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G T D System


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A simple overview of David Allen's GTD system

Published in: Self Improvement
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G T D System

  1. 1. Meet David Allen
  2. 2. He’s famous for this book
  3. 3. And the whole GTD™ system
  4. 4. So what is “GTD”?
  5. 5. GETTING THINGS DONE GTD is quite simply the BEST productivity system
  6. 6. How does it work? Simple! ple! s si m l th ing e al I lov a nd
  7. 7. It’s all about processing and organising Here’s how it goes...
  8. 8. FIRST
  9. 9. Gather everything in to an INBOX This includes... all the papers around you at home & in your office all the ‘s tuff’ laying around inside your head Email, letter, faxes etc
  10. 10. hi n ga nd an yt In f ac t ne ed to hi n gy ou e ve r yt ith et hi n gw do s om
  11. 11. THEN
  12. 12. Start going through all your stuff Piece by piece
  13. 13. The most important question...
  14. 14. a t is i t? W h
  15. 15. Is it: Actionable ? YES NO Trash it What’s the Reference it next action? Save it
  16. 16. Do it Is it a multi- No Delegate it step task? Defer it Create a project file What’s the next action?
  17. 17. as ic Ru le B
  18. 18. If the action takes less than 2 minutes....
  19. 19. DO IT!
  20. 20. The best thing about the GTD system?
  21. 21. You can use whatever you want as your GTD system. Digital Paper Files
  22. 22. This is just an overview how the e ar n u r li f l y le e yo e al nd r ch a ng ok a c an e b o te m y t h s ys B u GTD the