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Ufc (ultimate fighting championship)


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Ufc (ultimate fighting championship)

  1. 1. Rully Angga VS Satria SetiawanYudhawijaya Muhammad VS Fajar Imandaru Azniar Nurina MONDAY, AUGUST 16 LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW
  2. 2. The UFC is the most excitingcombat sport in the world becausethere are so many ways to win andso many ways to lose.. Boxing isyour father’s sport – Dana WhiteWhat makes UFC so great is thatevery single man on the planet gets itimmediately. It’s just two guys beatingeach other up – Lorenzo FertittaWe’re not for everyone, and wedon’t try to be. If you don’t likefighting sports, great, this isAmerica, that’s your right. All we askis people understand what we are –Dana white
  3. 3. What the H*LL is ?The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martialarts (MMA) promotion company based in the United Statesthat hosts most of the top-ranked fighters in the world andproduces numerous events worldwide.
  4. 4. History• 1992, Davie proposed to Rorion Gracie and John Milius an eight-man,single-elimination tournament with a title of War of the Worlds, inspiredGracie jiu-jitsu defeating various martial-arts masters• 1993, WOW Promotions sought a television partner and approached pay-per-view producers TVKO (HBO)• 1995, following UFC 5 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Davieand Gracie sold their interest in the franchise to SEG anddisbanded WOW Promotions.•2001, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, executives with StationCasinos, and Dana White, a boxing promotor, bought theUFC for $2 million and created Zuffa LLC (Zuffa) a parententity controlling the UFC.
  5. 5. There’s NO Rulein UFC !
  6. 6. violent nature of the burgeoningsport quickly drew the attention of the U.S. authorities Senator John McCain led a campaign to ban UFC, calling it "human cockfighting Banned in 36 StatesDropped from major sanctioning from statecable PPV distributor athletic commisions
  7. 7. UFC increased its cooperation with stateathletic commissions and redesigned itsrules to remove the less palatableelements of fights•UFC 12 saw the introduction of weight-classes.•UFC 14 gloves became mandatory the UFC gradually re-branded itselfNo kicks to the head of a downed as a sport, rather than a spectacleopponent, hair pulling, fish-hooking,headbutting, and groin strikes “McCain said "The sport has grown up. The rules have been adopted to•UFC 15 saw more limitations on give its athletes better protections andpermissible striking areas to ensure fairer competition."• UFC 21 using five-minute rounds
  8. 8.  STRENGTH : Possessed many talent scout Startegic partnership with Spike TV Emerging new sport Huge fanbase in North America Already captured 90% of MMA’s industry total revenues High revenues from pay per view event Joe Rogan as commentator for all major UFC events and Joe Silva as UFC’s matchmaker and talent recruiter Dana White’s non traditional role as UFC’s most crucial publicity machine proved to be unique and succesful marketing strategy WEAKNESS : “Americanized” MMA style isn’t acceptable by Japanese crowd Limited number of avenues for young fighters to pursue a career in UFC Low current payout structure for fighters especially for first timers UFC doesn’t have union to protect the interests of its athletes New 2009 rule that required licensing fee for sponsorship right of fighter
  9. 9.  OPPORTUNITY : Recently acquired corporate sponsors (Harley Davidson & Bud Light) International expansion opportunities (UAE, European, British & Asian partners) Business diversification by releasing series of video games and giving THQ worldwide right to develop video game titles under UFC brand, and series of action figures from Jakks Pacific and Round 5 More and more American states were movingtoward legalizing mixed martial arts Converting fans from WWE & boxing by attracting household name such as Brock Lesnar with large fanbase from WWE New potential audience generated in females aged 18 – 36 and general sport fans who were neither MMA, boxing and wrestling THREAT : Recent sponsorship may not in line with UFC’s target audience UFC’s popular fighter leave UFC for competitor league due to contract dispute The unpopular decision to shut down PRIDE, yet UFC require access to large pool of talented fighters Emerging competition from rival (Strikeforce, IFL ,EliteXC & DREAM)
  10. 10. valuable experience Stakeholders experiences positive negativeEmployees Dana White’s loud personality and Dana White’s disputes with writers, unorthodox style generates UFCs athletes, and public interests might turn media publicities company image to be worst and affecting to company s growth in long term.Fighters Fighters could compete with other UFC tend to exploits fighters through martial arts unfair contracts and no athletes union formed.Audiences UFC gives audience the MMA competition showsGovernment Government banned UFC due to lack of rules to protect athletes.Partnerships Many TV channels could broadcast UFC showsSponsorships Companies, especially man’s Affliction Clothing being "punished" by products, could promotes their UFC after emerging Affliction products Entertainment. 1 Year later, AC joint UFC back.Competitors UFC efforts make competitors hard to grow, because UFC often broadcast their shows in the same time with
  11. 11.  Make fighter classification based on achievement to attract sponsorship even for amateur fighter, for example : Grade Rank Cost of sponsorship I 1-10 $ 100,000 II 11-20 $ 60,000 III 21-30 $ 40,000 IV 31-rest $ 10,000 Improving payout structure to treat fighter better Establishing fighter union for fighter sake Make priority to strategic partners Establishing UFC’s amateur league and develop those fighter in order to boosting their ability and compete in UFC
  12. 12.  Expand the UFC market to  North America and surrounding region like Mexico, Brazil because they have long time history about MMA fighting.  Europe such as Russia and Ukraina because these country have many boxer and wrestler which their fighting style resemble the same characteristic with UFC.
  13. 13. THANK YOU