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Competition analysis of Matrimony sites: Study by FPS

An exhaustive review of online exploits done till date by all the relevant matrimonial services by FPS.

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Competition analysis of Matrimony sites: Study by FPS

  1. 1. CompetitionStudy-Matrimonial sites
  2. 2. Chart by chart analysis of the Matrimonial sites & their parent companies
  3. 3. Top 5 Matrimonial Sites Presently • : The world's oldest and most successful matrimonial service. Hundreds of thousands of people have met their life partners through our revolutionary matchmaking service and countless others have made some very special friends.
  4. 4. Top 5 Matrimonial Sites Presently • : is celebrated as the Most Trusted Matrimony Brand combining tradition and technology. A network of 15 regional portals and over 2 Crore members, BharatMatrimony has found a place in the Limca Book of Records for facilitating a record number of marriages.
  5. 5. Top 5 Matrimonial Sites Presently • : was acquired by Info Edge in September 2004. The site enables brides or grooms or their families to identify potential marriage partners by providing suitable matching tools.
  6. 6. Top 5 Matrimonial Sites Presently • : is the fastest growing matrimonial portal in India, promoted by The Times of India group, the largest media & entertainment conglomerate in the country.
  7. 7. Top 5 Matrimonial Sites Presently • : one of the most frequently visited and highly preferred matrimonial site. Providing an ample database of profiles, we are immensely known for the perfect matchmaking, handy navigation and commendable services.
  8. 8. People Group ( ) Consim Info Pvt. Ltd(Bharat Matrimony. com Info Edge India Ltd. Times Business Solutions ltd. Weblink .In Pvt. Ltd (MatrimonialsIndi The Group was formally launched by Anupam Mittal in 2004 to explore opportunities in the Internet and Mobile space. Main services job searches, buying and selling of property, automobiles & connecting people on the internet with information. Premier on- line classifieds company in recruitment, matrimony, real estate, education and related services. “Life Interactive” arm of the Times Group, provides global internet users interactive media to provide support, assistance, and guidance. Provides business solutions for Business-to- Business (B2B), Recruitment, Matrimonial, Real Estate, Travel & Hotel and Ecommerce Web Development Analysis Of The Parent Companies Of The Matrimonial Sites
  9. 9. Analysis Of The Parent Companies Of The Matrimonial Sites People Group ( Consim Info Pvt. Ltd (BharatMatri Info Edge India Ltd. Times Business Solutions ltd. Weblink .In Pvt. Ltd (Matrimonials Structured into two different companies - People Interactive and People Infocom. People Interactive is the Consumer Internet arm of the Group and owns the parent brand Bharat Matrimony is Consim’s maiden venture which proved to be quite successful to get recognized by Limca Book of Records Founded JeevanSathi.c om with 14 offline JeevanSathi match points SimplyMarry.c om was founded on 2006 reaching much number of traffic & actual registrations proving its success story MatrimonialsIn dia.Com has become the interactual virtual marriage bureau getting more than 200 profiles every day
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. •World’s largest matrimonial website •Founded by Anupam Mittal in 1996 •Ranked as the No.1 matrimonial brandin the ‘Most trusted brands survey’ releasedby Brand Equity in2010 •Launched ‘Angry Brides’a facebook game to create awareness and showcasethecompany’s stand against dowry •Has offices in UK, USA, Canada, UAE andinall the major cities in India
  13. 13. • A feature-rich dating and matrimonial site that includes a very helpful popup tool system that guides you through the process. • A Shaadi Toolbar is available that makes accessing the site very easy; the toolbar alerts you to new messages right away
  14. 14. • Reported to be India's number one matrimonial services provider, as determined by number of site visitors. • Unconditional guarantee with 100% money back. • New Android mobile app launched by it enabling people to access it via smart phones.
