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Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2019


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Is your marketing strategy ready for 2019? Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the biggest marketing trends that will change the way marketers think about chatbots, social e-commerce and video next year. During the webinar, you'll learn about:

The social media trends to watch in 2019
The changes to expect from major social networks
The way brands are already leveraging these trends

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Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2019

  1. 1. Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2019 #FalconEd
  2. 2. Norbert Sauter Strategy Advisor Your Presenters. #FalconEd TJ Kiely Content Marketing Manager
  3. 3. 1. Stories 2. Social Ecommerce 3. Messaging 4. Social Advertising 5. Social TV 6. AR 7. Purpose-driven Marketing 8. Groups Q&A #FalconEd Today’s Agenda.
  4. 4. Stories.
  5. 5. Stories are growing in popularity across the major networks Stories.
  6. 6. “The Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends…” - Chris Cox, Chief product officer at Facebook Stories.
  7. 7. Consider creating recurring “episodes” that happen on certain days on Instagram and saving them to your Highlights. BuzzFeed has explored this idea on its own Instagram channel as well as it’s sub-brands’ channels. Stories.
  8. 8. When creating organic content for Instagram Stories, remember to develop content that fits the format. 
 These vertical, “how-to” videos from Lowes do just that. Stories.
  9. 9. Remember to include a strong CTA in your Stories. Facebook has now released a new set of CTA stickers for Pages Incorporating polls and links into your stories is a surefire way to increase engagement on Instagram. Stories.
  10. 10. Social Ecommerce.
  11. 11. Ecommerce as a whole is projected to grow over 20% in 2019. Facebook Marketplace gave us a first glimpse at social commerce over two years ago. Instagram now has a shopping tab in Explore, shoppable tags for posts and Stories. Snapchat’s visual product search feature allows users to snap and buy via Amazon. Social Ecommerce.
  12. 12. Social Ecommerce. “Over 1 in 4 users purchased a product or service via social media.” - globalwebindex
  13. 13. Messaging.
  14. 14. “Our biggest competitor by far is iMessage.” - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Messaging.
  15. 15. People are sharing more photos, videos and links on WhatsApp and Messenger than they do on social networks, according to Zuckerberg WhatsApp had more MAUs (monthly active users) than Facebook as of September 2018 User spent 2.8x the amount of time in WhatsApp (85 billion hrs) than they did in Facebook (30 billion hrs) from during a 3 month period in 2018 Messaging.
  16. 16. WhatsApp business API in August 2018, the messaging app will soon become a major player in the social customer service marketplace 68% of consumers say messaging apps are the most effective way to communicate with businesses 10 billion messages sent every month between businesses and consumers on messenger Messaging.
  17. 17. KLM uses Messenger to share flight information with customers, such as booking confirmations, check-in notifications, boarding passes and flight status updates 15% of all online boarding passes sent via Messenger Messaging.
  18. 18. Messaging. Live Nation Concerts is using messaging to send fans simple reminder alerts when shows go on sale
 These concert alerts have gotten a 33% CTR
  19. 19. With social transitioning towards more private social messaging, it’s impossible for brands to have 1:1 conversations with customers at scale. But chatbots can offer businesses significant benefits, including: •Reducing the workload for frontline staff, allowing them to focus on more complicated customer issues •Being available 24/7/365 •Increasing convenience for customers by letting them access basic information quickly and easily •Keep the conversation active Messaging.
  20. 20. Optimize Social Advertising.
  21. 21. Prices of online and TV advertising are going to assimilate with people spending more time online than watching TV. Social ads spending is projected to grow from $68 to $185 billion in the next three years. Networks are continuously releasing new ad format and placement options to create space and novel ways to reach users. Optimize Social Advertising.
  22. 22. Optimize Social Advertising. Get smarter about your audience. Behavioural targeting > Interests targeting Tailored messaging that keeps evolving.
  23. 23. Social TV.
  24. 24. Source: Nielsen’s Social TV Ratings Social TV. Social media is playing a massive role in engaging TV audiences today, but that’s not necessarily what we mean by “social TV” TOP 10 MOST SOCIAL TV SERIES OF 2018
  25. 25. New platforms like IGTV, Watch and Quibi (launching in 2019) are competing against TV for your attention Facebook is introducing a new ad formats for Watch in 2019 - including a partnership with HBO Facebook users are watching over 100 million hours of video on the platform daily • 75 million daily visitors spend more than 20 minutes in Watch on avg. Social TV.
  26. 26. In 2019, 10 minutes of every hour spent consuming media across TV and internet will come from individuals streaming video on mobile Over 60% of all online video views now take place on mobile 85% of people watching videos on social media without sound Social TV.
  27. 27. “With Facebook Watch, we set out to demonstrate what it looks like to build deep bonds through watching online video, instead of just having a passive viewing experience.” - Facebook’s VP of video Fidji Simo Social TV.
  28. 28. Augmented Reality.
  29. 29. “AR is a big idea, like the smartphone — I think AR is that big, it’s huge.” - Apple CEO Tim Cook
  30. 30. There will be more than a billion users of AR applications by 2020. ToF cameras are finding their way onto the back of your favourite phone. Car manufacturers are experimenting with smart windshields that support AR. Augmented Reality.
  31. 31. Purpose-driven Marketing.
  32. 32. Unlike cause-related marketing, purpose-driven marketing is connected to the brands’ values. Purpose-Driven Marketing. “We believe that the strongest bond you can build with your consumers is over shared values.” - Dave Stever, CMO at Ben and Jerry’s
  33. 33. Today’s consumers want to know what your brand stands for: • 78% of Americans believe companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well • 68% say they would feel more willing to share content with their social networks from purpose-driven companies • 79% say they prefer social purpose-driven brands and would be more likely to purchase from them Purpose-Driven Marketing.
  34. 34. Purpose-Driven Marketing. It can be scary for brands to start speaking about larger issues, but when done correctly the results can be mind-blowing….
  35. 35. Purpose-Driven Marketing. This video communicates the same information from the Facebook post on the last page, but the company’s risk to dramatise the issue lead in very different results
  36. 36. Groups.
  37. 37. Groups. Groups are largely uncharted territory when it comes to marketing. Brands have tried launching their own groups as response to algorithm changes with varying degrees of success. Existing groups provide a self-selected target audience typically centered around a common interest.
  38. 38. Questions? #FalconEd