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E-Course 101.1 - Reflecting Heaven as a Family


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Family Leadership Online is a media outreach of Harvest Ministry, Jon & Ann Dunagan, with a vision to equip families to be more effective for eternity. The theme of E-Course 101 is "KINGDOM-FOCUSED FAMILIES" with 7 Parenting Keys from the Lord's Prayer. This is the introduction session, focused on "Reflecting Heaven as a Family."

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E-Course 101.1 - Reflecting Heaven as a Family

  1. 1. Family Leadership OnlineWhere we areequipping familiesto be more effectivefor eternity.
  2. 2. Genesis 17:7“And I will establish mycovenant between Me and youand your descendants after youin their generations.”
  3. 3. Jon & Ann DunaganHarvest Ministry
  4. 4. Our vision is toprovide biblical-basedtraining for moreeffective family life andChristian leadership.
  5. 5. Session #1Reflecting HeavenAs a Family
  6. 6. Jesus taught usto pray:Thy kingdom come!Thy will be done!
  7. 7. Our homes shouldbe DIFFERENT.There should be anatmosphere of thepresence of God.We are to glorifyGod! We have love.We can forgive.
  8. 8. “Marriage may bethe closest thingto heavenor hell many of uswill experienceon this earth.”--Ed Cole
  9. 9. Heavenly bliss?Our homes shouldbe a slice of thekingdom of God in avery dark world.
  10. 10. “Make your homelike heaven,or it may becomelike hell.”--Ann Dunagan
  11. 11. Your family iscalled to be a lightfor Jesus. . . in your home. . . and from your home. . . to the nations.
  12. 12. May God bless youand your family!Family Leadership OnlineHarvest Ministry, Jon & Ann Dunagan
  13. 13. Harvest MinistryFamily Mission