  15. 15. Revenue model • Somebody comes on [to the site], signs up, and puts up a profile • Then there’s “Person A” & “Person B” who find that they are interested in each other • “Person A” sends a request to “Person B” by clicking a button • After accepting, any one of them has to pay to take the conversation further, or else they are stuck • It’s only when they have found somebody, they have to pay
  16. 16. Membership scheme
  17. 17. Challenges • has been wondering how it can bring back customers to its website because once their objective is fulfilled, they has no reason to return •Until 2005-2006 most people didn’t even understand what they are up to •“Why should I go online to find a partner? You must be desperate to [if you have to go] online.”That mentality was a challenge •Cultural barriers •Buying advertising was initially very hard
  18. 18. How is it different from other matrimonial sites? • took the first step of a movement against dowry through ‘Angry Birds’; Engagement level on Facebook is very high
  19. 19. Reviews
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  25. 25. Learning •It has extended its services to various platformssuch as mobile, television and DTH •In the offline space, has launched Shaadi Centers and now has a network of over 100 centers across 87 Indian cities •Most of their spending is online but they do campaigns from time to time
  26. 26.
  27. 27. •Founded in1997 by Murugavel Janakiraman •Has 130 offices inIndia, withoneoffice in Dubai •In 2006, thewebsite earned into the Limca book of World Records for havingfacilitatedthe highest number of documented marriages online in India •Has mobile appsfor iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia and android users inIndia
  28. 28. Revenue model •Bharat Matrimony has a network of 15 regional portals and over 2 Crore members •It makes more than 85% of its revenues from user subscription revenues at Bharatmatrimony •They also have a huge tele-marketing team to convert the parents of brides/grooms to become a paid member •Various membership plans that differ according to the length of time a profileis posted, and features like level of personalization, special highlightingof the profile, access to verified phone no. , etc
  29. 29.
  30. 30. • Standard membership is free and contains the usual benefits - create a personal profile as well as your ideal partner profile. You can send and receive expressions of interest and send voice messages to members that you are interested in.
  31. 31. • Paid memberships, as usual, offer considerably more benefits. Bharat Matrimony restricts free membership to one regional portal but with a paid membership you can search in all 15 regions for your ideal partner. You also receive a number of verified phone numbers with memberships.
  32. 32. • If you feel you need that extra support, Bharat Matrimony offers individually tailored extras like the Matrimony Booster which emails your profile in an attractive format to up to 250 members who meet your ideal partner profile.
  33. 33. • There is the Astro Match feature which ensures you know whether a prospective partner is an auspicious astrological match. • Bharat Matrimony also offers an online matchmaker service who will help you create your profile and horoscope, and personalize an email for you to send to all matching profiles.
  34. 34. Membership scheme
  35. 35. Challenges •Main competitor “” has a strong base in the northern part of India •Other means of finding a partner like social gatherings , family, and other networks •To build trust on online marriages •When it comes to attracting new users in the first place, the biggest limitationthat matrimonial portalsface is that of low internet penetration
  36. 36. How is it different from other matrimonial sites? •Only portal to provide Verified Profiles, VerificationServices, 15 region specific portals, free horoscope generation in 9 languages, real time horoscope matching in 6 languages, Multi-lingual interface, Matrimony Reference and Mobile Alerts to name a few. •Number of marriages they have arranged is far more higher than any other site in the world and created a world record •Agencies like JuxtConsult and Alexa have ranked them as the most visited and the best recalled brand name in India.
  37. 37. Reviews
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  41. 41. Source: 925103365
  42. 42. Source: 925103365
  43. 43. Learning •Uses a variety of channels for promotion like TV commercials, Newspapers and magazines, as well as the internet •For television, the company has produced a large number of ads, most of which have been designed to target the youth of this generation •Makes use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for promotions •The company has both a Facebook App and a Facebook community •The companies Twitter feed seems to be the most neglected of all, with the company selecting it to post “thank you, we will resolve your issue soon” messages to complains
  44. 44.
  45. 45. • There is both free and paid memberships. Standard Membership is free and it is easy to register. You can create a profile for yourself or for a family member and define the ideal partner profile.
  46. 46. • With the free membership, you can access all profiles and express interest, but you cannot share contact details or send messages to members that interest you which limits the possible success of a free membership.
  47. 47. • If you are considering paid membership, then there two main types - the eRishta (relationship) and the eValue membership. With both type of memberships, you can contact members by an inbuilt messaging system or through the online instant messaging.
  48. 48. • There are also special features to enhance your chances of finding your ideal partner. If you find writing that perfect profile a pain and you are not great with words, then Matri Profile might be the feature for you. Experts will edit and write your profile to show off your personality to its best.
