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Graduate School pays off for University- bussiness story ready to edit


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Graduate School pays off for University- bussiness story ready to edit

  1. 1. Graduate School pays off for Coastal Carolina University By: Falicya Crace Graduate school programs at Costal Carolina University are carrying in the money. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, most college students want to pursue more knowledge in their degree and advance their education by going to graduate school. According to the Council of Graduate Schools, more than 1.7 million graduate students were enrolled in programs in fall 2014. Graduate school is considered to be the smart move and the slam dunk investment for recent college grads with a bachelor’s degree. However, graduate school is not only a smart investment for the students that apply, it is a smart investment for the universities that offer graduate programs. Coastal Carolina University knows that it is a great investment to offer graduate programs and has jumped on board with other universities by offering graduate programs in four schools of study. They are the Wall College of Business Administration, Spadoni College of Education, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and theCollege of Science. Coastal Carolina University knows that the more areas of study they offer within the four schools, the more money they will bring in. One of the top graduate programs at Coastal is The Wall College of Business that offers grads the opportunity to get a master’s degree in Accountancy, Business Administration, Business Foundations, and a Certificate of Fraud Examination.
  2. 2. Wall College knows that nationwide a graduate degree in business is very sought out and profitable for the university. According to Forbes Magazine, the average cost of attending graduate school for business for a full year is roughly around $102,355. The Wall College of Business is one of the most popular schools here on campus for graduate students due to having a 93% employment rate for graduate students once they graduate. The Dean of The Wall College of Business, Barbara Ritter, said that the number one priority in terms of graduate programs within The Wall College is to provide a high quality program that enhances student knowledge, skills, and abilities, permitting graduates to influence their chances for success in the workplace after they graduate. “After successful completion of CCU’s graduate program, students have a wide array of opportunities in public accounting, industry, governmental, and not for profit accounting, finance, wealth management, and many other options. I am glad I completed this program,” said Stephani Bogioli a ’13 graduate student on the Wall of business graduate program website. According to the Associate Provost and Director of Graduate Studies, James Luken, Coastal Carolina graduate students that are in state, pay $542 per credit hour. For most graduate students. The average semester requires for them to take four to five classes which in total will coast them around $2,710 a year. For students out of state the cost is $979 per credit hour which is roughly around $4,895 a year. With combing both the tuition of an out of state graduate student and an in state graduate student the university is bringing in an average of $7,605 per year for every two students.
  3. 3. Coastal Carolina University in fall of 2014 had 612 graduate students enrolled which included 76% in state students and 25% out of state students. Coastal Carolina University brought in average of $1,243,890 for in state students and an average of $748,935 for out of state students bringing in a total of $1,992,825 for the year. However the value for each graduate program is not solely based on how much revenue it is bringing in. The Dean of College of Science, Michael Roberts, said that the value of most of the graduate programs at Coastal is not simply the revenue, that it is also the elevated level of academic discourse that comes with bringing graduate students into the campus community. There is though some graduate programs that are expected to bring in a certain amount of revenue each year. “It depends some programs are expected to make direct revenue while others are expected to make less,” said Roberts. “For example graduate programs in the sciences could be seen as high cost programs. However, with the elevation of experiential activity that comes with a science graduate program, one may see an increase in grants and contracts that counteract the costs. CCU currently has about $8M in active grants and contracts that in many cases is a consequence of the activity of faculty that participate in graduate programs.” Coastal Carolina University is continuing to add more graduate programs to the four schools that currently offer graduate programs. The school is proud of the graduate program and what it has to offer for recent college grads wanting to take their education a step further. If the cost of graduate school remains the same Coastal will be bringing in an additional $7,971,300 over the next four years in graduate studies alone.