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Telecom Experience


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My Experience Outside DOD / Aerospace Mkt.

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Telecom Experience

  1. 1. Intel/Dialogic Telecommunications / Wireless Experience In early 1997 CSPI,, was undergoing senior level management changes. As the Western Region Manager for over seven years I had built a business base of 5M in the Western US and was influencing an additional 5M in business through OEM contracts where the purchases were happening outside my territory but greatly leveraged by my customer base and their designs. This business flow was all DOD technology sales into prime contractors, systems integrators and government lead labs. I considered several factors as I undertook a career move. I wanted to take a break from selling almost entirely into the DOD market. At this time the DOT Com market was starting to take off and wireless and VOIP applications that leveraged the internet were exploding. I thought this was an ideal time to break out of the DOD typecast eco-system and learn an entirely new business community. Through a long time associate, Geoffrey Cohler, , I became familiar with a group, Spectron Microsystems , a subsidiary of Dialogic Corp. who sold Real Time Operating Systems and other types of software tools for the control of DSP Chips. The primary market was telecommunications including hand held devices, and other “appliances”, being considered for the “Dot Com Gold rush”. It was appealing to be involved with software sales and I joined as Western Region Manager in June, 1997. We quickly became involved in several projects with Texas Instruments that allowed them to sell more DSP chips into the emerging telecoms applications that revolved around their new C6 and C54X lines. One exciting package, DSP BIOS, created an IDE tool environment that measured processor utilization and managed other aspects of the microprocessor engine. I worked closely with the TI channels to drive design win activities as well as other customers who required a small embedded real-time software tool chain. Key design wins were gained with a number of telecom groups, and appliance manufacturers. It soon became apparent to Dialogic that they were sitting on a potential licensing goldmine. Wanting some quick revenue they soon decided to divest the Division to Texas Instruments. I participated in the exit strategy and then in February of 1998 remained with Dialogic when they finalized the divestiture. Along with Mike Mercadante who was VP. of Engineering myself and several others remained with Dialogic and drove sales of a new DSP design called the DM 3 , We focused on carriers, wireless infrastructure providers and internet appliance designers. After several months it became clear that a great deal of additional software would be required to amalgamate applications but more importantly the lack of a “killer app” emerging led to slow acceptance of the design model. I began looking for other ways to leverage my skill sets while Dialogic was looking to regain shareholder value by selling the company to Intel. Dialogic had grown to a multi million dollar organization but the fragmentation of the telecom market was starting to effect margins. At the same time Intel was coming out with the new Pentium lines and looking for channels. I was attracted to a major Intel partner , Maxwell Technologies / I-Bus. This group was an 80 M operation that integrated Dialogic hardware along with industrial computer mother boards built around the Pentium. Intel had begun an aggressive play to sell chips through channels that actually added more value then the common laptop or desk side server.
  2. 2. These “Industrial Computers” were systems packaged in rugged enclosures for applications in telecommunications, defense and factory automation. I-Bus was seeking someone with a DSP background that could help them acquire companies and build a bigger value add sales proposition then the off shore suppliers from Taiwan . In joining I- Bus I was looking to develop several areas in my career. I wanted to gain experience in International Business Development and also assist in mergers and acquisitions using my experience in DSP and embedded computing. At the time I joined I-Bus they had made 3 acquisitions in Europe and were seeking to enlarge the Intel Channel approach by offering systems fully integrated with software and hardware to solve vertical market applications in the telecoms vertical. Target applications included call centers, VOIP routing, wireless base station infrastructure and industrial automation and control. I assisted the sales teams in three European locations , London, Munich & Paris in growing Solutions Sales based on integration and value add , growing the revenue 150%. In this involvement I worked closely with the UK sales manager, Mark Jenkins, who was based at the Euro HQ , . An example of my design win skill set was in working with Ms. Patricia Fletcher to win the Millennium Dome computing control system. This system was a network of industrial computers that control all the aspects of telecommunications within the complex. . I spent quite a bit of time on merger and acquisition research in evaluating companies that if acquired could act as vertical channels for I-Bus/Intel value add content. In addition to these activities I focused on taking the group into government DOD applications where they had not participated in before. Several key wins were the LPD 17 project with Raytheon where we supplied a variety of integrated boxes to control the various aspects of the wireless backbone aboard the ship and TEAC where we supplied rugged enclosures and Intel Pentium mother boards to control airborne data recorders. In my time with this organization I gained valuable international sales experience in business development and channel management of value add partners. I sold and communicated at all levels of the organizations I dealt with including the senior management one. I also gained invaluable merger and acquisition experience in terms of market research, TAM identification and due diligence preparation. I created all the planning documentation and slide presentations for senior management utilization.