  49. 49.
  50. 50. •Fastest growing matrimonial portal in India, promoted by the Times of India group • is the country's first matrimonial portal to attain huge success from the Swyamvars organized every week for the benefit of different communities across the country
  51. 51.
  52. 52. • As part of the Times of India Group, has a reputable company behind it and it shows in the quality of the site. The website provides an online matrimonial service which is accessible to all, for a fair price and with no unnecessary add-ons.
  53. 53. • The standard membership is free and allows you to create a personal profile, indicate your ideal partner profile and initiate interest to members who you think might be a possible match. • You can upload your pictures and there is also the option of uploading pictures of your family
  54. 54. • In general, the quality of the pictures is good and you can enlarge them to get a better look. Even better, enables security to protect your pictures so they cannot be downloaded from the website without your knowledge.
  55. 55. • When searching through profiles, you can restrict your searches to categories that you prioritize most, for example, location, religion, education or profession as well as using an advanced search to look for profiles that match your ideal partner profile.
  56. 56. • The Speaking Tree Soulmate matrimony is for those members who want to find a partner who matches their spiritual interests as well as physical. The idea is to find a partner who is willing to develop their religious or spiritual commitments with you. Then there is the 'HUM=TUM' Manifesto for Equality in Marriage.
  57. 57. • Other features include finding if a profile matches yours through the 'match-tech' feature which matches profiles according to a persons astro-details, socio-economic situation and physical attributes. • The 'astro match' feature checks to see if their astro chart is in line with yours
  58. 58. • is a VeriSign Secure site which means that it guarantees the safety of your details when making payments. The memberships also allow you to access a generous number of members' contact details for each subscription.
  59. 59. Membership scheme
  60. 60. Challenges •Risingtide of divorces across urban India could threaten their businesses •The competitors have been pushing their offline presence up in the past few years
  61. 61. How is it different from other matrimonial sites? •It is Metro based •Owned by the eminent group of the Times Of India, its got lots of credibility
  62. 62. Reviews
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  68. 68. Learning •Competitorslike & are dominating the market • is the country's first matrimonial portal to attain huge success from the Swyamvarsorganized every week for the benefit of different communities across the country.
  69. 69. Drawbacks Question of Authenticity- Asthe registration is free for some matrimonial websites, people create fake profiles online. People generally not able to differentiatebetween a genuine and a fake profile and becomes a victim of fraud. Confidentiality- Asinternet can be accessed universally you never know how far your private details will travel. People can create fake profiles by using your name and put degrading content in it. This can be fatal for one’s reputation. Past Life-Many people don’t reveal their true details about there past lives or informationabout their past actions. They can put incorrect informationonline and misleadothers. Disparity : Inthe beginning stages everything is in air, the match expectation and the interest hits are way apart. Figuring out the best out of the lot of alluring choices create a haphazard situation. Deceptive Profiles-In some cases, members write down false informationabout them. Therefore one should be careful enough to have the detailed information before making any final decisions. Overseas Matches-One need to be extra careful while contacting an allianceout of India. Every year there are many cases of NRIs who were already married and again got married through these sites. Abrupt back out- Fewpeople contact others just for the sake of fun. It is easy for such people to back out from their commitment. Therefore never fully trust a person till you meet him/her.
  70. 70.
  71. 71. • Before registering, you can search member profiles on to check whether there are members you would be interested in. This is a great tantalizer as you do not get full access to the profiles.
  72. 72. • is divided into several sub-categories: profession matrimonial, religion matrimonial and caste matrimonial so you can prioritize your search according to the categories which matter most to you - or ignore them if you want to increase your options.
  73. 73. • As with most sites, the paid memberships bring the most benefits. From silver membership upwards you can send personalized messages and see a limited number of verified contact details. For those of us who can't think of what to say to a member with a great profile - there are personalized message 'templates' to help us get started.
  74. 74. • Gold Membership offers a few extra features to increase your odds of finding your perfect partner including listing your profile in bold and adding a 'call me free' icon to your profile. If your budget stretches to a Premium Membership then you are guaranteed personal assistance in your search.
  75. 75. • The website also has a few additional features which make it stand out - there is an activities summary on your home page which helps you monitor the profiles you have contacted and which profiles you are waiting for responses, which have responded - negatively or positively.
