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ShoutBrand Brief Presentation


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A quick peek at what we are up to at ShoutBrand. We're all about helping you create a strong, compelling Personal Branding which, draws business to you.

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ShoutBrand Brief Presentation

  1. 1. 65%
  2. 2. Personal Branding Online Training Live Workshops & Presentations One-on-One Coaching For Solo-Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Job Seekers@2012 ShoutBrand
  3. 3. Personal Branding New, Fresh Original Content Meaty, juicy, & tested in front of live audiences, including: UCLA Personal Branding Bootcamps SAG-AFTRA Musicians Institute ShoutBrand Intensive Workshops@2012 ShoutBrand
  4. 4. Amazing New Bird Paradigm@2012 ShoutBrand
  5. 5. Propriety Brand Triad A systematic, foolproof method of defining personal band dimensions@2012 ShoutBrand
  6. 6. Rosen-Linesch Color Matrix@2012 ShoutBrand
  7. 7. Funny Educational Videos@2012 ShoutBrand
  8. 8. Tons of Worksheets@2012 ShoutBrand
  9. 9. And Lots of Examples Do you look like you do what you do? If you do: Increases TRUST Decreases DOUBT If you don’t: Increases RISK Decreases DOUBT@2012 ShoutBrand
  10. 10. Nance Rosen, MBA Personal Branding Expert Former marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company Faculty, UCLA Business and Management Continuing Executive Education Host of International Business on public radio Author of Speak-up and Succeed@2012 ShoutBrand
  11. 11. “Famous” Alice Linesch Personal Visual Branding Coach Small Business Marketing Guru CareerBridge Builders Presenter Monday Morning Starters Facilitator Advertising Industry Veteran@2012 ShoutBrand
  12. 12. For Affiliates Inquiries: (310) 837-0513 10131 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034@2012 ShoutBrand