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James Falasco
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Dedicated over 300 hours to develop a multiprocessor training course for assisting the APO tea...
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Review Of Areas I excel at

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. James Falasco LinkedIn Profile: Accomplishments General Electric Embedded Computing Group Contributed $869,875 in bookings from GEFES start date of 9/7/05 to 12/31/05 .Bookings included the first revenue producing Nexus I embedded computer sale to LMCO Manassas for Naval C4ISR application & a new Nexus I application design win with in Northrop Grumman TASC for airborne SIGINT project on U-2. LMCO Manassas has potential to become launch customer for Quattro Conduction Cooled product. Demonstrated pull through effect of GEFES product synergy by pushing Northrop Grumman TASC multiprocessor account to purchase GE VMIC content with yearend funding Instituted key major account strategy focusing on introducing the entire GEFES computer and data acquisition product line into DOD/Aerospace C4ISR & SIGINT vertical markets globally. Plan created increased pull through opportunities driving incremental revenue generation. The plan identified opportunities for higher margin systems integration including; kitted solution, Purpose-Built Subsystems, Scalable Multi- Computers , Turnkey Systems. Increased new design wins by adding 3 accounts in the 4th quarter ; Northrop Grumman Baltimore, SAR Radar , ITT ,Black SIGINT , USAF , Black Ops in C4ISR . All accounts represented continuing revenue opportunity including all GEFES product mix. Created slide presentation focusing on how these design wins were accomplished for future use in channel training and market development. Continued ongoing business with NSA and their multiple associated SIGINT contractors such Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, LMCO and several smaller systems integrators. Platforms/Programs supported were U-2, Global Hawk, Rivet Joint, Big Safari, Guardrail, Pennant Race, and related SIGINT programs. Drove sales to Raytheon, USAF and related small contractors for DCGS C4ISR upgrade. Supplied technology to Raytheon for Predator Camera upgrade program. Before GE position have been involved in multiple C4ISR and SIGINT applications involving image processing, DSP, video, graphics, data acquisition in both hardware ‘software and services areas. Currently working with ground sensors that provide situational awareness capability to higher level common operating picture. Have experience with ITAR controlled products and have sold to both foreign and domestic customer base. Deep understanding of applications and missions that fall into the areas of C4ISR and SIGINT and understand the roles and responsibilities of the different user communities within these areas. Have the skill set to become part of a team, lead a prime effort or sell direct to the end customer. Published papers and been speaker at numerous industry events.
  2. 2. Strengths Commitment/Energy Dedicated over 300 hours to develop a multiprocessor training course for assisting the APO team in further qualification of 500K- 1.5M in identified opportunities. Application Skills Launched multiprocessor channel training for Europe, U.S reps. & APO using slides & material I developed. Process Skills Maintained accurate forecast data base allowing management decision to be made on how many Race ++ chips should be acquired to drive existing 650 K backlog and future potential for 1M + Problem Solving Conceived communication plan to contact DNA Computing Solutions customers with positive message regarding transition to GE management process.