  76. 76. Mode Of Operation,, & all function online as well as in offline manner. isthe sole online operational matchmaking website. Their modes of operating are mentioned in following slides.
  77. 77. Operates via offline as well as online mode • These are known as Shaadi Centres Offer personalised services & secure database • A well-trained team of Relationship Advisors assist members in their search for a life partner.
  78. 78. Services both online & offline • has 2300 affiliates Services cater the NRI communities also • Setting up operations in USA, Dubai, Canada and more recently in UK
  79. 79. Offline points set up for • Presently 14 offline Jeevansathi Match Points & some franchisee centres Assisted services • help prospective brides or grooms or their families understand and interact with site
  80. 80. is operated in offline mode • Commendable offline medium for prospective brides and grooms to meet and interact but also, the right address for better profiles. Targeting Social Media & increased popularity • Person can share with potential matches their social media info like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn
  81. 81. operates through online medium • Online portal for matchmaking Functions globally • Aids users to find their perfect match across countries, religion, caste and communities
  82. 82. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatri JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com Matrimonial Types of memberships: a) Standard free b) Gold c) Diamond d) Diamond Plus e) Platinum Types of membership: a) Standard free b) Classic c) Classic Plus d) Classic Super e) Combo Types of membership: a) Free standard b) eRishta c) eValue Types of membership: a) Standard Free b) Platinum c) Platimum Plus d) Diamond e) Diamond Plus f) Gold g) Gold Plus Types of membership: a) Standard Free b) Silver c) Gold d) Diamond e) Premium
  83. 83. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatri JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com Matrimonials Features like SPOTLIGHT & BOLD LISTING increases interest in one’s profile Matrimony Booster will email one’s profile in an attractive format to up to 250 members who match his/her ideal partner profile. A follow up text will be sent to members who received an email Apart from BOLD LISTING, the other features to boost responses here are- RESPONSE BOOSTER & MATRI Profile For better responses the benefitted people are those who go for the Gold Plus Memberships & the Diamond Plus ones as they get to give a free ad in Times of India There is an activities summary on home page which helps you monitor the profiles you have contacted and which profiles you are waiting for responses, which have responded - negatively or positively.
  84. 84. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatri JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com MatrimonialsI There’s only the Bold listing & Spotlight add ons for Diamond Plus & Platinum Plus members to increase visibility for a specific time limit. Classic Super & Classic Plus members have the benefit of better profile visibility in search results eValue Membership offers feature in special searches for members with contact details visible For Diamond & Platinum membership there’s advantage of Text link & Picture profile link respectively in the home page For Diamond & Platinum members it offers the feature of their own presentable web page
  85. 85. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatri JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com MatrimonialsI Verification of contact number is done which enhances the response rates as well as there’s a Shaadi Seal feature which is obtained after proofing the personal intel People going for paid memberships get the advantage of protecting personal information including photos, horoscope, reference and matrimony stamp Jeevansathi offers a service to verify telephone numbers. Apart from this theres a security measure to safeguard pictures uploaded & also hiding profiles Simplymarry.c om enables security to protect your pictures so they cannot be downloaded from the website without your knowledge After being registered in the site, the security team takes 48 hours to process the resgistry to avoid fraudulent cases
  86. 86. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatri JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com Matrimonials Dedicated Relationship manager assists with profile creation, searching and screening, contacting, follow up and arranging meetings Personal matchmaker services. Individual assistance in searching and short listing profiles. Personalized horoscope matching service & e- mail service Jeevansathi connects its online service to Matchpoint Offices in seven cities across India. Staff tries to match the most suitable profiles and gives advice on how to make the most of membership Organizes regular Swyamvars events in cities around India which have proved popular for prospective brides/grooms and their families to find a match. For Platinum members there is personalised services from the site.
  87. 87. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatrim JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com MatrimonialsI 2 notable features: a) Speaking Tree Soulmate matrimony (members who want to find a partner who matches their spiritual interests as well as physical)
  88. 88. Analysis Of The Matrimonial Sites BharatMatrim JeevanSathi. com SimplyMarry. com MatrimonialsI b) 'HUM=TUM' Manifesto for Equality in Marriage. Sets out the belief in respect for each other in marriage and the need to share responsibility