작가,블로거,아마추어 디자이너 Employment 2002년 한국으로 오게 된 이래, 칼 풀린 강사는 교육적이면서도 2010년 7월까지 송파 BCM 어학원 흥미롭고, 에너지 넘치는 강의 에서 근무했습니다. 그 곳에서 2004 스타일로 수업을 진행합니다. 년까지 영어 강사로 근무하다, 이후 원어민 강사 매니저로 승진되었으 한국에서의 강의 경력도 이미 9년차 며, 2006년에는 교육이사로 승진, 강 로 접어들어, 한국인들이 영어를 사 의 프로그램 개발 및 강사 교육을 담 용하는데 있어 어떤 부분에 학습 의 당했습니다. 욕을 높이고, 교육하며 변화를 주어 야 하는지 매우 잘 알고 있습니다. 2010년 8월부터는 Fandcorp English Solutions라는 영어 컨설팅 또, Present in English 책의 저 회사를 설립하여, 다양한 기업체에 자이며, 한국의 다양한 회사와 영어 프레젠테이션 및 기타 영어 강 대학교에서 Present In English™ 의를 진행하고 있으며, “고객 맞춤형 를 강의하고 있습니다. 영어 프로그램”이라는 타이틀 아래 각 기업 및 개인에게 적합한 ‘개별 Achievements 영어 프로그램’을 개설하고 강의하 는데 주력하고 있습니다. 지난 업무 경력동안 많은 것을 얻어 왔지만, 그 중 한국에서 얻게 된 가 한국에 오기 전에는, 홈타운인 요크 장 큰 성취는 BCM 어학원에서 First 셔 서부지역 리즈의 Blacks Class Business 프로그램을 개발한 Solicitors 법률 사무소에서 변호사 것이었습니다. 이 프로그램은 2006 보조 및 사무 변호사로 근무했습니 년 여름에 개발된 것으로, 프로그램 다. 그 전에는 호텔에서 근무를 한 런칭 이후로, 매년 500명 이상의 수 경력이 있으며, 영국 Chrysler, BMW 강생들이 참여하는 놀라운 결과를 및 General Motors 영업부에서도 근 이끌어 왔습니다. 무했었습니다. PUBLIC SPEAKING DESIGN HOBBIES & INTERESTSCOMPUTER Carl is a writer and Carl has an interest in Carl is a keen runner andCarl is proficient with presenter on speaking in design, and in particular in when time permits enjoysMicrosoft Office as well as public. He regularly coaches poster design and taking part in marathons.with Apple’s iWorkssoftware programmes. business executives in photography. speaking in public, as well Carl also enjoys as writing a popular blog. Carl holds a proficiency photography and travellingCarl has a working Carl is the author of a book qualification in Adobe around the world.knowledge of Adobe’sPhotoshop, Illustrator and on presenting due to be Photoshop CS3 and hasInDesign published later this year. designed many posters for BCM .