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Family office jobs are in high demand right now, but how do you qualify for such positions or even find these jobs? Some family offices can be very secretive, making it difficult to even come in contact with family offices. This presentation discusses the challenges with finding a family office job and how the industry is evolving as it relates to family office job searches. Family Office Executive Search services can help you easily find a family office to work with. If you need more training in the industry please explore our Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) training and certificate program:

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Family Office Jobs

  2. 2. The Family Office Executive Search Process: The following is the process that our 13 person team uses to complete thorough and confidential executive search mandates for family offices globally. FAMILY OFFICE EXECUTIVE SEARCH PROCESS Search Process
  3. 3. What I wanted to talk to you about today is about getting a family office job and family office careers. The first thing is that to work for a family office you have to be able to wear two, three, four, even five hats. In other words, different roles, different abilities. There are multiple billion dollar family office professionals right now like CIOs CEOs at family offices I know that are trying to change jobs right now. They are not well networked, even though they wear different hats and they are very skilled in their direct experience, they still have trouble getting in. I think you have to use all of these pieces of advice to make it in the family office space because there is a lot of competition and fragmentation in the family office industry. The reason why you have to wear many different hats is because many family offices are resources constrained. They have three or five people on their team. I know one $800 million family office I’m working with has only one person managing the money, and they outsource everything else. Imagine how many hats that person has to wear. FAMILY OFFICE JOBS Family Office Jobs
  4. 4. Your pedigree and the amount of assets under management you helped manage or invest does matter. I have spoken with a $20 billion family office about helping them expand their business. You can imagine if you are a CIO of a $20 billion family office, obviously it is more meaningful than a $20 million dollar family office. But any relevant industry experience is far better than working for an investment house that has nothing to do with a family office. Pedigree is important if you went to Harvard or Wharton, obviously that is going to help. Connect with our Team: To get started on getting to know each other please call us at (212) 729-5067 or email us at FAMILY OFFICE JOBS Family Office Jobs
  5. 5. Networking for the long term is key. Many of the people that are helping me out right now have known me for seven years; they knew me as I started my business. If you network with people for the long term, respect their time, be organized and prepared, give them resources all the time that will help them in the long term. There was just somebody that needed help writing a research report for their boss, and they were at a large single family office. There was no way to make money off helping them write this research report, but I sent them six different leads at single family offices they could talk to or network with to write that report for his boss. Maybe when they switch jobs in five years they will want to work with me in some way and it will pay off in the long term. The family office industry is so small and so niche that karma really does happen. The more you give away and be helpful to everyone in the industry, the more it will come back to you full circle. Connect with our Team: To get started on getting to know each other please call us at (212) 729-5067 or email us at FAMILY OFFICE JOBS Family Office Jobs
  6. 6. Be a student of the family office industry. I do not see this very often. A lot of people come to me, and even though they have seven years of experience being an analyst of family offices, they haven’t really studied the family office industry very much, they haven’t really dug into it, they haven’t read about family offices every day. There is only about thirty books ever written about family offices and I own and have read every one of them. I encourage you to do the exact same thing. If you are serious about the industry, invest the money to acquire all those books and read them front to back. Know the industry that you are working in, you will find that nobody else really does that and that will really move you past everyone else. You will have the understanding an knowledge that will help you maneuver the industry. Connect with our Team: To get started on getting to know each other please call us at (212) 729-5067 or email us at FAMILY OFFICE JOBS Family Office Jobs
  7. 7. I encourage you to download our free report. It is a PDF report and includes two chapters from my book. You can get that at You can also get the book, which is called The Family Office Book: Invest Capital for the Ultra-Affluent. Finally if you haven’t already, check out the Qualified Family Office Professional. It is a training an certificate program that you can complete at your own pace from anywhere in the world. To improve your mastery of family office knowledge, it includes over 36 hours of audio interviews with family office CEOs and CIOs. As well as over 200 videos on the industry as well. You can find out more about the Qualified Family Office Professional at If you are interested in finding available jobs within the family office industry, please visit Connect with our Team: To get started on getting to know each other please call us at (212) 729-5067 or email us at FAMILY OFFICE JOBS Family Office Jobs
  8. 8. Laser-Focused on Family Office Mandates is one of the only global family office recruiting and executive search firms globally that exclusively focuses on working with single and multi-family offices. Global Family Office Talent Database: The advantage of working with us here at Family Office Executive Search is that we have the largest database of talent in the industry, with over 73,000+ professionals in our Family Offices Group association. We have met with over 1,200 family offices face-to-face in over 15 countries, and we have relationships with over 50 families through our Billionaire Family Office division. Through our data research, bestselling book on family offices, quarterly family office training workshops, live webinars, training platform, and great brand recognition we have a marked advantage both in reach and understanding. To Learn more about Family Office Executive Search, visit our website: ABOUT THE FAMILY OFFICES GROUP About the Family Offices Group