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A deep dive into the disruptive force of virtual reality. How will VR change the way we do business in the future? How can brands leverage the technology to own and personalize brand experiences? Here are the key takeaways from Falcon’s Director of Product Innovation, Mikael Lemberg’s as presented during Social Media Week Copenhagen 2017.

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  1. 1. The Future of Brand experiences is Virtual Reality.
  2. 2. What is VR? An experience Mixed realities Hyper-mobility
  3. 3. Interaction has Evolved. Meet in person Meet on the web Meet on the phone VR: Making digital interactions more real
  4. 4. VR: a Disruptive Technology. What does VR mean for my industry? Will my brand become obsolete? How can I create new immersive experiences?
  5. 5. Prediction: VR will make 80% of all hardware products obsolete.
  6. 6. VR In Action. Experience four worlds from Google here:
  7. 7. Fashion. Share your shopping experience with friends. 7 VR In Action. “Try on” clothes in your home Social shopping
  8. 8. Design. IKEA: What’s Cooking in the Virtual Kitchen? Switch finishes, open drawers, and be the size of a child Eases the decision making process See it in action here: VR In Action.
  9. 9. Be in the game. Unprecedented experiences Share the game with your friends Still close to cold beers in fridge VR In Action.
  10. 10. 10 Dream ≠ reality. A lot of pieces need to fall into place for Virtual Reality to take off. VR In Action.
  11. 11. Groceries. Personalized supermarket layouts Find the right product and 
 related suggestions fast Digital impulse buying Frictionless shopping VR In Action.
  12. 12. VR Puts People First. Have personal experience with family and friends. Life-like social experiences with finger movements and facial expressions. Experience Facebook’s Oculus Connect virtual reality here: VR In Action.
  13. 13. From Static to Interactive Experiences. Know who you’re talking to Provide 1:1 tailored experiences Create immersive experiences that show customers what they are actually looking for.
  14. 14. Virtual tourism? How can VR help the tourism industry create personalized brand experiences?
  15. 15. Snackable Experiences. VR can be the catalyst for turning wanderlust into a customer willing to pay to experience the rush. VR content can provide immersive glimpses into the real-life experiences customers crave. Image the persuasive power of offering prospects a virtual elephant ride in Thailand opposed to just showing a photo.
  16. 16. Photos…
  17. 17. Reality…
  18. 18. DATA + VR = WIN VR is going to disrupt everything we think we know about business. Data is the key to getting it right.
  19. 19. Prepare for 
 the Future. 1. Collect customer data 2. Identify which brand experiences you can digitize 3. Start playing with VR
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