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YDNA maps Scandinavian Family Trees from Medieval Times and the Viking Age


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Peter Sjolund's presentation on YDNA maps Scandinavian Family Trees from Medieval Times and the Viking Age from the 2015 International Conference on Genetic Genealogy.

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  • As for that sibirian mtDNA: People did actually walk or use small boats along the rivers between Botnia bay and the coast of Norway. People did also move over land (and ice) from east to west in the north. Its even pictured in the old map if you look at it! What is it with the swedes that everyone living in the north MUST have moved there from the south of Sweden? People lived by the Botnia Bay long before Sweden made it into a colony. And they travelled in all directions. Suck it up swedes! The people of the north is like the spruce, moving south, not the other way around.
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YDNA maps Scandinavian Family Trees from Medieval Times and the Viking Age

  1. 1. Peter Sjölund Y-DNA maps Scandinavian Family Trees from Medeival Times and the Viking Age
  2. 2. Number of tested people in Sweden NKDL Effect
  3. 3. Family Finder Common Matches Circle
  4. 4. TaxRecords LegalRecords Church Records 1900 1700 1500 DNA
  5. 5. The Bure kinship The most Legendary Swedish Medieval Family How Genetic Genealogy revealed the Truth
  6. 6. The Bure Family Chronicle Johannes Bureus 1568-1652
  7. 7. The Bure Family History has been drowning in fabricated claims of famous ancestry
  8. 8. No written sources exist for northern Sweden in medieval times. The Bure Family History was built on hearsay. Could DNA prove/disprove the story? ? ? ?? ?
  9. 9. ? ? ?? ?
  10. 10. ✓ ? ✓✓ ✓
  11. 11. NorwayDenmark
  12. 12. NorwayDenmark
  13. 13. DNA deprived the Bure Noble Family their alleged paternal Bure lineage but It gave the Bure Family a new (remote) relative: Ötzi the Iceman
  14. 14. YDNA37 match Bergman family Vorontsov Russian Noble Family
  15. 15. DF29 M253 Z131 L22 Z58 Z63 P109 L205 Z74 L300 Z59 Z138 L287 Z60 Z382 Z140 Z73/L1301 L573 L1248 L1302 I1 L803 L813 200 AD
  16. 16. How can we make a Reliable Family Tree from this?
  17. 17. BIGy Now 90+ Big Y tests in the Project Send the results to
  18. 18. Kievan Rus L1302 L1301
  19. 19. 1.Monitor Project Members for new Matches 2.Contact Matches to get them into the Project 3.Show them the Big Tree we’re creating 4.Advocate to Test Big Y to be included in the Tree 5. (if needed) Get Members to Sponsor Tests The Way to Create a Big Y Tsunami
  20. 20. How did mtDNA haplogroup C4a1c end up in Sweden? Only found in one woman across the whole of Europe
  21. 21. How did Haplogroup C4a1c end up in Sweden?
  22. 22. The Evenks in Siberia
  23. 23. How did Haplogroup C4a1c end up in Sweden? From Sibiria sometime prior to the 17th Century
  24. 24. Peter Sjölund Thank You!