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Coach Pete's Guide to Avoid Blowing the Limbs Off Your Family Business


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Coach Pete discusses some landmines that could potentially cause serious injury to your family business.

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Coach Pete's Guide to Avoid Blowing the Limbs Off Your Family Business

  1. 1. Coach Pete’s Guide To Avoid Blowing The Limbs Off Your Family Business Staying Protected In Family Business
  2. 2. Your Hopes For The Future • Successful business • Legacy • Succession • Next generation success • Financial success
  3. 3. The Reality of What Happens • Potential Landmines can appear in many facets of life. These threated to destroy healthy relationships and should be handled with extreme caution
  4. 4. Sibling Fighting • Unhealthy rivalry • Past history issues • Personality Differences • Different visions
  5. 5. Next-Gen Issues • Bad behavior • Entitlement • Raised differently • Ill-prepared to join
  6. 6. In-Law Drama • Miscommunication • Unreal expectations • Undermining family • Divorce
  7. 7. Health • Mental health disorders • Addiction • Poor work ethic/vitality
  8. 8. For a FREE copy of Coach Pete’s Family Business Survival Kit, click the link below! Family Business Survival Kit
  9. 9. Play to your potential!