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A Review of Employment Timeline

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. James Falasco Timeline Early Years Grew up in Ohio and had a great childhood. Enjoyed sports and outdoors activities. Accomplishments were being an Eagle Scout and getting good enough grades to enter College. College Fantastic college experience at Bowling Green State University . Worked two jobs to pay for living expenses. Joined fraternity and was active in community service as an assistant scoutmaster of local troop. Graduated First Work Experience First two jobs after college were in education. Decided to enter graduate school and work on Master’s Degree and continue as academic instructor. Upon getting Masters assumed role at University of Illinois Medical Center as Head of Data Processing. Through the insertion of computer technology into my lab I became acquainted with various vendors. One recruited me to sell to academia Professional Entry Joined a group within General Electric that focused on computer technology. Got excellent training and made additional contacts among technology companies. Was recruited by one to sell sophisticated scientific computing technology. Took position and got married. Moved to Texas and then California to take another position with a customer I had sold to and helped their business grow. Worked in California and covered entire US for a variety of high tech companies both large and small start ups. Currant 5 years ago had opportunity to leave California and move back to Texas. Came back to work for my mentor at a small high tech holding company. Sold our group to General Electric after one year of me being in Texas. Stayed to play several roles in organization’s transition. . In the fall of 2008 I left the embedded group to pursue other opportunities. In my time at General Electric I had learned the Asia business development process having gained design wins in China, Korea, India and Singapore for multiple embedded computing products. I maintained the revenue stream for the products designed at our Richardson facility and closed several million dollars in bookings. I also took on the graphics and video line from our acquired operations in Canada and generated over 20 new design wins.